Friday, March 31, 2023

Saturday 9: Fool (If You Think It's Over)

Rain, rain, rain...what's a person to do on a yucky Friday evening that's not fit for man nor beast to be out and about? Answer the Saturday 9 questions, of course! Thanks to our hostess, Crazy Sam, for the music and questions.

Saturday 9: Fool (If You Think It's Over) (1978)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Do you have any pranks planned for April Fool's Day?  No. We were just talking about this at work. We all remember growing up playing and having pranks played on us, but we all say we don't participate these days. Does anyone still play along?
2) When Crazy Sam was a little girl, she once pranked her mother by putting bubble wrap under the bath mat so Mom heard a POP when she stepped on it. When you find bubble wrap, can you resist popping it?  Of course not! Bubble wrap is one of those things you never outgrow. I used to buy my kids a roll of the stuff for Christmas every year. It was a very popular gift.

3) This week's song is about a wise man counseling a heartbroken younger person. Chris Rea, who wrote and performs this song, says it was inspired by watching his kid sister endure her first breakup. Were you in love at 17? Do you remember the object of your affections?  I didn't have anything more serious than a crush at that age. I remember who my crush was. He is a Facebook friend these days. I am glad he was nothing more than a crush. Adult me doesn't find him particularly attractive in any way.
4) She's dressed in black as she mourns the end of her romance. Does your wardrobe include a lot of black?  Goodness, yes! Black goes with everything and it's slimming. It's one big drawback is attracting and showing pet hair (and maybe more than a few of my own gray ones these days).
5) He offers to treat her to her first glass of good wine. Do you prefer white or red?  I enjoy both as long as they are sweet. 
6) Chris' own teenage romance was highly successful. He met Joan Lesley while still in school and they have been married since 1968. Whose was the most recent wedding you have attended?  My husband's half-aunt's son's last St. Patrick's Day. He and his wife had a lovely Irish themed wedding.
7) Chris Rea is a passionate race car fan and once worked as a pit mechanic for a Formula One race. Do you watch auto racing?  No. I find it incredibly boring.
8) In 1978, when this song was popular, Laverne and Shirley was America's #1 TV show. It's still available via cable and streaming today. Are/were you a fan?  Yes! Laverne & Shirley was one of my favorite shows during the years it was on. My bestie and I fancied ourselves to be like them. I was the Laverne to her Shirley.

9) Random question: What are you grateful for this morning?  Well, it's Friday evening, but my answer will be the same. I'm quite grateful for my snug home while the rains pour down outside tonight and tomorrow I will feel the same as the rains continue and high winds (again!) are added to the mix. I have no intentions of venturing out other than once in the afternoon to take my grandchildren to an Easter egg hunt at church. Fortunately, we'd already planned to have it inside.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mid-week Daybook

 Just for today...

Outside my has given way to night. It was an overcast day and the skies remain cloudy so no moon or stars to see. A brisk wind has kicked up and at times there is rain...great, huge drops driven by the wind that strike the windows and roof like hail. The temperature has fallen from a high of 50 degrees to about 40 degrees. The overnight low temperature is predicted to be in the 20's. My sister-in-law living in Erie reports snow on the ground this evening.

I'm feeling...a bit sleepy at this point in the evening, but good, otherwise. 

I've given up the pricey diet plan. I lost weight the first few days, but then didn't lose any more...very discouraging when my coach was reporting that her brother, who began the same day I did, lost nearly 30 pounds in two weeks. I never lost the feeling of being hungry or the cravings for carbs. I never felt great and full of energy as I was told I would after 3-4 days of following the program. I did feel gassy and bloated. There was that whole scary episode where I passed out when I got up in the night.

After discussing it with my doctor, I decided to follow his advice and drop the plan. He felt that the 800-1100 calories/day allowed on the plan were not enough and he felt the only way anyone was losing 30 pounds in two weeks was that it was all fluid and basically a colon cleanse (makes sense since ALL the fuelings from the plan were chock full of fiber and probiotics).

Instead, I am eating 3 meals a day and concentrating on portion size and cutting way back on (not totally eliminating) carbs. After three days I'm feeling much better, the bloated feeling is gone, the cravings are under control, and I don't feel like I am starving. I've lost about 1.5 pounds.

I will continue to read the textbook that came with the program and glean what I can from it about changing my eating habits and lifestyle. I'll also continue to use the Lifebook, another large book that works through the mental and emotional aspects of weightloss and lifestyle.

I'm watching...Pawn Stars at the moment. I spent the weekend binging the first season of Three Pines on Amazon Prime. It's a unique detective/mystery show set in Canada. I really enjoyed it. I hope there is a season 2 in the works.

I'm thankful...for my job. Not only do I enjoy what I do, but it's so nice to work for people who appreciate me. I shared last week about my immediate supervisor. Today I can share that the person above him has noticed that I don't call off, I come in early, I do what they ask of me and often go beyond. She came to me today and said the CEO is taking a group of consumers out for lunch on Friday. When he does that a staff member has to drive the van and go along to help take care of those he takes. She asked if driving the van was something I'd be comfortable with. I said I would be so I am going on my first outing with the company. I'm excited because all the consumers going this time are high functioning and need little help or care so I get to have lunch and enjoy the time, too.

I'm latest read, The Little Wartime Library by Kate Thompson. It's based on the shelter communities that existed in the underground train tunnels after the blitz on London.

In the kitchen...not much is happening. I was under the weather all weekend with a combo of a cold and spring allergies. I did cook a small pork loin on Monday with cheesy mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, but last night we went out for dinner and tonight Megan brought pizza since I kept Leah so she and Colton could have some time alone together. Tomorrow night will probably be a grab whatever night as I have to be at the church to fill plastic eggs for Saturday's Easter egg hunt before Tim will even be home.

I'm looking forward to...going to lunch on Friday with the consumers, taking Colton and Leah to the egg hunt on Saturday (Megan has to work and Cody won't go without her), having Good Friday off, and our family Easter celebration next Saturday. 

Megan is working midnight shift the night before Easter, so I decided Saturday would be better for dinner. That way she can come home Easter morning, watch the kiddos find their baskets, then go to bed and Cody can take the kids to his parents' home for the afternoon. I'll be free to go to church Easter morning and then relax the rest of the day with Tim and enjoy leftovers.

A life lesson...perspective and attitude are everything.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sunday Stealing: You Tube

Today's questions are from a YouTube video that no longer exists. We're glad you found them before they disappeared, Bev!

1. Working on anything exciting lately?  Losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle, but I don't know how exciting that is.

2. What was the highlight of the day today?  Today being Saturday, I'd have to say it was having nothing in particular to do. I putzed around doing little bits of this and that and a whole lot of nothing. The afternoon was devoted to reading and napping. It was good that it was a day to relax because I woke up to find spring allergies have arrived. Yay.

3. What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends?  When I get the chance, I enjoy going to auctions and thrift stores. My grandfather was a "picker" long before anyone heard of American Pickers and auctions, flea markets, and the like are things my family has always done. 

4. What are your favorite restaurants?  I honestly don't have a favorite. We like to try different places but, sadly, the restaurants around here are good, but there really isn't a standout.

5. Do you follow any sports?  I used to follow pro football religiously, but my husband didn't grow up in a household that followed sports and after 38 years with him I've gotten away from it.

6. What is your biggest fear?  Snakes. Hate them. Loathe them. Terrified of them.

7. What is your biggest regret?  Giving in to my husband and son concerning the boy going off to school in Pittsburgh. I knew it was not a good idea.

8. When you were growing up, what was your dream job?  Oh my goodness, I went through so many phases. Some of them were interior design, architect, social worker, archaeologist, and magazine publisher.

9. Do you say ‘sherbet’ or ‘sherbert’?  I'm from southwestern Pennsylvania where we eat "shur-bert."

10. Have you ever had a paranormal experience?  I've had experiences with no ready explanation.

11. What is your favorite food at a cocktail party?  I don't go to cocktail parties so I have no idea. Do they serve the same foods at all cocktail parties?

12. Who is a book character most like you?  I'm going to go with Stephanie Plum. She's not living the life she expected to live, life throws her lots of curves which she sometimes handles with grace, but quite often not. Quirky people populate her life. She does the best she can with what she's got and is surprised when things work out and she finds that she kind of likes the life she ended up with.

13. Do you read reviews before you go to movies??  Not beyond wanting to know a general synopsis of what it's about. I don't put much stock in the opinions of others when it comes to entertainment because I usually love what the critics hate and hate what they love.

14. How do you feel about cilantro?  I don't particularly have any feelings about it.

15. Have you ever cried in public?  I don't think beyond the occasional funeral or wedding. I'm not much of a crier at all.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Saturday 9: Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Saturday 9: Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this week's song, BJ Thomas sings that he knows it won't be long until he finds happiness. What are you looking forward to today? What's going to make you smile?  I really can't think of anything on Saturday. As far as I know right now (Friday evening), there isn't anything going on. It's supposed to be a rainy day again and I just plan to stay home and do laundry, clean, and maybe find time to enjoy reading. Something made me smile today, though. My boss made a big point of telling me how much he appreciates me being part of his team and complimented me on what I bring to the table. If you've been around a while and have heard the tales of the awful boss I had a few years back, then you know how much this made me smile.

2) BJ Thomas met his wife Gloria at a bar. She was there with his drummer, but BJ let his friend know he felt a connection to Gloria and was going to drive her home. BJ and Gloria were married for 50 years, until his death. Have you and a friend ever found yourselves attracted to the same person? If yes, how did you handle it?  I've never been in that position.
3) This song is from Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, which has been called "the most entertaining Western ever made." Do you enjoy Westerns?  They aren't something I seek out, but I do enjoy them when I watch them...except for some of the newer ones that are so terribly violent.

4) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is one of the most popular movies Paul Newman made, but he liked to say his "favorite role is philanthropist." He raised an amazing $500 million for children's charities through his Newman's Own brand. The most popular Newman's Own product is salad dressing. What flavor of salad dressing would we find in your kitchen right now?  Ranch, Italian, French, Sweet & Sour, and a vinegarette.
5) Burt Bacharach won the first of his three Oscars for this song. Yet 20th Century Fox originally wanted to cut the song from the movie, maintaining that that song and the famous "bicycle sequence" between Paul Newman and Katharine Ross were anachronistic and made the movie too long. Burt and the movie's director George Roy Hill fought for it, insisting that it helped define the optimistic character of Butch. Tell us about a time you were glad you stood your ground.  Probably when my boss at the nursing home I used to work at told me that I had to stop walking with residents because if they fell I was forbidden to try to catch them or break their fall (liability reasons) and I would be reported if I was caught doing so. Residents had the "right" to fall if they chose to walk without the proper supervision (remember I worked in the memory care unit so their decision making was questionable at best). I did stop letting them hold on to me when walking, but didn't stop walking near them and if I was near anyone when they fell, I continued to try to catch them. I couldn't ignore that with any kind of conscience and the aides and nurses supported that by covering for me. Sometimes we go too far with "rights" into the zone of stupidity.

6) Edith Head also won an Oscar for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. She said that Robert Redford, who played Sundance, presented a wardrobe problem. His jawline is too strong so she had to create special wider-brimmed hats to balance it. If you could magically change one of your physical features, which would you choose? And which feature would you never change?  I wouldn't change anything. I may not really love some features, but I figure God knew what He was doing.

7) In 1969, when this song was a hit, The Beatles played their last concert on the roof of Abbey Road Studios. When did you last climb onto the roof?  The last time I remember being on a roof was in 1985 when we went on the roof of the luxury condominiums Tim had built in Orlando to watch the July 4th fireworks.

8) Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries sold at a brisk pace at Christmastime 1969. They're still popular today. Were you a fan?  I read both, but I liked the Hardy Boys more than Nancy Drew. When it came to girl detectives I was a Trixie Beldon fan.

9) Random question: Do you consider yourself old fashioned?  In a lot of ways, yes.

Monday, March 20, 2023


I am

Watching...a lot of the home makeover show Home Town. I never really watched it before, but I love all the beautiful older homes they are saving!

Listening to...nothing at the moment, but today at work it was 70s and 80s TV show theme songs.

Feeling...good if a bit hungry. I'm proud of myself for finishing up my first week on the Optavia plan down 7 pounds. It helps to motivate me to stick with it.

Celebrating...that I don't have to work in the shredding department tomorrow. Someone in my department is off so I have to fill in. Yay! No painful feet for me this week.

Looking forward to...getting back to warmer temperatures this week, the crew resurfacing the roof at work finishing up (no more crashing noises on the roof and more parking available), and dinner (nothing like a diet to make you long for "real" food).

Loving...all the sunshine and having daylight until 7:00.

Thinking...about what craft to do at work tomorrow. We colored Easter pictures today and cut them out so I can put them on colored pennants and make a garland of sorts to decorate the multipurpose room. have gotten everything put back together after bringing in the new hutch last week. I sorted through things and let go of quite a bit. I still have too much stuff, but that's what happens when you're sentimental.

Enjoying...the quiet time I'm able to have after work all this week. It's nice to be able to do a few chores and then just read a book or watch TV in peace.

I'm laughing jokes.

And on that note....

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Sunday Stealing: One to Ten

One song that describes my life.

Two things I wish I had more of in my life.  Time and pain-free days.

Three ways I relax.  Reading a good book, hanging out with friends and family, and cruising around online.

Four of my best accomplishments.  My marriage, my children, my job and the ways I can help those in my care, and learning to forgive those who don't deserve it.

Five things I am looking forward to.  Getting through the super strict portion of the diet/health plan I've started, summer and swimming with the grandkids, getting a few debts paid off, lunch with friends, seeing my clients all dressed up for the special needs prom in April.

Six things I am grateful for.  My home, my grandchildren, my faith, my church, and my job.

Seven facts about me.  I'm an introvert and tend to be a bit of a loner. My hair is super curly but I straighten it every single day. I don't like any of the reality shows everyone else is so enamored with. I'm no domestic goddess...I don't enjoy cleaning, laundry, etc. I'm a pretty good cook. I am a procrastinator. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

Eight things I can see from where I am sitting.  The dog, the TV, Tim's commemorative Henry rifle, a pile of magazines, a basket of dog toys, the kitchen table, family photos, and a basket of the kids' books.

Nine words I would use to describe myself.  Content, happy, compassionate, driven (about some things, anyway), easy-going, strong, brave, unorganized, and a lil' bit lazy.

Ten little things that make me happy.  My grandkids' hugs and kisses, snuggling up with my dog, the smell of good food cooking in the kitchen, Yankee candles, a new release from a favorite author, a sunny day, learning something new, studying the Bible, squirrels, and being the first person to put knife to the peanut butter.


Friday, March 17, 2023

Saturday 9: The Rocky Road to Dublin

Saturday 9: The Rocky Road to Dublin (2008)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a young man who leaves home to seek his fortune. How old were you when you first moved out on your own?  Not counting college, I was 20 and newly married.

2) He leaps onto a ship but the captain makes him sleep in the hold with pigs. Have you ever taken a cruise? (If so, we hope you had better accommodations.)  I resisted cruises for years, but finally went on one in 2019. We spent 10 days along the New England coast. It was an older, smaller ship, not one of the new ones that are virtual floating cities. There were kids, but not tons of them. It was very peaceful and relaxing. I would like to do another of the same ilk. I don't think I'd like those huge ships at all.
3) This recording of the song is by The High Kings. Well established in Ireland, their career reached new heights in March 2012. Right after playing for the Lord Mayor of London's St. Patrick's Day celebration, they flew to Washington to perform for President Obama at the White House St. Patrick's Day concert. Tell us about a time when you were so happy, you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren't dreaming.  I don't think I've ever had to pinch myself as a reality check. I'm happy and I know it.
4) This song was chosen because Friday was St. Patrick's Day. Do you celebrate this holiday?  We had a party at work and everyone wore fun green outfits and accessories. On Thursday I cooked corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes as well as a lime green Jell-O poke cake for my whole department. On Friday we had dinner at my mom's...she made the corned beef.
5) Leprechauns are a symbol of St. Patrick's Day. These small Irish fairies are said to live in the forest, guarding their gold. Do you often wear gold?  Nope. I'm a silver/white gold girl.

6) McDonald's has made Shamrock Shakes a St. Patrick's Day tradition. McDonald's began adding the drive-thru window to their restaurants in the 1970s. Would you rather order from the restaurant counter or the drive-thru?
  The drive-thru. Our local McDonalds has kiosks inside to do your ordering, no one at the counter to take your order. By the way, work supplied a Shamrock shake to everyone today.

7) A four-leaf clover is considered good luck. Do you have a lucky charm? 
No. I don't really believe in luck.
8) Thinking of Lucky Charms, they are magically delicious. What breakfast cereal is in your kitchen right now?  Blueberry Special K, instant oatmeal (maple-brown sugar), and plain old Quaker Oats.
9) Random question: Think of your upcoming week. Which day will be the busiest?  Tuesday, just because it is the most physically demanding and I'm always in pain by about halfway through it. Working in the shredding department is a non-stop day.


By Thursday morning I was down 6 pounds since Monday! Today I was up one pound (darn St. Patrick's Day). I'm not too worried. I will get myself back on track tomorrow.

I did have one little "moment" during the wee hours of Thursday morning. I woke up in the night with a horrible leg cramp. I've always been prone to muscle cramps. That said, this one was particularly bad. It left me in a cold sweat and feeling nauseous. Anyway, on the way back to bed I apparently passed out right before reaching it because the next thing I knew I was on the floor with Tim hovering and asking if I was okay. Since then I've talked to my coach and got the okay to drink sugar free Gatorade to replace electrolytes.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Diet: Day 1

The Diet

Not gonna lie, today was rough. I picked the worst week at work to start a diet and today was probably the worst of it.

My department sold chocolate covered pretzel rods as a fundraiser and today was the day a few people were making them. One of my coworkers held one out to me and I nearly reached out and took it. I remembered at the last second that "I can't." I told him so and he continued to torment me saying "It's only half a pretzel." I resisted.

At lunch the department was rewarded for tending the flowers in the town center last summer. By rewarded, I mean they brought in hoagies and pasta salad for everyone. I resisted.

Being able to resist today gives me confidence for the rest of the week. I'm going to need it as we will be having special lunches Thursday and Friday for St. Patrick's Day.

It was a good day in other ways. I ate all of my fuelings and my lean & green meal for supper (7 oz. of lean beef and a big helping of broccoli). I drank about 50 oz. of water. I'm not a water drinker so it's okay to work up to that. Most of the fuelings were actually pretty tasty and really did fill me up.

After work I went to Sam's Club and shopped for lean meats and veggies. I got some good deals and found some yummy stuff. Now to look for some simple, but flavorful ways to cook everything to maximize my enjoyment.

I am really excited. I weighed myself this morning at the start and I weighed 240.2 and tonight when I showered I weighed myself out of curiosity and I weighed 238.8....and no, the difference wasn't the clothes. I had the same few items on both times. This is just proof to me that the plan works. I will do this strict diet for 12 weeks and weight should come off rapidly during this time. After that the plan begins to start reintroducing "real" food, teaching you how to make healthy choices.

Other Good Things

I went to a basket bash with Mom and a friend of hers yesterday. We got to support a library and I won a Longhorn Steakhouse gift card and two mountain pie irons.

I've found several people I know who are doing this program. It's awesome to know I'll have a group of real life friends to go through this with. 

I was able to contact the woman I'm going to buy a dining room hutch from (Facebook marketplace) and change the pick up date to Wednesday. Today was cold, rainy, and at times snowy. This evening was definitely snowy and we ended up with a dusting of half an inch or so that stayed. Tomorrow is more of the same plus wind. Anyway, excited we could work it out. The piece is a beautiful Pennsylvania House hutch that will replace my great-grandmother's lovely, but falling apart china cupboard and a bookcase along one wall in the kitchen.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

'Twas the Night Before the First Day of the Rest of My Life

So, that title doesn't sound cliche or anything. Oh well, trite or not, it is the truth. I am about to begin, not a diet, but a lifestyle change, tomorrow. The diet is simply one component of it.

I've signed up for and begin my first day of the OPTAVIA program tomorrow. I'm excited. I'm not going to lie, the food portion is going to be rough for a while, but the program as a whole is set up to help you succeed. I have a coach, who happens to be someone I know personally...and who has lost nearly 150 pounds herself. She and I will be in contact every day. There is an app and a Facebook community to help with resources, questions, and recovery. I also have two very large books that will walk me through every step. One is more of a textbook and the other is a life journal.

Tonight in a Zoom call with coaches and others new to the plan the speaker challenged us to "Live Loud." By that he meant we should be open, honest, and transparent about the journey we are on. I know my mindset is different this time because I am already doing that. I've told everyone about starting this. 

Even my mom and that is HUGE. She tends to be judgemental and not supportive so I have never told her about any other efforts. I've told her everything about this. I have to tell you, not letting her see me fail is some pretty big motivation.

I've decided that from now on the blog is going to be a chronical of my journey. The title already fits. I'm going to be making a lot of changes in my life and this is just one of the first. I'm not saying I'll never do a meme, but the main focus is going to be how I am doing with the program. I'm hoping that "putting it all out there" will be even more incentive to succeed...and it would be cool if you guys keep me accountable or give me a little pat on the back now and then.

Now I'm going to turn off the computer and the television and not look at my phone. I'm going to read for a little bit before bed. Sleep is vital to success and lately I've been struggling with some insomnia. The screens need to go dark earlier than they have been.

That's it for now. I hope you'll all be cheering me on.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Saturday 9: Pass Me By

Saturday 9: Pass Me By (1965)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) In this song, Peggy Lee tells us she wiggles her toes in the sand. Have you been to the beach yet in 2023? Do you expect to wiggle your toes in the sand when you're on vacation this year?  No, I haven't been anywhere near a beach yet. As for expecting, I don't have vacation time until after November 1 so the only thing I'm hoping for this year is a weekend at the beach on Lake Erie with the grandchildren.
2) She also sings that contemplating nature can be fascinating. What flora and fauna can you see from your window as you answer these questions?  Nothing, because it's dark. Even if it was light out there wouldn't be anything to see. It's mid-March so everything is gray and dormant.

3) With this song, she's telling everyone to take her as she is or leave her be. Does that reflect your attitude? Or are you a "people pleaser" who worries what others think of you?  I used to be such a people pleaser, but my attitude has shifted in the last few years and I really don't care much what others think of me. I've finally realized that what people think of me usually has a lot more to do with them than it does with how I live my life.

4) These lyrics were written by Carolyn Leigh. She began her career as an advertising copywriter but, since she showed a flair for poetry and rhymes, she was urged by a music publisher to write lyrics. Have you ever tried your hand at poetry?  Years and years and years ago.

5) This song was composed for the 1964 movie Father Goose, starring Cary Grant. Are you a fan? Do you just vaguely know the name? Or are you wondering what a Cary Grant is?  I have seen Cary Grant movies and enjoyed them, but I wouldn't say I'm a "fan."

6) This was a top-20 hit for Peggy Lee. As a girl in North Dakota during the 1930s, Peggy lived above the train station where her father was depot agent. Today that depot is home to a museum which features a Peggy Lee Exhibit. Have you recently visited a museum?  No. The last one I visited was the Night of the Living Dead museum with one of my former clients. Not my thing at all, but he loved it.
7) Designer Bonnie Erickson was also grew up in North Dakota and used her girlhood idol as the inspiration for her most famous creation: Miss Piggy. A diva with flowing blonde hair and jewelry, the puppet was originally called Miss Piggy Lee. As the character gained in fame with The Muppets, the name was shortened to Miss Piggy because Bonnie didn't want to offend Peggy Lee, whom she genuinely admired. Tell us something you have done recently to spare someone's feelings.  I kept my mouth shut.

8) While Peggy Lee often changed her hairstyle with the times, she was always a blonde. She considered those lustrous locks her trademark. Are you having a good hair day today?  

9) Random question: What's the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon?  Alone and reading a good book.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Thankful Thursday

There's lots to be thankful for this week!

** No major damage in last Friday night's big wind storm.

** Taking the plunge and signing on with a weight loss program.

** Reconnecting with my elementary school bestie through a Facebook group.

** Not quite as much pain on Tuesday...thanks to using my custom inserts, wearing an ankle stabilizer, and not lacing my shoe all the way. Oh, and making sure I took the maximum allowable amount of Aleve.

** The podiatrist confirmed the pain in my ankle isn't anything too serious. It's tendonitis caused by overuse. Not much I can do about that given my Tuesday work schedule, but he gave me a steroid prescription to clear up the inflammation. After that there are some tips to help reduce it so it doesn't get this bad again.

** Continued mild weather and a decent amount of sunshine.

** I'm sleeping a little bit better than I have in quite a while.

** My husband, my family, my friends, and all of you.

I am blessed!

Sunday, March 5, 2023



Watching...some show about earthquakes on Netflix. I could have watched anything all day because Tim worked and the kids went away for the weekend, but something was up with the Roku connection and I had to wait for our daughter and son-in-law to get back and come fix it. Now Tim is due at any minute so there's no point in getting involved in something. nothing. The house and the neighborhood are quiet today.

Feeling...great, excited, purposeful, accomplished, inspired...take your pick. It's been a great day. 

At church, rather than a normal service, the elders had one of their question and answer sessions. People can submit questions at any time by dropping them in the offering box and then once a quarter the elders will do their best to answer. I love those sessions and learn a lot during them. 

I've been wanting to get more involved at church and today I got started with a ministry to send cards to shut-ins and those who may just need a pick-me-up at any time. I also got a list of area businesses to call about donations to A Very Special Prom, the "prom" for adults with special needs in our community (physical and intellectual disabilities). This is the first time the prom is being held since Covid changed the world. My church has always stepped up and done the majority of the organizing and preparation. I'm excited to participate.

Finally, I took a huge step this afternoon. I met a woman from the next town over, a friend of a friend and a pastor's wife. She is a health coach for a weight loss program whose name is still a mystery to me. Her personal success is what first attracted me. She has lost over 100 pounds since 2020. Also impressive is all the people she has coached who have also had great success on the program. And these are local people not anonymous people from Kalamazoo or some such place. The program is pricey but the success of all those verifiable people can't be denied and it's designed to wean you from the program back into choosing normal foods in the right way. Plus, the woman is your personal coach. She is in contact with you every single day and you can contact her at any time. All of her clients meet online for a weekly meeting to share stories and there's a private Facebook page for them, too. Anyway, I'm really excited to get started on this and I'll be posting about it once my starter package arrives and I get started on it.

Looking forward to...going to a huge basket bash next Sunday with Mom, my daughter, and a friend of mom's. Those are always a fun time. This one is a fundraiser for a small town library that is totally funded by donations and fundraising and staffed entirely by volunteers! As a former librarian it is one of Mom's pet charities and we both make the drive to it a few times a year to support them via their used book sales.

Loving...the sunny weather after Friday's nonsense.

Thankful...that when the sun came up yesterday and we got out to take a good look around, our damage from the wind was slight. Once stuff was cleaned up out of the yard, the worst we had was a couple of small scratches on Tim's truck and a few shingles to replace. The kids had more damage with shingles blown off, gutters bent or blown off, the shed destroyed, and the smashed trampoline that also caused extensive damage to our sil's father's truck that was in their driveway. But the kid's bikes and toys that were in the shed are okay, the houses are still standing, no trees fell on anything, and most importantly, no one was hurt.

Tonight's menu...tacos.

This week...

  • Calling businesses about donations.
  • Seeing the podiatrist on Wednesday about this business with my ankle.

Friday, March 3, 2023

Saturday 9: Wagon Wheel

I love, love, LOVE this week's song, so I'm hoping the power and Wi-fi hang in there long enough for me to post. We are experiencing some wickedly crazy wind this evening. 

How crazy, you ask? Well, as of now we don't have any major damage that I'm aware of. Our daughter's family, who live right next to us, lost the kids' trampoline when the wind lifted it, breaking in half the concrete blocks holding it down. It blew the trampoline up against the side of her in-laws' truck that they're borrowing, leaving several good-sized dents and scratches as it hit and then rolled up and over it to land in our neighbor's garden. An hour or so after that the wind lifted an older metal shed on their property and destroyed it before landing it near the trampoline. The destruction of the shed also scattered the kids' bikes and outside toys all over the neighborhood. 

Also, Colton and Leah were at their other grandparents' after school because our daughter and son-in-law had to be away all day today, not getting home until just a bit ago. We ended up having to go get them because their other grandparents live in the woods with trees blowing down all over the place and their power went out and stayed out (while ours is only blinking on and off every now and then).

So, yeah, it's that crazy out there tonight.

Anyway, on with the Saturday 9 before everything decides to go off and stay off.

Saturday 9: Wagon Wheel (2013)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week, Darius Rucker sings about hitching a ride to reach his lady love. Have you ever thumbed a ride?  No. I had the dangers of doing so preached to me from a very young age.
2) Along the way, he loses his money in a poker game. Successful poker players are good at bluffing, or misleading others about about their cards. Are you good at bluffing, whether at cards or in life?  I know I am at cards and I think I am in life. I learned early on not to let anyone see it when I was hurting. Most of the time when people think I am so calm...I am on the surface, but I'm freaking out on the inside.
3) Darius began his career as the lead singer of 90s soft-rock band Hootie and the Blowfish. Today he's a country singer. Let's say you're stuck in traffic and only one radio station comes in clearly. Would you prefer it play soft rock or country?  I like both, but if I have to choose one radio station I want it to be the one playing classics from the 70s and 80s.
4) Darius Rucker will be on tour throughout 2023, playing dates all over the country and making a couple stops in Cancun. Have you ever visited Mexico? If so, where did you go?  I've never been to Mexico.

5) Darius has lent his talents to fundraising for The First Tee, a non-profit that teaches children "life lessons, self-confidence, and resilience through golf." Did you participate in organized sports as a youngster? If yes, what did you play? Not as a little kid, but through school I did. I played field hockey, softball, and basketball.

6) A big sports fan, he has six TVs in his home so he can watch several games at once. His largest set is 70". When it comes to TV screens, do you believe bigger is better? Or are you just as comfortable watching from your laptop or phone?
  I don't particularly like watching TV or movies on my phone or even my laptop. Our biggest TV is 60" (the hubby is just waiting for it to die so he can get a bigger one) and the smallest is 40".
7) In 2013, when "Wagon Wheel" was popular, fans were flocking to the movie theater to see Catching Fire, the second in the Hunger Games series. Are you a Hunger Games fan?  Nope. I've never read the books or watched the movies.

8) Also in 2013, the word "selfie" was added to the Oxford Dictionary. Do you take a lot of selfies?  I rarely take selfies and I am horribly bad at the angles and such when I do.
9) Random question: If we paid you $5,000, would you get Saturday 9 tattooed on your right forearm?  I would consider a tattoo (I already have one on my leg), but not one that says Saturday 9. 

** Storm update. I had to stop in the middle of answering questions because the above mentioned shed blew into our front yard and was heading towards Tim's truck. We were all out there holding it so he could strap it to a tree until it can be cut up tomorrow. Like I said, it's crazy out there!

** Update of the update. The strap didn't hold the shed. It hit Tim's truck. I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning and assessing all the damage this wind has left behind.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday...that means it's time to show a bit of gratitude for some of life's many blessings. 

This week finds me thankful...

** The thought over there on the left is true. One of the surest ways to be happy is to look for the good things in life and be thankful for them. It's simple. Focus on the good things and be happy or focus on the garbage and be sad, anxious, stressed, etc. It's a choice you can make every day.

** Yesterday was absolutely beautiful for the first day of March. It was sunny and 70 degrees.

** Our son-in-law has a good bit of vacation time saved up so he's able to take it this month and go ahead and start his new job.

** Our daughter has officially switched to being casual at her job...meaning she has no regular shift and can accept or decline open shifts as they fit with her husband's new swing shift schedule.

** The church's GO Committee (outreach) had a productive meeting last night. So many great ideas and some great events coming up in the next few months.

** My ankle, which I could barely put weight on after work Tuesday, is doing better. I'm still going to have to see the podiatrist at some point, but at least I can walk.

** Our daughter's family is going away this weekend and my husband is going to work Saturday and Sunday. I will have all weekend to finally catch up on laundry and cleaning. Trust me, that's a very good thing!

** Some of my coworkers and I ordered Chinese in for lunch at work yesterday. I love working in a place where things like that are possible. And the food was yummy. And I had enough left over for a quick supper before the church meeting.

** Pinterest and the unlimited craft ideas to use at work.

** One of the consumers (client) at work met the daughter she gave up nearly 30 years ago for the first time this past weekend. Her excitement just tickles me. Her daughter is being so nice to her and not treating her poorly because she has intellectual disabilities. She has allowed her to meet her granddaughters (who are just as cute as can be!) and son-in-law and shared about her life. It is just the most heartwarming thing and I am so glad it happened for her.

** Of course, for all of you!


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