Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Simple Woman's Daybook & Tuesday 4

For today...

Outside my window... thunderstorms and cooler temperatures in the upper 60's. Everything is so GREEN and blooming.

I am thinking... today should be the day I quit procrastinating and finally finish organizing my office.

I am thankful... Tim has started a new project and is getting more hours again. With gas prices what they are and the cost of everything else on the rise, every little bit helps.

I am remembering... my grandmother and the time I spent at her house. This time of year always makes me think of her.

On my mind... finding time and someone to go with me to visit my father. He is 85 and his wife will be 90 in August. He keeps making comments about how much harder it is for them to accomplish the things they've always enjoyed. I don't want to miss a chance to spend time with him when I've only just met him 2 years ago. I'm very aware of the ticking of time in this particular situation.

I'm pondering these words... "Your birthday is a reminder that God gave you life. It gives you a fresh start every year. It symbolizes the fact that there was something about God's image that He wanted to create in you and share with the world." ~ Sadie Robertson Duff

I'm studying... Elijah by Priscilla Shirer. I'm loving what I've learned about Elijah's time away at Cherith.

From the kitchen... Lots of salad, grilled meats. Lighter, smaller meals. We had a delicious slab of seasoned salmon on a cedar plank the other night that I found at Aldi's. Last night Tim was late so I just made some Southern fried boneless pork chops up quickly.

I am wearing... jeggings and a t-shirt.

I am creating... I hope, a welcoming place of peace for my grandchildren. Things are always in turmoil at their house, there is drama, arguing, anxiety, and as with so many these days, an over connectedness to screens, be it television, cell phone, tablet, or laptop. My goal is to create for them the kind of place I remember my own grandmother's home to be.

I am going... to a used book sale with my mom this weekend. I really don't need to go, especially with our own library's book sale coming up on the 18th. We like to support this library as much as we can, it is staffed totally by volunteers and all the money to run it comes from book sales and donations. Plus, they are going to come and take all the books left over at the end of our library's sale.

I am reading... The Bookshop of Second Chances by Jackie Fraser. I am loving the story, the characters, the setting...but I really could do without the f-bombs and the use of Jesus as a cuss word. It would have been an even better book without the effort to shock.

I'm hoping... to find my motivation again. I have been such a slug, lately.

I'm hearing... the rain on the roof, gentle rolls of thunder, and the occasional thump of the cat landing as he pursues a fly that has gotten into the house. I've had no luck catching it with the swatter so I rather hope Jasper's successful in his hunt.

Around the house... everyone is finally healthy and with summer in full swing the kiddos are in and out nearly every day.

One of my favorite things... how about two of my favorite "things"?

A few plans for the rest of the week... other than the book sale, I am seeing my client, Angel, on Friday...Megan ran over a steel rod and broke the riding mower last week, the part came yesterday so Tim's got to get that on so we can mow our yard before it needs baled...and that's about it. With the price of everything up so much, I'm trying to be good and find things to do at home.

Pictures to share... the kids went to the beach at the local state park yesterday.

And now for Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.

Coffee & Tea

1. What is/are your favorite coffee? (brand or flavor) If you're a tea lover, which tea is best for you?
  I don't like coffee at all other than an occasional flavored (pumpkin, caramel) cappuccino. If I have a hot drink I will choose tea and it's usually herbal or flavored. My favorite would have to be the strawberries and cream blend from a local tea room. They make it themselves.

2. How do you take your coffee or tea? Sugar, cream, flavoring?  Generally, I just like some sugar or stevia in my tea. My one exception is in the fall. I enjoy some pumpkin spice creamer in my tea then.

3. Do you go out for coffee/tea with friends? Ever enjoy a real tea room or tea party?  I don't go often, but yes, I do go out for tea with friends now and then. As I mentioned above, we are lucky to have a local tea room/shop. It's called Crumpets. It's in the little village of Ligonier and is in a lovely, historic building that was originally the home of an officer during the French and Indian War. They carry all sorts of loose leaf teas, teapots, cups and saucers, biscuits and things that pair well with tea, and anything you might need to make tea. They also have 7 or 8 small tables where you can sit and enjoy a pot of tea, served in lovely china pots on warmers and delicate cups and saucers. You can also choose to have a scone or crumpet (with scrumptious jams or clotted cream) with your tea and for lunch they offer gourmet open-faced sandwiches on crumpets. It's always fun to go and feels so terribly sophisticated! lol

I have also been to a few tea parties over the years. My friend, Fran, and I are actually planning to have one for our friends one of these days. I've mentioned before that I've spent the last year or so collecting cups and saucers from thrift stores so the ladies can each take one home.

4. If you could design a coffee shop or even a coffee/tea station in your home, what would it be like?  Ooooo....it would have to start with an interesting space, preferably old/historic, it would have to have lots of books and other interesting things, cozy seating, maybe a fireplace or stove for colder days, soft music, a wide variety of teas (I'm having a tea shop not a coffee shop) and tea ephemera. It would be very eclectic and INTERESTING. I saw all of these online and love elements of each one.

I like the bright open space of this one and the PLANTS!

I love how solid the books are in this one, but I'd want more
space between tables. It's hard to talk when everyone is on 
top of each other.

I like the "oldness" of this one.

Is this not the coolest counter???


  1. I need to get that Priscilla study! I love her so much.
    I was just thinking about my grandfather this morning... memories with grandparents are just precious. Glad to have them

  2. Your babes are precious!
    Well, with a name like Crumpets, how could I NOT go inside?! I, too, like the aura of historic buildings. More so, your idea of collecting cups and saucers as party favors/souviners.

  3. Your two favorite things are absolutely adorable!
    I think the idea of thrifting cups and saucers as favors is brilliant

  4. I LOVE the birthday quote! Those little ones are SO cute!! Such a blessing for them and for you to have them next door!! That counter made of books is pretty amazing!! xo

  5. Oh, I loved all of this. I don't know where to begin. Loved the pictures of the kiddos. I love your ideas for tea rooms an that you do have a tea room near you. I do hope you can go see your father soon. Don't put it off too long. Glad you are all feeling better now. Oh, I love your idea of the thrift shop tea cups to give to your guests. That is a great idea! I need to remember that!! (((hugs))) to you. This was a full post...all good!

  6. I love each of the shops. Anything with books and I'm in. Love the pictures of your grandkids...they are adorable and look like they are having a good time.

  7. I love the book/coffee shops you showed. Thank you so much for joining in!

  8. Loved your answers and love the idea of lots of plants in a coffee shop, definitely a cozy space for me too. So many cool ideas out there.


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