Friday, July 15, 2022

More Treasures from Mom

On my doctor's advice, I am off work today. He feels my pain problems are caused by inflammation...though he did send me for blood work to check some other things. In the meantime, take it easy, feet up, and take a prescription anti-inflammatory.

So, while I'm sitting here I thought it would be a good time to share photos of the latest family treasures my mom passed on to me. She is cleaning out her basement in preparation for waterproofing. The two boxes we went through yesterday contained cups and saucers. my maternal grandmother's glass shoe collection, and a few odds and ends. Going by the newspapers they were wrapped in, they've been sitting in boxes since 1979!

I refused most of it, but here are the things I accepted.

First there are these little steins my dad brought back from Germany when he was in the Army. He was part of the peacekeeping forces during the 1950's. He brought several things back for his mom and sister. I had never seen these before.

Here's another photo to show you how small they are.

This was my first cup and saucer, purchased for me by my maternal grandmother at Smith's American Hardware store in Cambridge Springs, PA when I was right around 5 years old.

This pretty cup and saucer with violets belonged to my great-grandmother Copeland. She died when I was 5 and I barely remember her, but I like that I can have tea in her cup and feel connected that way.

There's no sentimental attachments to this particular cup that Mom can remember. I accepted it because I like the colors. It has a nice fall feel to it.

The light doesn't do it justice, but this little relish dish is a very distinctive green, not ordinary at all. I think it might be a piece of uranium glass, the stuff that glows under a blacklight.

I don't remember my maternal grandmother having this little hand, but I've seen others, usually milk glass, and thought they were rather pretty so I accepted it. It will make a nice holder for rings or earrings.

I do remember this little cutie sitting on a curio shelf in my maternal grandmother's hallway. I'm not sure what the critter on her bum is supposed to be. It has wings like a bird or a bee and either antennae or pointy ears on it's head. The ear-like things have yellow paint on them, but the body has traces of a light purple. Whatever it is, it's cute!

This is my favorite "treasure." I don't know why, but I have a thing for these moose creamers. I mean what says "yummy" more than a moose throwing up in your tea?

This little souvenir plate is the last treasure I agreed to take off Mom's hands. Waterford is just a few miles down the road from Cambridge Springs, the town my mom's family was from. There is a small lake there, but nothing that would have the kind of waves shown in the picture. Still, I just love the picture. Such a pretty young lady...and look at that impossibly tiny waist!

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed seeing my new treasures. Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

** Since I posted this Mom came to visit me and brought a stack of paper ephemera that includes such gems as photos of my kindergarten and third grade classes, some of my very early school work, and a booklet we think my first grade class made that is shaped like a bell and filled with Christmas cookie recipes. Sigh. I will look at them once and probably toss them with the exception of the recipes...unless, of course, my kid wants them. And I know she won't. She is not a saver at all.


  1. Oh, I love all your sweet new treasures. The tea cups in particular, of course! but that little girl on the shoe with the bee on her bum...I guess it's supposed to be a's cute whatever it is. And I think the moose creamer is adorable.When we lived in NH and Maine anything moose was very popular. I love the girl on the plate too. Looks like she's up at Lake Erie to me. I love the green hand dish and the other green dish...and those tiny little steins are really cute. Never saw any that small before. You did good! I'd still keep the photos from my childhood classes, etc. Be fun to share on facebook with your friends. I hope your feet start feeling better soon. I am sorry that is keeping you from work. Praying they will get much better quickly. (((hugs)))

  2. How precious your first teacup! Wouldn't your g'grandmother be so very pleased? Oh my, that moose. I may have chortled aloud at your mention of it throwing up in the tea. Sometimes it feels like my parents kept every one of my school papers/photos. The nostalgic part of me hopes you'll think about hanging onto a few ... perhaps Leah may be interested some day.

  3. Such sweet memories! Thanks for sharing.

  4. First of all, I am glad your doctor said to put your feet up and I hope the inflammation diminishes and helps with your pain! The treasures from your mom are all precious! I've never seen miniature steins like those before. Wow. Have a restful (feet up) weekend, Stacy!! xo



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