Monday, February 28, 2022

Cats On Monday

Good morning and welcome to my new blog home! It's nothing fancy, but I hope it will be more reflective of me and my life. The old blog was created in a hurry in response to the one before it freezing up and it just never really was what I wanted. Previous content tended to be mostly memes and that's not what I want. The memes will still be here, but I hope the fresh start will shake loose the writer's block that's plagued me for quite a while.

So, come on in and visit for a bit!

I am feeling like it was a long day already and it's only 11:00. Megan, Leah, and I had to drop the Maine Coon kitties off at a mobile vet clinic at 7:45 this morning. They are both getting neutered, vaccinated, checked for mites, nails trimmed, and chipped. I really hope it goes well, but it was the best option financially. Our vet wanted close to $600 for the same things vs. $100 through the clinic.

Megan's cat, Oakley, is my Jasper's older brother. They have the same parents, but Oakley is from the litter before Jasper. He is massive. A real tank! He weighs in at 22 pounds and is at least 32 inches long not counting his tail. And he's only 10 months old! 

He was in a BAD mood this morning because of not having any food since 9:30 last evening. He was sure he was being starved. Then he got shoved into a carrier that wasn't big enough or strong enough to hold him. He yowled halfway to the clinic then pushed the door off the crate and escaped into the car. I had to pull over so Megan could corral him and get him back in the crate. When she did, she discovered that he'd broken the clips holding it together. Surpisingly, we made it to the clinic on time and they had zip ties to put on Oakley's crate to hold it together. Jasper, by the way, was a very good boy.

Once the cats were dropped off we decided we were hungry and went for breakfast at Valley Dairy. From there we went to Walmart "just to get Colton a pair of overalls he needs for school" and ended up wandering around looking at St. Patrick's Day and Easter decorations. Both kids got new sneakers, a couple of outfits, and a pack of St. Patrick's Day beads.

I'm not working today. My Monday client has a doctor's appointment. Actually, my schedule is pretty light this week...winding down to my last day on March 9. I'm feeling sad, I really love my clients and will miss them, but I can't justify the time and expense when I don't get reimbursed for mileage and expenses and claiming them on our taxes helps but not that much. 

I will still see a couple of them now and then as friends and I will be working privately for a couple of weeks for one client in the next month or two. His grandmother is his caregiver and she is having some surgery done and won't be able to roll or lift him for two weeks afterward. She asked me if I would come for 2 hours every morning to help get him ready for school. I'm not normally an aide and admit I'm a little nervous about it, but he is very excited I will be coming to help.

It's a beautiful day, clear blue skies, lots of sunshine, and temps in the 30's...but there's no wind today so I'm not complaining. I am, however, going to go enjoy it. 

Happy Monday, everyone!

Have a wonderful week!


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