Friday, September 29, 2023

Saturday 9: On a Clear Day

Saturday 9: On a Clear Day (1970)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) Is today a clear day where you are?  Today (Friday) was a beautiful day and tomorrow is predicted to be, as well, with a near record high for the date.
2) Streisand sings that today she's "astounded." What has recently shocked or greatly surprised you?  I can't really think of anything.

3) Streisand's voice astounded people from an early age. She began performing in New York clubs when she was only 18, too young to order a drink in the establishments where she sang. Do you remember the first adult beverage you ordered at a restaurant or bar?  I don't remember what it was, but it was at dinner with Tim when we were dating. He was 23 and I was just 19. The waitress never asked for my ID. In fact, I've never been carded.

4) Barbra has discussed the importance of her Jewish faith in her life and has enlisted the guidance of Reform, Conservative and and Orthodox rabbis as she explored her religion's complexities. Do you enjoy discussing religion?  Very much long as it is a discussion and not an argument.

5) Taylor Swift just passed Barbra Streisand as the woman with the most #1 albums (12). What's the last album you purchased?  It's been several years...probably a Toby Keith CD or something I found at a thrift store or yard sale.
6) The lyrics to "On a Clear Day" were written by Alan Jay Lerner. He attended Choate, a private boarding school in CT, at the same time as John F. Kennedy. While JFK was in the White House, Lerner had two major Broadway hits -- Camelot and My Fair Lady -- running concurrently. Obviously those two Choate alumni did very well. Have you been to any of your class reunions? Have you been surprised, pleasantly or less so, by how any of your classmates turned out?  I went to my 30-year reunion and maybe 30 out of a class of 360+ bothered to show up. I declined to go to my 41-year reunion earlier this month. More than 30 showed up, but still far less than 100. Reunions seem to be going the way of the dinosaurs. Oh, and no, I haven't been surprised (except for how many of us have passed away). The snooty kids are still snooty adults.

7) The music was written by Burton Lane. In the 1930s, Lane worked for MGM Studios in Hollywood. After he heard Judy Garland perform at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles, he brought her to the attention of his studio bosses and the rest, as they say, is history. Lane and Garland later worked together when Judy was an established star. He wrote the song, "How About You?" for her to sing in Babes on Broadway and received an Oscar nomination. Judy's best known movie has to be The Wizard of Oz. How many times have you seen it?  I'd guess close to 100 times.

8) In 1970, Glenn Frey formed the Eagles. What's your favorite Eagles song?  Take It Easy

9) Random question: 
Which would upset you more, being trapped in an elevator or stranded atop a mountain in a ski lift?  I don't think I'd be terribly thrilled with either, but maybe the ski lift would be worse? It would be colder, anyway.

Thanks, as always, to Sam for the music and questions.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Thankful Thursday

Can you believe we are already at the end of September? Where have the days gone?! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were counting down to Labor Day and now the countdown to Halloween is upon us!

It's a busy time of year, but also one filled with much to be thankful for. I'm carrying on the tradition started by blogging friend Rebecca Jo (gosh, I miss her blog) and posting a list of some of the things I have been thankful for this past week.

This week I am thankful...

...first and foremost that I can stop worrying about my job. I approached the woman who makes the decisions about scheduling and where people work and just asked if I have to worry about getting bumped from the Adult Training Facility to make a place for a new hire (who said she'd quit if she didn't get to work there). She said my place in the ATF is secure! 

If you know me and the foot pain I experience when I work in the paper shredding department, you know what a relief that is. I was afraid I'd have to give up my job because I wouldn't be able to handle the pain on a daily basis.

...that while my grandson is one sick little guy this week (severe infections in both ears and hand, foot, and mouth disease on top of that) he doesn't seem to be in the pain he should be having. I am also thankful to live in a country, in which for all its problems, the medicine needed to help him get better is available.

...that so far no one else has come down with HFMD.

...for an unplanned trip to a local farmers' market with my mom.

...for a phone call and chat with my biological father.

...that even though I ended up having to work in the shredding department on Tuesday after all (too many call offs left us short-staffed), the pain was manageable.

...for presidential debates and living in a country where we can hear many candidates share their views and ideas for making things better.

...for beautiful fall days and comfortable temperatures.

...Mom was able to convince her husband to agree to schedule an appointment with one of his doctors whom he hasn't seen in 2 years. The doctor's office called him because the doctor thinks he probably needs to have some of his medications adjusted after such a long period of time. He agreed because Mom pointed out that maybe he'd feel better and maybe actually feel like doing anything.

...for Jesus Christ, my church family, and my small group.

...for my family, friends, and co-workers.

...for all of you!

Monday, September 25, 2023


...I'm sitting here in the recliner feeling rather sleepy. It's 9:45 pm and the day is winding down so it's okay. I had a good day and I'm not dreading Tuesday for a change. I'm staying in the Adult Training Facility tomorrow rather than going to the workshop. My boss's boss said I'm supposed to train the new woman on working one on one with a specific client. My boss said that's ridiculous (because the client is not a hard one) and assigned me a group. We'll see what happens. I don't really care since I won't be suffering my usual Tuesday pain.  

...Watching one of those ASPCA commercials. Is there anything more awful than all those abused and neglected animals staring at the camera with their sad eyes? Ugh!

...Excited for my small group on Thursday. We are reading and discussing Conversational Evangelism and last week we ended our time together by praying for open doors during the next week. Nearly the first thing Friday morning I had an open door, a chance to begin a discussion meant to be a first step in moving someone closer to Jesus. It was a complete surprise.

One of my usual clients (not the one I've been mentioning lately) was upset about something that had happened at home that morning. This client is in his 50's, autistic, and very, very attuned to injustice, inequality, violence, meanness, etc. No one really knows his exact background, though abuse and trauma is suspected. 

During the past year he has become attached to me and often just randomly starts talking to me about things out of the blue. These conversations leave me with no doubt his past contains trauma and abuse, though he always says the things he tells me about happened to a friend. He spends his days drawing pages and pages of his "friends" and talking about situations. It is how he processes things. One has to be very careful in conversations with him because the smallest word or even a tone of voice can trigger him. was a bit surprising when he started to cry last Friday and tell me about what happened at home that morning. It was even more surprising when he made the leap out of the blue (at least to my mind) to OJ Simpson and whether or not he would be going to heaven. To make a long story short, I had a rather long discussion with him about heaven and hell and who goes where. As I said, I have to be careful with him and also explain things in rather simple terms. Still, it was a good talk and he asked a lot of questions. I didn't push too far and didn't get into Jesus. That will come eventually.

...Some bug (or maybe it's many) are sweeping this area right now. So many at work are sick and here at home, our daughter was told today that she probably has pneumonia. She was prescribed a Z-pack. If she isn't feeling better in a few days she will have to go for a chest x-ray. Tim hasn't had the congestion but he has been miserable, "aching in every part of his body" which is a complaint I've heard from a couple of people at work. It hasn't stopped him (or them) from going to work, though.

...Circulating all the winter chemicals through the pool tonight. We're covering it tomorrow night. Tim finally just drained it, scrubbed it, and refilled it to get rid of the algae. $400 worth of chemicals couldn't kill it. I'm hoping it doesn't find a way to grow in the yard where we dumped the green sludge we Shop Vacc'ed out of the bottom. It was ridiculous stuff!

...Absolutely loving the new over the sink dish drainer I ordered from Amazon. It's a "bit" bigger than I imagined and if I were any shorter I wouldn't be able to reach the top level of it, but it's great! It has a space for everything and it opens up a lot of counter space.

...Looking forward to October, my favorite month of the year. There's lots going on. A bingo fundraiser for my work, a train ride to a pumpkin patch with our daughter's family, a big Halloween party/talent show at work, and maybe a weekend away just to name a few.

That's all for now. I need to head to bed. I hope everyone is having a blessed week!

(Sorry, no time for giggles this week. Maybe another day I'll sneak them in.)

Friday, September 22, 2023

Saturday 9: Answer the Phone

Saturday 9: Answer the Phone (2001)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song likens a relationship to a roller coaster ride. When did you most recently visit an amusement park?  It's been at least 10 years. I don't think I've gone since I was a bus driver and got in free.

2) Lead singer Mark McGrath reasons that his girl should answer the phone because he knows she's home. That was decades ago, when most homes still had landlines. Where were you when you took your last call? Were you at home?
  No, I was in the car about to go into a restaurant for dinner.

3) He remembers the glow of her face when he gave her a rose. Have you recently given or received a gift of flowers or a plant?
  My husband had a dozen red roses delivered to my workplace last month for my birthday.

4) Sugar Ray's debut CD was called Lemonade and Brownies. Crazy Sam admits she'd prefer milk with her brownie. What about you? Does the combination of lemonade and brownies sound good to you?  Not particularly, but it wouldn't bother me, either.

5) In 2005, Mark McGrath was a guest judge on American Idol. At one time, Idol was the dominant singing competition show. Today, in addition to American Idol, viewers can also watch The Voice and America's Got Talent. Are you a fan of any or all of these shows?
  I still like American Idol and AGT. I just can't seem to get into The Voice for some reason.

6) Sugar Ray is a famous name in boxing circles. Sugar Ray Robinson and  Sugar Ray Leonard were both world championships. Are you a boxing fan?  Not at all, but it does seem to produce some very large personalities that hard not to be familiar with.

7) In 2001, when this song was popular, the Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened to the public after more than a decade of renovations. Have you ever been to Italy? If yes, where did you go? If not, is a trip to Italy on your wish list?  I've never been, but I would love to go!

8) Also in 2001, Liverpool's Speke Airport was renamed John Lennon Airport. Liverpool's is the first airport in the United Kingdom to be named after an individual. Tell us about something in your hometown that is named after someone.  There are many things in my hometown named after native sons Arnold Palmer and Fred Rogers.

9) Random Question: Is the screen on your cell phone cracked?  I'm not sure. I noticed some very fine lines along the edge yesterday, but I have a screen protector on so I don't know if it's that or the actual screen.

Thanks, Sam, for the music and questions!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Currently (and 10 Things)

I am...

...reading Conversational Evangelism and Hokus Croakus by Mary Daheim.

...watching season 3 of The Wild Frontier: 1700 on Fox Nation.

...I'm feeling annoyed. A new employee threatened to quit because she didn't like working in the paper shredding department. They have dangled the Adult Training Facility in front of her to get her to stay. If they give her full time there I don't see how I will be able to remain there for my 4 days per week. I am annoyed because they tell us we have to work where they tell us and here is this new person telling them where she wants to work. It stinks of hypocrisy and if it comes down to it, I am willing to make a stink. I'll keep you posted.

...I'm looking forward to having nothing in particular to do this weekend. Maybe I will finally be able to do a deep clean of the house, catch up on laundry, and decorate for Fall. I hate not having the decorations out yet.

...I'm loving pumpkin spice flavored everything!

...I'm celebrating the end of summer (along with everyone else at work) with a party on Thursday. A coworker and I are in charge of it. We'll be decorating tomorrow.

...I'm grateful for a good, if brief, visit with my father over the weekend. He and his wife are doing pretty well for being 87 and 91. She doesn't have full use of her one arm and hand after last winter's stroke, but she is doing well otherwise. They plan to begin their journey back to Texas at the beginning of November. I admit the idea of the two of them driving that far on their own is a bit of a worry, but they live life on their terms.

...the weather is cloudy and 68 degrees. Mid 70s are coming the rest of the week.

...giggling at

Now, on to Ten Things Tuesday!

1. Your vision for the rest of the year.  I'd like to still be working at my job (without having to fight a legal battle). I want to reengage in my church (this summer was rough). I want to spend less time online and be more active.

2. One thing you'd like to do more.  Get out and do things. My husband, when he's actually at home, has become a bit of a hermit who never wants to go and DO anything.

3. What's one thing you can do this week to take care of yourself?  I'm doing it tomorrow after work. I'm going to get a mani/pedi.

4. What is something you accomplished this year that you are proud of?  As soon as I finish reading one of the books I'm currently reading I will have completed my Goodreads reading challenge for the year...3 months ahead of schedule!

5. Quote that reflects your current mood.  

6. What was your biggest victory yesterday?  I did not let my anger about what's going on at work influence the way I treated the woman who is a threat to my job. It is not technically her fault and she is a nice person.

7. If you had $10,000, you would...  pay down debt.

8. What are 10 things you appreciate in your life?  My husband, my daughter and grandchildren, my home, my job, my mom, books, my dog, my church family, my faith, and having been born in the United States when I was.

9. What song is your current favorite?  My all-time favorites are Billy Joel's Piano Man and Toby Keith's Should Have Been a Cowboy. I can't really pick a current favorite as I don't listen to much that is on the current charts and my tastes are all over the place, anyway.

10. One behavior you need to let go of.  Procrastination.

Have a great week!

Friday, September 15, 2023

Saturday 9: Got My Mind Set On You

Saturday 9: Got My Mind Set On You (1987)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.
1) In this song, George Harrison tells us he's willing to devote his money, patience and time to his girlfriend. Of those three things, which can you most easily spare?  Hmm, I think I'll go with money. I need my patience too much with the grandkids and those I work with and time? Well, there's never enough of that
2) This song had long been a favorite of George's. He first heard it in 1963 when visiting his sister in United States. He couldn't get the tune out of his mind and bought the record by James Ray. Do you have an earworm -- a song that, once you hear it, keeps repeating in your head?  Many. The most recent was Dancing In the Moonlight.

3) Months later, in February 1964, the Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. 73 million viewers saw them, and an astonishing 45.3% of the TV sets in America were tuned in to the show. In addition to the Beatles, Ed Sullivan used his show to introduce Elvis, The Rolling Stones and The Jackson 5. The Ed Sullivan Show ran for 23 years and reruns are now shown in syndication. Have you ever seen it?  I think I remember watching it when it was originally on. I've never seen it in reruns.

4) While most of the best loved and most recognized Beatles songs were written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, it was George who penned "Something." Frank Sinatra called that song "the greatest love song of the last 50 years." What's your favorite love song?  Annie's Song by John Denver.

5) This praise represented a big change for Frank, who predicted in 1964 that the Beatles would be "of no lasting importance." Tell us about something you have changed your mind about.  The only "big" thing I can think of is my faith. When I was young I had zero interest in hearing about Jesus Christ. Now He is the most important part of my life.

6) Tom Petty, who went on to have more than 25 hits on the Billboard Hot 100, credits George Harrison as a major influence on his music. Tell us about someone who influenced your professional life.  I can't really think of anyone. I don't even think in terms of having a "professional life." I've had jobs.

7) In 1987, when George's recording of "I Got My Mind Set on You" was popular, a squirrel unexpectedly made headlines. The furry fellow closed down the Nasdaq Stock Exchange when he chewed through a phone line. Do you often see squirrels where you live?  Every single day. We have a large and thriving squirrel community in our neighborhood. In the last two years or so a mutation has shown up and we have one with a white tail and a couple of others with white legs.
8) Also in 1987, third generation race car driver Marco Andretti was born. Naturally the skills required by a race car driver are unique. For example, while we know he can control a car at upwards of 230 mph at Indy, we have no idea if Marco Andretti is good at parallel parking in front of the local post office. How about you? Do you struggle with parallel parking?  Yes, I try to avoid it at all costs. I will walk a lot further so I don't have to do it.

9) Random question: When you woke up this morning, were you ready to face the day? Or do you wish you could have rolled over and snoozed a little longer?  I'm doing this on Friday evening. It's nearing 11:30 and given that I have to get up in the morning and get going because we are driving 3 hours north to visit my biological's going to be a safe bet that I'll be wishing I could sleep longer.

Thanks, Sam, for the music and questions!
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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thankful Thursday

This week finds me thankful... church's small groups started back up this week. My group meets tonight. Yay! Looking forward to starting off reading and discussing the book Conversational Evangelism.

...the mornings are a bit on the cool side, but the rest of the days are lovely. Sunny and low 70s. continues to go well for the kiddos.

...Colton started on an ADHD med today and didn't have any problems.

...our daughter finally got to see a therapist today and really liked them.'s been a good week at work.

...I got to spend some time talking with the new girl at work. She's young and a bit lonely, I think. Maybe I'll get a chance to talk to her about really important things one day soon.

...we finally got to turn the AC off.

...for all of you!

Sorry it's a short one. I have to get ready to go to my small group. My friend will be here shortly to pick me up.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


...I am sitting with my feet up, trying to ignore how much they hurt following a long day in shredding, and contemplating combining "Currently" and "10 on Tuesday."

...The weather is wet. It is 63 degrees and raining. Tonight will see the temperature dip into the upper 40s! Tomorrow's high will be 70 degrees.

...I'm (still) reading Eliza Starts a Rumor. The last few days haven't been good for reading. I need to at least begin reading Conversational Evangelism before my small group from church starts back up Thursday.

Our daughter is still suffering the lingering effects of that bad reaction to a medication. I spent half of Saturday sitting at the ER with her and she was back there again yesterday. She struggles with IBS as it is. The opinion is the medication tipped her system over the edge and she is now terribly constipated. Waste is backed up into her small intestine at this point. There is no blockage that they can see. Saturday's visit resulted in her being given a colonoscopy prep to take at home...which she has done to no avail. Yesterday's trip got her another prescription to be drank over the course of 10 days along with daily doses of Miralax. So far nothing has changed.

...I'm watching a lot different things on FOX Nation. At the moment, a documentary about Oppenheimer. Over the last few days, a series called Into the Wild Frontier: The 1700s. I've learned a lot about the men who explored and tamed the west, many of whom I've never heard of before.

...I'm listening to whatever the folks I work with request I play.

...I'm loving the cool rainy weather and shorter days. I'm a fall junkie!

...I'm looking forward to driving north to visit my biological father and his wife on Saturday. Tim isn't going to work so he can go with me.

...I'm feeling tired and achy. It was a hard day at work.

...I'm not celebrating anything right now, but next week we will have an end of summer party at work.

...I'm grateful for awesome coworkers who helped me out today with several difficult situations with my clients.

Now, ten wild animals that fascinate me (thanks Kwizgiver):

1. Hippos. I don't know why, they just fascinate me and I've yet to lay eyes on one in a zoo. Any zoo I've been to that had one was before the current zoo trend of constructing water holes so you can see what's going on inside and underneath the the hippo was ALWAYS underwater. 

2. Really big snakes like Pythons and Anacondas...even though I am absolutely terrified of them.

3. Kangaroos. Our local zoos have small types that you can pet. I could stand there with them all day.

4. Alligators and crocodiles. Living dinosaurs. How can you not be fascinated by them?

5. Kookaburras. I knew them from the old song, but for some reason they were my favorite at the aviary.

6. Moose. Seeing one in the wild is #1 on my bucket list.

7. Platypuses...platypi? It's like a beaver and a duck had a baby and it's soooo cute!

8. Squirrels. I love watching them play in the trees in our neighborhood and it cracks me up how terrible they actually are about remembering where they buried their nuts in the fall.

9. Giraffes. There's a zoo near us where you can feed one. I haven't made it there yet, but I will one day.

10. Camels. I've always been fascinated with the Middle East and camels just go along with that.

And finally, I'm giggling at:


Saturday, September 9, 2023

Saturday 9: Cheeseburger in Paradise

Cheeseburger in Paradise (1978)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

From the archives; Repeated in memory of Jimmy Buffett, who died on September 1.

1) In this song, Jimmy Buffett briefly attempts a healthier diet, which included sunflower seeds, carrot juice, zucchini and bulgur wheat. Do you pay attention to your daily consumption of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, etc.?  I take several vitamins, but I don't pay any great attention to to fiber and such. I just try to make fairly heathy choices.

2) Jimmy sings that he'd like french fries with his burger. Do you prefer to dip your fries or drizzle the ketchup over them?  I'm a dipper. I don't like my fries soggy.

3) Which cheese would make yours a cheeseburger in paradise: American, cheddar, Swiss, bleu, Muenster, or Monterrey Jack?  Any of those except blue or Muenster.
4) Buffett fans call themselves Parrotheads. Concert attire for a well-dressed Parrothead often includes a Hawaiian shirt and a foam fin hat. What will you be wearing tonight?  Probably shorts and a t-shirt or if it's later, my pj's.
5) For someone with such an easygoing and laidback vibe, Jimmy is a very busy man. His business ventures include liquors, restaurants and hotels. He's also published eight books. All this in addition to making music! On a scale of 1 to 10 -- with 1 being lazy and 10 being highly motivated -- how would you rate yourself this morning?  Maybe about a 6...maybe.

6) Jimmy has some very famous fans. Paul McCartney asked him to play at one of his parties, and Barack Obama invited him to perform at a fundraiser. If you could invite anyone -- anyone at all! -- to play at your party, who would you ask?  Toby Keith. He's always been a favorite and he hung out with Jimmy. 

7) Jimmy was born on Christmas Day. Does your birthday fall on a major holiday? If yes, do you mind "sharing" your special day?  It's not a major holiday, but it is the same day as the Catholic Feast of the Assumption.

8) In 1978, the year this song was popular, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar was first minted. The initial design was not a hit with the public because vending machines could not accept it. What's the last thing you bought from a vending machine?  A can of Diet Coke.

9) Random question -- If today's your birthday, your zodiac sign is Virgo. When did you last check your horoscope?  I never check my horoscope.

Thanks Sam for the music and questions.

Play along here.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Thankful Thursday

Giving thanks for...

...cooler temperatures...

...the end of a problematic pool season...

...the new deck at work that allows us to go outside daily...

...the switch to new insurance at work won't cause me any problems...

...tomorrow being Friday...

...Mom not caring if I donate a lot of the books she's passed on to me...

...getting the house cleaned up last weekend...

...every minute with my grandchildren...

...being able to afford to buy small craft items we need at work but have no budget for...

...floor mats in my vehicle (it didn't come with any and Christmas and the Weathertech mats Tim is getting me are still 4 months away)...

...a last swim with the grands and their daddy...

...still enjoying fresh produce as the gardening season runs long...

...our daughter is walking with a friend nearly every day and losing weight and getting fit...and feeling stronger mentally and emotionally...

...Tim feeling a bit better today after feeling so awful Tuesday and Wednesday from setting roof trusses in 95 degree weather and suffering horrible leg cramps last night...

...bad puns (current favorite: a sticker on my car that reads "Pirate of the Car-I-Be-In"...

...scrumptiously scented candles...'s time to decorate for fall...

...a short visit with a friend and a tour of her lovely new home...

...another friend's husband being released from the hospital...

...the sound of the autumn peepers at night...

...God's love and mercy...

...all of you!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ten Things Tuesday

*borrowed from Kwizgiver* 

TV shows and movies I can watch again and again.

1. The Big Bang Theory

2. Dirty Dancing

3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

4. The Andy Griffith Show

5. Disney's Tangled

6. Seinfeld

7. The Golden Girls

8. Forest Gump

9. White Christmas

10. Schitt's Creek

Monday, September 4, 2023


On Labor Day...

The weather at 8:35 a.m....sunny and 72 degrees. Forecast for the day 90 degrees, sunny, and humid.

Reading... Eliza Starts a Rumor by Jane L. Rosen

Watching... Seinfeld reruns

Listening to... the A/C and fans humming

Loving... a three-day weekend to relax

Looking forward to... swimming with the grandkids later today. Tim has finally defeated the algae that took over the pool. Just in time for the heat wave.

Feeling... relaxed

Celebrating... Labor Day (not that we are really doing anything special), a great first week at school for Colton and Leah, and Colton learning to ride his bike without training wheels yesterday.

Grateful... I got the house cleaned up this weekend.

Giggling at...


Have a safe and happy Labor Day!!

Friday, September 1, 2023

Saturday 9: Workin' for a Livin'

Saturday 9: Workin' for a Livin' (1982)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Huey begins the song by telling us some workdays feel like they will never end. How was last week for you? Did it drag or did it fly by?  My days in the Adult Training Facility always fly, but my Tuesdays in document destruction are like watching paint dry.

2) He sings that his car payment is due. Think about your personal finances. Do you pay most of your bills manually or do you more often take advantage of automated bill pay?  It's a pretty even mix and the bills that I pay manually I tend to pay online.
3) Huey Lewis achieved a perfect score on the math portion of the SAT. Did you take SATs and/or ACTs? Were your results anything to brag about? (If they were, go ahead and let us know!)  I think my SAT score was pretty high and my ACT score was more average. It's been a long time...I don't really remember the numbers.

4) In his role as District Attorney for Essex County, MA, Huey's grandfather Hugh Cregg prosecuted high-profile murder cases. Do you enjoy watching or reading courtroom dramas?  Yes, usually.

5) Huey no longer performs because he has an inner-ear disorder that prevents him from holding a vocal pitch. Of your five senses -- hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste -- which is the strongest?  I used to have very good hearing but I'm beginning to have trouble hearing when there is a ton of background noise. I don't think any other sense is a standout. They are all probably fairly even.

6) He is a fan of fly fishing. Did you do any fishing this summer?

Since this Monday is Labor Day, the holiday established to celebrate the American worker … 

7) Approx. 10% of Americans are self employed. Have you ever been your own boss?  No. I am not disciplined enough for that.

8) According to, 50% of workers have left a job to get away from a boss. Are you one of the 50%?  YES!!

9) Farmers feel the impact of extreme weather events. Have you ever had a job that required you to be outdoors most of the time?  Just a summer job with the Youth Conservation Corp.

Thanks, Sam, for the music and questions!
Click here to play along.

Saturday 9: Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

Playing along with Crazy Sam and the gang over at Saturday 9 . Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it  here . 1) In this song, Nat Ki...