Wednesday, October 5, 2022


The weather... is a chilly 43 degrees, but will warm up to the mid 60's this afternoon. The sun is shining and no rain is in the forecast.

I am 

Reading... Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson and When Strivings Cease by Ruth Chou Simons. I seem to have slowed down a bit with the reading after really hitting the books hard for a while there. There has just been too much going on recently (nothing important...just kept me from reading). I really need to get busy on When Strivings Cease as the women are gathering together to discuss it next Friday evening at church.

Watching... Emily in Paris on Netflix. I can't say I love it, but it's something different and a nice change after all the crime shows Tim likes. Oh, I also watched Hocus Pocus 2 the day it came out on Disney+. I don't think it was as good as the original, but it was fun and again, the witches had some great musical numbers.

Listening to... the cat batting around a little pumpkin he stole from the fall display on the bookshelf, squirrels chittering up a storm in the tree outside the window, and the constant background noise from the crew (supposedly) correcting the rain water issues in the neighborhood.

Loving... fall! The house is decorated. The furniture has been moved to it's winter positions. Yummy, savory meals rule the kitchen.

Thinking... about my daughter's appointment with the neurologist today. She got her MRI results yesterday and they showed "changes to the frontal lobe" of her brain, something the doctor says they don't usually see in 30-year-olds. She called the neurologist and got them to agree to see Megan today. There is good news. The neurologist's office called Megan and said that with the symptoms she has and the changes the doctor sees, he doesn't think it is anything too serious. It all seems to be consistent with chronic migraines. He is still seeing her today and will talk more with her then. I am hoping this is what it is. Chronic, severe migraines run in my husband's family. He used to get get horrible headaches and had to go to the hospital over them more than once. Several of his sisters got them and one so severely that she would lose a week of work every time as she had to sit in the dark in complete quiet. I think she still takes meds to prevent them.

Also about our sister-in-law who has a large tumor. She has had one treatment and just got the results of the PET scan. The tumor is attached to her liver and also pressing into the gallbladder. She is to get 2 more treatments and then they will recheck it. If it has shrunk, they will go in and remove it along with 1/4 of her liver and her gallbladder. The chance it will regrow is fairly high. If it has not shrunk, they won't do surgery and will try other treatments.

Feeling... a little...unsettled, maybe? With all the health stuff, watching the kiddos a lot of the time, worrying about financial stuff since I haven't really been able to look for a job yet, and getting confirmation that our son and his wife did have another child...yeah, unsettled works.

Celebrating... no birthdays or anything happening right now, but we did get to visit with our nephew from Alabama and his family over this past weekend. We hadn't seen them since our daughter's wedding 5 years ago!

Grateful... for my life and my family and friends and all that I have. I know that I am blessed beyond measure.

Some funnies, just because we all need to laugh more...


  1. My reading has slowed down a bit too. Glad to hear your thoughts on Hocus Pocus 2, haven't seen it yet. Currently, I'm watching a Christmas movie on Tubi. How crazy is that?!? Hope you have a great day.

  2. Hi Stacy, Those cartoons were funny. Especially the one with the guy on the ground from heat exhaustion. That is us in SO CA. I hope all will be well with your daughter. One of the classes we have at our church is called Boundaries. I use to want to do it all and neglect me. I had to learn to set boundaries. Sometimes we just have to say no. Hugs

  3. Love all the cartoons! So much fun. I love fall, even though it is different here than where you are, it is still a change for us from the hot sultry stormy days of summer to the less hot, less stormy (when there isn't a hurricane) sunny and bright days of fall. We actually are having 50's in the morning, so that's a plus. Praying for your daughter and sister in law and YOU. YOu have a lot to deal with, and I am keeping you in my prayers. One day at a time. Praying still for your son and family to be reconciled to you all. That just isn't right!! Grandchildren need their grandparents and vice versa!! Praying.

  4. I am happy the temps are in the 80s instead of the 90s!! I love all the fall memes you posted. Good news for Megan, if migraines can be called good news. Hope her new doc can help her with that! Happy hump day, Stacy! Thanks for the catch-up post!! xo



Outside my's 43 degrees, there's rain in the area (though it's not raining right now), and the wind is blowing like ...