Saturday, July 30, 2022

Sunday Stealing: The Friday Five

1) What one event from your lifetime would you change if you could, and why?  There are certainly events in my life that I've not been pleased with, but I guess when all is said and done, I wouldn't change any of them. Everything that has happened has shaped who I am now and as a person of faith, I believe God has a plan for my life. Even when I work against Him, He can use my goofs toward that plan.

2) If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be and how old would your younger self be when they got it? Do you think your younger self would listen?  I would tell my younger self (18-20) to slow down and not be in such a rush to "grow up." Very few people know themselves well at that age so take time to live and explore and find out what you really like and want. Unfortunately, I can say with nearly complete certainty that my younger self would totally ignore me.

3) Would you be any good on Survivor?  Nope. I might have some skills and be able to last a while, but.....I DON'T WANT TO! Sign me up when they have to survive in a luxury hotel.

4) What's a safety rule that's very important to you?  Buckle up! Always.

5) What would you like to say to people in the future?  I'm sorry for the world we left you.

6) What's your favorite dish to bring to a summer cookout?  Taco salad or Hobo beans.

7) How much time have you spent outdoors this week?  Some, but not a ton. Partly because I just got over Covid and partly because we've had a lot of rain this week. We took a drive today (Saturday) and ended up at the Quecreek Mine rescue site. This week marked 20 years since 9 miners were trapped and the nation watched the rescue. They have a nice visitors' center and program. It was very interesting. We also stopped for ice cream. I had pumpkin! Then walked through an antique mall.

8) Where do you set your thermostat?  70 degrees for the furnace and 72 degrees for the a/c.

9) How did you learn to swim?  Red Cross lessons at a local public pool.

10) How do you avoid overheating?  Sit in the a/c or jump in the pool.

11). What are you going to do this weekend?
  Well, I told you half of it up there in #7. Tomorrow I will probably not go to church for one more week so I'll work on laundry, organize the freezer, do some reading, and hopefully spend some time with the grands.

12) What’s your favorite way to spend time?  Doing anything with the grandchildren.

13) What’s the most useless thing you own that you would never get rid of?
  My antique typewriter.

14) Have you started planning your next vacation?  No, not yet.

15) Are you very active, or do you prefer to just relax in your free time or is it one and the same to you?  It depends on the activity. I used to be very active and up for just about anything, but I've definitely slowed down over the years.

Thanks to Bev @ Sunday Stealing for rounding up the questions!

Friday, July 29, 2022

Saturday 9: I Would Be in Love (Anyway)

I Would Be in Love (Anyway) 1970

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Frank Sinatra sings, "If I knew then what I know now." If you were giving advice to a recent high school grad, based on that phrase, what would you say?  Don't rush into anything. Everybody thinks you should know what you want to do with your life. Take that with a grain of salt. They won't even let you drink a beer (yeah, I know you drink it anyway). You do not have to have it all figured out now. Take your time. Explore your options, because guess what? There are a lot of 40-year-olds out there who don't know what they want to be when they grow up...or they are just figuring it out and turning their lives upside down.

2) This song is about a man looking back on his marriage, which has ended. While he is sad, he is not sorry he loved her. Do you believe that it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?  Yes, absolutely.

3) Sinatra married four times. He met his first wife, Nancy, when he was 19. He saw a pretty girl sitting on her front porch, giving herself a pedicure, and he rushed home for his ukulele so he could serenade her. Have you ever sung to anyone? Has anyone ever sung to you?  Good grief, singing to someone is the last thing I'd do if I was trying to win their heart. I'd want to woo them, not scare them away! Yes, I have been sung to.
4) According to Barbara, his final wife, they met when they were neighbors in Rancho Mirage, California. Sinatra had his own tennis court, needed a fourth for doubles with his houseguests, and invited the lady next door to play. Tell us about your neighbors.  On one side it's our daughter and her family. On the other side is a woman I've known all my life. Until the last few years when the older folks started passing on, this neighborhood was the kind where everyone has been here forever and knows everyone else. My mom's house is right behind ours.

5) When not performing before an audience or cameras, Sinatra often wore hats and caps because his hair was thin and his toupee annoyed him. Is there anything you wear for "dress up" that you're happy to ditch when you go casual?  Shoes. I like to be barefoot or in my Vionic flipflops. 

6) Frank had a sweet tooth and to the end of his life, he enjoyed chocolate-covered apricots, ordered from Lepore's in his hometown of Hoboken, NJ. If you could have any sweet treat right now, what would you request?  Nestle's Tollhouse Cookies. Homemade. Still warm.

7) This song was written specifically for Sinatra by Bob Gaudio, best known as a member of The Four Seasons. That 1960s quartet is now legendary. In addition to 25 Top Ten Hits, they are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and inspired the Broadway play and movie musical, Jersey Boys. Do you have a favorite Four Seasons song?  I do...

8) In 1970, the year this record was released, The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered. Were you a fan?  I wasn't that old when it was originally on. I know my parents watched it so I probably did, too. I watched it some in reruns, but I was never really a fan.

9) Random question: Have you ever named your car or truck?  Sure. My current car is deep red. On a sunny day you can see the glittery glaze coat over the base color. Red. Glittery. I call her Ruby after the ruby slippers.  One of my husband's trucks was affectionately known as The Blue Beast.

Thanks Sam for the music and questions!

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Thursday, July 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Sending (((hugs))) and prayers out to our regular Thankful Thursday host, Rebecca Jo, and hoping that she gets some answers and relief from her pain during her blogging break. Also, tons of thanks to Jen for being the torchbearer and keeping Thankful Thursday alive. 

This week I am thankful...

** It seems like maybe I have finally turned the corner on Covid. I can't say I feel totally like my old self yet, but I do feel better, rather than worse.

** Colton's Covid doesn't seem to be getting him down at all.

** The township has finally begun working on the drainage issues in the neighborhood.

** The Poodle has NOT barked non-stop at the township work crew. I really thought she would.

** The steroids are getting Tim over his cough. There was already a huge difference yesterday.

** Cool, rainy summer days. Since I have been stuck at home in quarantine, I can appreciate it. I used to love the odd rainy day when my kids were at home. We'd use it as an excuse for a movie afternoon and have wonderful times together.

** My mom checks on me every day and brought me juice when I had such a bad taste in my mouth.

** The awful taste left behind by the Paxlovid (antiviral) went away as soon as I finished taking it.

** My sweet friend took time out of her busy schedule to bring us our favorite soup from Olive Garden and lots of yummy breadsticks.

** No one outside of us and Megan's family have gotten sick.

** God gave me the wisdom and courage to know that the job at the nursing home wasn't going to be the fit I had thought it was, and to walk away.

** New seasons of several shows, Shark Week, and plenty of good books to pass the time at home while I've not felt my best.

** God loves me, is patient with me, forgives me when I mess up, and shows me mercies I don't deserve.

** My husband, my children and grandchildren, and all of my family who add so much to my life.

** For each of you who visit, leave comments, share a laugh, encourage, commiserate, and all that you bring to our online friendship.

Blessings to you today and every day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Just some rambling thoughts today...


I am not contageous at this point in my covid journey. I am, however, still struggling with the recovery. It is definitely a process. Lots of ups and downs. I might feel awful when I get up and then feel worse as the day goes on. Or it may be the complete opposite. Or, like yesterday, I may feel yucky all day.

Grandson, Colton, tested positive on Monday. Other than that one day, it doesn't seem to be slowing him down. I saw him out running around and riding his bike in his yard yesterday.

All this covid fun has, unfortunately, put a hold on Leah's 3rd birthday celebration. With active Covid in the house it would not be good to go ahead with it. Our daughter was upset until I convinced her Leah won't know if we celebrate on her birthday or a week later. Having just come through Covid, Tim and I would probably be safe, but the rest of the grandparents and great-grandparents have never had it and have health issues that make them higher risk. 


The doctor prescribed steroid pills, steroid nasal spray, and an inhaler to help Tim get over the nagging, persistent cough. As for the tiredness, they are running more blood work to check his thyroid, blood sugar, and prostate. The doctor, however, feels sure the problem is sleep apnea. They have been saying that for years. The problem has been that there was always something more urgent to take care of and Tim's reluctance. Well, with me there PUSHING everyone they finally gave him a referral. It will probably be a while before we hear from the sleep study place, though, as we are told anything like that is backed way up these days. Tim agreed because the doctor said he'd tell them Tim wants to do the home monitor rather than go to a sleep center and get all wired up.


Is nonexistent. After much thought, prayer, and discussing it with Tim, I called yesterday and told them I was not coming back. I'm sure there will be something that will be a better fit physically...and allow me to help out with Colton and Leah's morning school schedules so Megan can continue to work.


We live in an old neighborhood. My mom's house was once the first house on her side of the street. My paternal grandparents bought it in 1932. It was already about 5 years old. It was all farmland and it is all undermined as the whole area was once filled with mines and coke ovens. City water has been here for ages. City sewage didn't arrive until the late 1980's. 

Drainage was always a series of ditches and culverts. The main catch basin that all the ditches on our block drain into is at the front corner of our lot. From there it runs across the street, between the houses, and into a big basin on the next street. It's great...except when it isn't.

For the last 30 years or so, the system has often not been able to handle the heavy rains we get so regularly (it didn't used to be the case) and there is flooding. Our yard tends to be squishy all through rainy seasons (basically everything but summer) and others have outright flooding with yards under water and water in their basements. 

The township received a grant to fix it this year. They built a big retention pond in a field beyond the next street and today they began digging in our yard. They are putting many new catch basins and such in the neighborhood, but I guess since ours seems to be the epicenter of the problem it's being done first.

I've been surprised at the dog's lack of interest. I expected her to bark all day. It is turning out to be a great source of entertainment for the grands, however. When I called Megan to check on how Colton was doing today I could hear them squealing and shouting with excitement in the background. (We have been waiting a long time for this...the equipment and concrete basins have been sitting in our yards for weeks!)


Megan took the kids to a farm recently for pictures. It was supposed to be photos for Leah's 3rd birthday, but she did not cooperate. Not at all. Megan got one shot in which she smiled. Colton jumped in and gave her some great shots. Such a shame about the ones of was a beautiful setting!

And Leah's one and only smiling photo...

Gosh, but this little girl is such a hoot. She was here with Pappy the other day and asked "See my feet?" When he responded that he did, she asked, "Want to see them walk?" LOL 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Tuesday 4: Light

Welcome to another Tuesday 4 by Toni Taddeo.

Let's talk about light, okay? You light up my life.. shine a light in the darkness, Miller Light. All kinds of light but how about at home?

1. Are you afraid of the dark? Is night or day your favorite time?  No, I'm not afraid of the dark. I am a 50/50 girl. I like morning and evening pretty much equally. I'm probably one of the few people that likes when we turn the clocks back in the fall because I enjoy the cozy, dark evenings that "force" us all inside together.

2. Do you have night lights in your home?  No, we don't need them. Between all of the digital clocks on the appliances and power indicators on chargers and the wi-fi tower there is already too much light at night. We draw the blinds to keep the light from the streetlight out.

3. How low do you set your air conditioning?  Do you adjust it through the day?  It's set at 72 or 73 and I will adjust it if necessary.

4. Do you keep any outdoor or indoor lights on all night?  Only the solar lights on the deck posts.

Thanks to Ann for keeping up the Tuesday 4.

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Monday, July 25, 2022


The Weather - It's close to 80 degrees at 7:00 A.M. and the humidity is a suffocating 86%. The sky is cloudy and dark. Thunderstorms are in the forecast.

Feeling - M'eh. While I think I've turned the corner on Covid, I am not at full power. It takes very little activity to make me feel overheated and exhausted. My chest feels a bit heavy this morning, but that may just be the humidity talking. I don't breathe easy in high humidity at the best of times.

Listening To - The morning news (sort of) and the never ending hum of the a/c.

Watching - TV. So much TV. I spent one day watching nothing but House Hunters in all it's reincarnations. I've watched quite a few documentaries, the new season of Virgin River (which just came out last Wednesday), a few really dumb shows, and I'm currently working my way through Arrested Development since I missed the boat when it originally aired.

Celebrating - Today is our daughter's 30th birthday and Friday is granddaughter, Leah's 3rd birthday.

Reading - The Cat Who Blew the Whistle by Lilian Jackson Braun. It's an oldie, but a goodie. I had thought I'd read all the books in the series (there are around 20, I think), but I found this one at the used book sale and it didn't sound familiar at all. Sadly, with all this time off, my concentration isn't where it should be and I'm having a hard time reading for very long.

Thinking About - Work. Specifically what to do about it. My employer wants me to come get tested on Wednesday and as long as I'm negative, get back to work. I really don't think I'm going to be up to it. If it was a less physical job, maybe, but I am definitely not up to moving 100+ pounds of dead weight.

(Woohoo! The rain is here along with BIG thunder booms.)

Grateful - Tim has a doctor's appointment tonight. He was sick before I was and he is not getting better. Did he have Covid? Probably, but we don't know for sure because he refuses to get tested or admit it might be Covid. I am worried he may have bronchitis or pneumonia at this point.

Cooking - Hahahahaha!

Public Service Announcement -

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Sunday Stealing: A Hodgepodge

Stolen from Hodgepodge 

1. What's something you've recently accomplished solo?  Toileting and changing a resident at the nursing home. I was really nervous the first time they sent me to do it alone, but it went well.

2.  What's one product you use that never ever fails?  MagniLife Pain Relieving Foot Cream. It's a homeopathic blend and I have no idea what makes it work, but when my feet hurt it relieves the pain in just a couple of minutes. They make a few different formulas for different things that I may try. Tim tried it on his shoulder that troubles him and it worked! Best stuff ever!

3. Have you found your place in the world? Where is it?  I guess here at home would be my place, but probably if I had the chance, I'd like to see if my place is Chincoteague Island, VA. I like to dream that it is. It is my favorite vacation spot.

4.  Worst movie you ever saw?
  Maybe they weren't the worst movies, but the most difficult movies I've ever watched were Blackhawk Down and Codetalkers. They were hard because I went to school with someone who died in the incident portrayed in Blackhawk Down and Codetalkers was hard because my favorite uncle served with the codetalkers and landed one beach down from Iwo Jima, arriving there the second day. It was hard to think of him having lived through all of that.

5. What's the last fun thing you did?  Played in the pool with the grandchildren.

6. What's your favorite Italian dish?  Just call me Garfield and pass the lasagna. 

7. Have you ever been to France? Any desire to visit there, and if so what would site or city would you most want to see?  No, I've never been and I don't have any real desire to go, but I would love to see the Louvre.

8. Have you ever been to Disney, any of the parks at all? Are you a Disney superfan or something less than that? They're open right now so tell us, would you go if you had the time/money/a free trip?  We lived in Orlando the first two years we were married, so yeah, I've done the Disney thing quite a few times. We took our kids back once back in 1997. That's the last time I was there. I'm no super fan, but it would be nice to take the grandchildren once since they love Disney movies. I am just not fond of how political Disney has gotten or of how expensive. So many people will never get to visit because of the price of admission these days. If they want to GIVE me a free trip I'd take the kids.

9. Your favorite place to go when you want to be quiet as a church mouse? Would those who know you well describe you as more church mouse or perhaps more like mighty mouse?  My office/library/craft room is my private space where I can be quiet and read or study my Bible. I think people would probably say I'm somewhere in the middle. I tend to be a quiet introvert with people, but I have times when I'm outgoing. It just depends.

10. Do you bake your own bread? Last time you had hot out-of-the-oven homemade bread? What's your favorite kind of bread?
  I buy frozen bread dough, let it rise, and then put it in the oven. That's as homemade as I get when it comes to "regular" bread. I do make quick breads from scratch, though. I don't remember when I last had fresh from the oven bread. My favorite bread is quick breads like banana and pumpkin.

11. What's something you might say is 'the greatest thing since sliced bread'?  The undercoat rake I just got online for the cat. Jasper is a Maine Coon with a VERY full coat. He leaves wads of hair all over the house. It's been driving me nuts. Then I saw an ad on Facebook and decided to take a chance. I used it this week and it is great. The first short brushing with it removed a huge pile of hair.

12.  Share with us five little things you're grateful for today. Small blessings. One catch-they all must start with the letter T.

  1. Tacos. Tim brought some home for supper so I didn't have to cook.
  2. Thunderstorm. I love a good one and we had a doozey this afternoon.
  3. Taste. I didn't lose mine with Covid, though I sometimes wish I had because I instead have a really bad, sort of metallic taste in my mouth that drowns out the flavor of most things.
  4. TV.  Binge watching shows is what has gotten me through the week.
  5. Texting. It's kept me in touch with the world.

13. Tell us where you were and something about what life was like when you were 20- 21.  I was newly married and living in Orlando at 20. I worked in a clothing store. Lots of family came to visit and stay so we did the tourist things with them a lot. We enjoyed exploring Florida when we could. I was expecting our first child for a large part of my 21st year.

14. What's on the menu at your house this week?  I have absolutely no idea at this point.

15.Something you recently purchased where a coupon was involved? Do you regularly shop with coupons?  I used to shop with coupons all the time, but since Covid entered the world I really don't see many coupons. Plus, the majority of coupons tend to be for unhealthy, over-processed stuff.

Please feel free to join in the Sunday Stealing fun here.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Saturday 9: Diamonds

Thanks to Sam @ the Saturday 9 for giving me some distraction from dealing with Covid. The first day was pretty miserable, but my doctor got me on Paxlovid (yep, I have something in common with the President) and it seems to have helped a lot. At this point I'm mostly just tired and when evening rolls around I do a LOT of coughing, which I am really more than over. More than anything I'm sort of bored and sick of my own company. I can't go back to work until the end of next week and I'm missing my grandkids. Yeah, I know...wah, wah, wah. Anyway, on to the distraction!

Saturday 9: Diamonds (2012)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Rihanna sings that when she looks at her lover, she sees the light in his eyes. The internet is filled with makeup tips for making your eyes look brighter. Drugstores sell eye drops that promise to get the red out. Are you bright-eyed this morning?  Well, I'm doing this before bed on Friday, but based on previous mornings this week...NO. One of the fun things I've been dealing with this week is crusty eyes in the morning. Thanks Covid.

2) She likens him to a shooting star. Astronomers tell us that shooting stars aren't that rare at all. They occur when dust, asteroids or comets enter the earth's atmosphere, and are often visible on clear, pollution-free nights. Have you ever seen a shooting star?  I go out every time there is supposed to be a meteor shower, but I'm fighting light pollution here and then there's the fact that we have more cloudy days and nights than not, so it's rare, but I do see one every now and then. I saw quite a few when I was out in the high desert on the Navajo reservation. The sky was so clear and so full of stars. I wish I could see that more. It's no wonder the ancients spent so much time contemplating and studying the heavens. They are rather awe-inspiring!
3) In ancient Rome, shooting stars were considered good luck, especially for those going into battle, while some tribes in East Africa believed shooting stars were a harbinger of doom. Are you superstitious?  Nope. Oh, I say dumb things like "knock on wood" but it's just habit, not a belief.

4) The singer of "Diamonds" hosted a lavish Diamond Ball to raise funds for education programs in Malawi, Senegal, and the country of her birth, Barbados. Rhianna named her charity initiative the Clara Lionel Foundation after her grandparents. If you were to name your foundation after your grandparents, what would it be called? What would you ideally like to do in their honor?  It would be the Allen & Mary Foundation, but I don't know what I'd do in their honor. Pap was a junk picker before it was cool (he was actually a master carpenter but had severe arthritis that crippled his hands by his 40's) and Nana loved know, now that I'm thinking about it, they both had arthritis that impacted their lives in a big way so I'd probably do something toward that.
5) Rhianna recently had her first baby, a boy. According to the Social Security Administration, the top names for baby boys in 2021 were Liam and Noah. Is there a Liam or Noah in your life?  No Liam, but I do know a couple of Noah's.
6) When she was still in her teens, Rhianna entered a beauty pageant on a dare, and won! Can you recall a time you acted on a dare?  I'm thinking...and coming up with nothing.

7) While on tour, she likes to sneak out into the audience, just to get the vibe from out there. To disguise herself, Rhianna slips on a black oversized hoodie. Are hoodies a staple of your wardrobe?  Not really. I have a couple, but I rarely put the hood up.
8) In 2012, the year this song topped the charts, London hosted the Olympic Games. If you won a trip to London, what would you like to see?  I don't know. Anything and everything anyone wanted to show me since I've never been there.
9) Random question: Did either or both your parents go to college?  Both. My dad had a degree in land and wildlife management and my mom has a degree in library science.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thankful Thursday

I don't know if Rebecca Jo or Jen are hosting Thankful Thursday today, but here I am linking up to both. Just in case. 

If you happened to have stopped by yesterday, then you know I am battling Covid. I'm not particularly happy about that, but there are some things to be thankful for.

I am thankful...

** I am vaxed and boosted. I was absolutely miserable yesterday...lost in that haze of sickness that leaves you unable to get comfortable (so very little sleep) and unable to concentrate or focus (so no tv or books to pass the time). I ached something awful. Still, from things I have heard about others' experiences, had I been unvaxed it could have been much more miserable.

** My doctor prescribed the antiviral, Paxlovid. It is not FDA approved and has a conditional emergency approval. It was the end of the day before I got it, but I was able to take one dose and I can't believe how much better I feel today. Yes, I am still pretty sick, but the mind fog and overwhelming achiness are greatly reduced. Proof, I'm able to concentrate enough to write this post. Yesterday, it would have been beyond me.

** Daisy and Jasper were so cuddly and loving yesterday. They tried their best to soothe me. It's not their fault nothing worked. And apparently they recognize the change from yesterday to today, because Jasper has been an absolute brat this morning!

** A donor has been secured for our great-nephew! If you remember, he has a rare genetic condition that destroys the white matter of the brain and left untreated it results in death at a young age. The donor is for stem cells. Now that a donor has been found, a check-in date of August 16 has been set. He will undergo two weeks of intensive chemo to destroy his cells, then get the transplant. 

** His brother tested negative for the condition.

** For all of my friends and family who are true prayer warriors. It means so much to know that when there is need, so many of you go to battle.

Sorry, but that's all I have the energy for today. I'm going to go try and sleep for a little bit. Have a blessed and thankful Thursday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

You Are Not Going to Believe This

Just when it seems like everything is starting to run fairly well...I have a new job, the pain in my feet and legs seems to be mostly under control with the meds from my has decided to say, "HAH!"

I've been feeling a little run down the last couple of days, but nothing much. Today, as the day went on, the little bit of a tickle in my throat grew worse and I began to feel more run down. Tonight I decided to use one of my home covid tests.


I made it 2.5 years without getting it.

Now the fun begins. I will have to be off work. I'm not sure for how long yet (one of the boss types will call me tomorrow). And the part I'm really sorry about is that because I worked last night, all of the residents in the memory care unit and all the workers will have to be tested. 

Please pray none of them gets it.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4

Let's inquire about stuff....

1. What gets your blood to boiling?  Bullies; people who write off those who have cognitive disabilities as useless; drivers who put others in danger with their careless rudeness; our government...

2.What does a really good day look like for you? What makes you say, "That was a great day"?  Honestly, I think most of it is just attitude. I can't think of any specific activity...just spending a day with and having fun with family or friends. Laughter, good food, great conversation. But if I'm in a mood, the exact same day probably wouldn't seem great to me.

3. Are you continuing to grow mentally, spiritually, talent wise or are you  just marking time?  I hope I am continuing to grow in all those ways and keep doing so until I am called home to heaven. I enjoy reading and learning, I study the Bible nearly every day and hope that is changing me, and right now I'm learning how to be a nurse's aide.

4. Have you changed your hair style since high school?   Why or why not? Yes, I have. More than once. I've gone long and short. I've tried sevral colors. The biggest change, however, has to be that I now straighten my hair. My hair will naturally dry in tight spiral curls. I always hated it and after paying for Brazilian blowouts for a couple of years, I learned to use a straightening iron effectively. It is more labor intensive, but lots cheaper! Right now, though, my hair is most often up because at work it's usually really hot and I end up in rather gross home it's up because I don't want it soaking in the chlorinated pool water, which is not good for my hair at all.

**Just a quick shout-out and thank you to those of you who were praying for me last night while I was working. I did have some pain, but it wasn't anything like it was last week. It was an easy night, though, so I don't know if that means anything or not. For now I'm going to keep plugging away at the job...unless I hear about the library job, because I would probably drop everything for that one.


Monday, July 18, 2022

An Update

It's another rainy day here. One that makes me want to curl up with a book or nap, but I will be going to work soon. Say a prayer for me if you would. I am still battling the bug that Megan, Tim, and the kids have had. I haven't had the horrible congestion or body aches that they've had...just a general run-down feeling of blah. This is also the first time back at work since last Wednesday when I had such awful leg pain I went to see my doctor on Thursday.

I've followed my doctor's orders and stayed mostly off my feet, taken the prescription strength Naproxen he prescribed...and yes, the acute pain of Wednesday has gone, but tonight is the test. I feel pretty sure that it will return as soon as I'm on my feet and running once more.

I've decided to work tonight and see what happens. If the pain returns I've decided I will have to let the job go. Tim supports that decision. Megan still hopes that they will work with me if it comes to that and find something for me to do. Possibly, a job doing laundry as they don't have anyone...aids and housekeeping try to keep up with it...and they have been saying they need someone to do just that. I don't know if I would like that job. It is so hot and miserable in the laundry rooms and depending on the job description they came up with, I could be on my feet and running just as much to deliver laundry.

I spent some of yesterday browsing job ads online. I saw a couple that interested me and I applied for one. The local library system is looking for a part-time desk clerk. I would like that. A local hotel is looking for front desk help and a car dealership is looking for a greeter part-time. I guess we'll see what plays out.

Anyway, just pray for me tonight that if/when the pain starts I can manage it through my shift. 

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Sunday Stealing: My Bags Are Packed

I'm linking up with Sunday Stealing which is kept running and hosted by Bev. Thanks for all you do, Bev!

Stolen from  SwapBot

To which countries have you been? Only the U.S., because I live here, and Canada....and I don't even have a Canadian stamp in my passport. We had to have them when we took a cruise back in 2019, but nobody ever even asked to see them.

Which countries would you love to visit one day?  Greece, Italy, and Israel top the list, but if money and safety were not issues I'd also like to visit Egypt, Turkey, Australia, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, and Costa Rica.

Have you been on a trip this year or have one planned for later?  No, we were planning a beach vacation with our daughter's family in September, but by mutual agreement we all decided to cancel it and hope the economy is looking better next year.

What kinds of transport do you prefer to travel by? (train, car, plane,...)  Flying is...okay. I'm not afraid of it or anything, but it's not necessarily the most convenient method of going from point A to point B these days. I'd like to take a train trip. Buses are awful. On the whole, if it's possible time-wise, I'd prefer to travel by car. I like being in control of when and where I stop.

Do you get yourself a souvenir to take home? If yes, what do you like to buy?  I always have in the past. I don't have any particular thing that I look for. It's usually something that captures the trip for me. 

Do you like to try local food? Can you recommend anything or advise not to try something?
  Sure! I'm always up for trying the food. It would have to be pretty bad to turn me off to at least tasting it. I'd definitely recommend Navajo tacos at Earl's in Gallup, NM (if it's still there), steak at Burn's Steak House in Tampa,  lobster rolls anywhere in New England, and the seafood chowder at the little restaurant at the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.

Do you book your travel online or classical in a travel agency?  Online, though if I were going to go overseas I'd probably let a travel agency work out all the wrinkles for me.

Name three things that you can not go anywhere without and have in your suitcase.  A good book, my journal, and my straightening iron.

Tell about a funny travel experience you had.  Oh gosh, it was an entire "funny" weekend, not just one incident. 
Tim had to go to Baltimore for a job once when the kids were young and his employer told him to take us along and make a weekend out of it. His brother and his wife were big fans of Motel 6's and made reservations for us at the one in Baltimore. 

We didn't get there until midnight. We had tired little kids in tow and what we found was a hotel located in an industrial area. It was the kind of place that usually rents rooms by the hour (if you know what I mean) and the desk clerk was behind thick bulletproof glass. Only one light worked in the whole room/bathroom...which was probably a good thing since the bathroom was not

great and there was garbage shoved under the beds. The sign out front advertised jacuzzi tubs and we joked that if you asked for a room with one of those they probably handed you the keys and a can of beans. The kids slept. I dozed in a chair. Tim watched the van from the window until dawn when he went to a phone booth across the street and called another hotel on the harbor and got us a room there for the second night. 

The second night was sort of better. The hotel was being remodeled (a good thing because while nice it was older and had very thin walls). We woke up in the middle of the night to the beds literally shaking and bouncing off the floor! We both thought it was an earthquake when we first woke up. Then we realized it was the people on the other side of the wall being "romantic." Fortunately, our son slept through it, but our daughter woke up and I was worried how I'd explain it, but she looked at me, asked if I had any pierogies in my purse, and went back to sleep! It was so bad we kind of wondered if we should check to make sure nobody was dead or hurt over there. Ultimately, we did not.

Tell about a bad travel experience your had.  I'm pretty sure the answer to the last question counts as both bad and funny...especially if you add in that our daughter and I had miserable colds the entire time and it was about 100 degrees with high humidity. I was about at the point of praying for death.

What kind of accommodation do you usually stay in when you go on trips?  It depends on what kind of trip. If we're on a vacation to one location we usually rent a house which is cheaper than paying for a hotel and eating out all the time. If we're moving around or just going on a short trip we stay in whatever nice hotel we find that offers the best deal. I usually book them ahead of time.

Have you ever traveled alone by yourself? Did you like it? If not, would you want to try it?  I've flown between Pennsylvania and Florida several times on my own or with an infant. I rather liked flying with an infant. If there were seats available, the flight attendants often offered to move up to first class so there was more room and since I often flew on weekdays, there were lots of business men who were very kind, getting my carry-on down, offering to buy drinks, carry my bag off the plane, etc. I have never gone on a vacation by myself, depending on where it was, I think I might like it.

What is the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination?  Check out the room or house where I am staying (check for evidence of bed bugs) and unpack my things. Then rest a bit if there's time while checking out what there is to do.

What kinds of activities do you like to do when you are traveling?
  Visit historic and natural sites, shop, try the native foods, experience cultural things, and whatever is unique to the area.

How do you like to spend your vacation? (on a cruise, backpacking, etc)  I did enjoy the cruise we took much more than I thought I would so I would do that again, but only if it was a smaller ship. I want no parts of those huge party ships with tons of kids. Other than that, I like to just explore the area. I like a mix of being on the go and relaxation. 

Do you like to travel in your own country? If yes, can you recommend a place?  I do. There is so much I want to see that I haven't seen yet! Of the places I've been, I'd most recommend Chincoteague Island, Virginia; western New Mexico (Gallup, Window Rock, etc.); the wine country along the Pennsylvania/New York border; Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania; Boston; and the coastal towns of Maine.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Saturday 9: Brandy

Woohoo! I love this song. It's one of my favorites from the 70's. I'm always singing along when it comes on the radio (if I'm alone, that is). Thanks to Sam at Saturday 9 for another great song and some fun questions!

Saturday 9: Brandy (1972)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) This song opens in a bar where lonely sailors reminisce about their homes. How long have you lived at your current residence? Does it feel like home?  We've lived in our house 28 years, longer than I've ever lived anywhere else by a long shot! So, yes, it feels like home. Our kids grew up here and now the grandchildren are in and out nearly every day. There are other places I think I'd like to live, but when you get right down to it, home is where the heart is and the heart is the people we love...I won't be going anywhere.

2) Brandy is a waitress at the bar. Have you ever worked at a job where you received tips?  Not like a waitress. I've had people try to give me a little something to show appreciation in other jobs where tipping isn't really a thing, though.
3) Brandy wears a locket on a braided chain. Are you wearing any jewelry as you answer these 9 questions?  Nope. I don't wear much jewelry. I used to wear my wedding band all the time, but a few months ago my naughty kitty stole it when I sat it on the counter to shower and it has never turned up. Other than that, I only wear earrings, maybe another ring, and a necklace if I'm going to church or somewhere else I want to look a little nicer.

4) According to the lyrics, the sailors seem to prefer whisky or wine. What's your go-to adult beverage?  I don't drink a lot, but I do enjoy a glass of wine or now and then some fruity tropical drink.

5) This song was such a big hit that, after its release, Brandy became a popular name for newborn girls. Do you know anyone named Brandy?  No, I don't.

6) Barry Manilow scored a hit in 1974 with "Mandy." That song was initially called "Brandy," but it was changed to avoid confusion with this record. Do you have a favorite Barry Manilow song?  Either Mandy or I Write the Songs.
7) In 1972, when this song was popularresidents of South Dakota endured a catastrophic flood when Rapid Creek overflowed. Give us a little geography lesson: what body of water is nearest you?  The Loyalhanna Creek which feeds into the Kiskiminetas River which feeds into the Allegheny River which joins the Monongehela River to become the Ohio River.
8) Also in 1972, the first women were permitted to run in the Boston marathon. Have you ever visited Boston?  Just once and only for a few hours. It was so beautiful and there was so much to see. I'd love to go back and have a lot more time to spend.

9) Random summertime question: Would you prefer to swim in a pool, a lake/river, or the ocean?  When it comes to swimming I want clear, clean pool water. I enjoy sitting by lake, river and ocean water, or boating on it, but not swimming in it. I don't like not being able to see what's there. 

More Treasures from Mom

On my doctor's advice, I am off work today. He feels my pain problems are caused by inflammation...though he did send me for blood work to check some other things. In the meantime, take it easy, feet up, and take a prescription anti-inflammatory.

So, while I'm sitting here I thought it would be a good time to share photos of the latest family treasures my mom passed on to me. She is cleaning out her basement in preparation for waterproofing. The two boxes we went through yesterday contained cups and saucers. my maternal grandmother's glass shoe collection, and a few odds and ends. Going by the newspapers they were wrapped in, they've been sitting in boxes since 1979!

I refused most of it, but here are the things I accepted.

First there are these little steins my dad brought back from Germany when he was in the Army. He was part of the peacekeeping forces during the 1950's. He brought several things back for his mom and sister. I had never seen these before.

Here's another photo to show you how small they are.

This was my first cup and saucer, purchased for me by my maternal grandmother at Smith's American Hardware store in Cambridge Springs, PA when I was right around 5 years old.

This pretty cup and saucer with violets belonged to my great-grandmother Copeland. She died when I was 5 and I barely remember her, but I like that I can have tea in her cup and feel connected that way.

There's no sentimental attachments to this particular cup that Mom can remember. I accepted it because I like the colors. It has a nice fall feel to it.

The light doesn't do it justice, but this little relish dish is a very distinctive green, not ordinary at all. I think it might be a piece of uranium glass, the stuff that glows under a blacklight.

I don't remember my maternal grandmother having this little hand, but I've seen others, usually milk glass, and thought they were rather pretty so I accepted it. It will make a nice holder for rings or earrings.

I do remember this little cutie sitting on a curio shelf in my maternal grandmother's hallway. I'm not sure what the critter on her bum is supposed to be. It has wings like a bird or a bee and either antennae or pointy ears on it's head. The ear-like things have yellow paint on them, but the body has traces of a light purple. Whatever it is, it's cute!

This is my favorite "treasure." I don't know why, but I have a thing for these moose creamers. I mean what says "yummy" more than a moose throwing up in your tea?

This little souvenir plate is the last treasure I agreed to take off Mom's hands. Waterford is just a few miles down the road from Cambridge Springs, the town my mom's family was from. There is a small lake there, but nothing that would have the kind of waves shown in the picture. Still, I just love the picture. Such a pretty young lady...and look at that impossibly tiny waist!

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed seeing my new treasures. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

** Since I posted this Mom came to visit me and brought a stack of paper ephemera that includes such gems as photos of my kindergarten and third grade classes, some of my very early school work, and a booklet we think my first grade class made that is shaped like a bell and filled with Christmas cookie recipes. Sigh. I will look at them once and probably toss them with the exception of the recipes...unless, of course, my kid wants them. And I know she won't. She is not a saver at all.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Thankful Thursday

I am late getting to my Thankful Thursday post this week, but I am here and I am thankful for that! I do want to give a shout out and send some love to our usual host and blogging friend, Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand, who is going through a rather rough patch and has taken a break from blogging. Love you friend and I'm praying you get relief from your pain soon.

That done, Thankful Thursday continues on, hosted for the time being by Jen @ Overflowing With Thankfulness. I'm thankful for her and her willingness to keep us connected.

Sometimes it would be easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day realities of life and not see nor appreciate and be thankful for the good things that come our way...especially when not all good things are big things. They can get lost, buried under the big things that eat up our time and energies. Those big things are often beyond our control and seem to consume our every waking thought and all of our energy, but I believe with intentional practice it's possible to train our thoughts to look for the blessings, those little patches of light, even in our darkest times. And if we can do that, then it should come much easier at other times.

So, this week, for today...

I am thankful I am here. Not just in this life, but here on the laptop in the blog world to be able to share encouragement with you and get encouragement from your lists of thankfulness.

I am thankful my laptop is working. I know it is winding down it's life, grinding slower and slower, but to this point it continues to serve me...even if it takes a while. Just this morning it refused to load, but a restart and lengthy upload of updates has it chugging along once more.

I am thankful for my new job and my co-workers, most of whom, are genuinely nice and truly care about the residents in our care. The interactions with these dear souls lost in a world of Alzheimer's disease and dementia fill my heart. It is a privilege to care for them and do what I can to make their days better. I am thankful for each smile or hug I receive.

I am thankful I made it through my shift last night, my first 3-11, which will be my regular shift. And I am thankful there is a good bit of down time to get off my feet during the second half...otherwise I am afraid I would not have been able to make it. The foot/leg pain has been an 8-9 on a scale of 1-10. Nothing I have tried (orthotic inserts, orthotic shoes, creams, ibuprofen, patches, and prayer) seems to make a dent. I am only working three days a week so usually have a day between to give my legs a rest, but next weekend is looming. Working every other weekend is a requirement and that will be my first. Two days in a row.

I am thankful that I was able to get through to my doctor and get an appointment for this afternoon to address the pain and see if there is a way to manage it that will allow me to continue with the job.

I am thankful the results from Tim's CT-scan were good. The lymph nodes that were enlarged (I did not know this!) have gone back to normal size and the cysts on his kidney, stomach, and somewhere else have not grown (I also did not know about any of these except the one on his kidney).

I am thankful for our daughter who has really grown up in the last couple of years and is getting a handle on her fibromyalgia and anxiety. She is doing much better at handling her kids and life and now the job, where she is flourishing! She finds time to help us out with yard work and even checks in on me when we work the same nights.

I am thankful, as I continue to see reports of shortages of all kinds of things on the grocery shelves, that we continue to have access to plenty of good quality, healthy foods. I have adjusted my thinking and ways of doing some things to work around rising costs and the absence of some things.

I am thankful for technology that keeps me connected to distant family, friends...and makes possible all of my internet friendships with people I'd never know otherwise.

I am thankful, too, that the same technology gives me access to infinite creative ideas, recipes, and information.

I am thankful for my relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I don't know how anyone survives this world without the love, strength, peace, hope, joy, and guidance that come from knowing them and having them in my life. The Lord is my anchor in all of life's storms.

I am thankful for "normal" summer temperatures in the low to mid 80's this week.

I am thankful for this life and all it brings, the good and the bad. It all works to God's purposes even if I can't see it. I trust Him for I know He has plans for me, plans to prosper me and not harm me, plans to give me a hope and a future. (Jeremiah 19:11)


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