Friday, June 21, 2024

Saturday 9: I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

It's been a long, hot week and today (Friday) was the longest and hottest day of them all. Unwinding a bit with Saturday 9 seems like a good plan.

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Hank Williams sings that his fishing pole is broke and the creek is full of sand. OK, so he can't spend his Saturday fishing. What are your Saturday plans?  Laundry and cleaning then maybe some play time with the grands in the pool.

2) He regrets how shabby his shoes are. Do you shop for shoes online, or do you prefer going to the store and trying them on?  I have weird feet and have lots of pain so I need to try them on, but once I know what size I need in a particular kind of shoe I will order them online in the future. Also, Amazon has Prime Try Before You Buy available for some clothing and shoe items which allows you to try the item at home for a week before Amazon actually charges you.

3) This was the last Hank Williams song to be released during his lifetime. Though he was only 29 when he died, he left an enduring mark on American music and is considered one of country music's greatest singer/songwriters. Who is your favorite country music performer?  It was Toby Keith. Since he's passed I guess my living favorite is George Strait.

4) Elvis was a big fan and his favorite Hank Williams song was "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry." What's your favorite Elvis song?  

5) Johnny Cash was a big Hank Williams fan, too. He performed Hank's gospel song, "I Saw the Light" often in concert and during his guest starring role in a 1974 episode of Columbo. Did you watch Columbo, or do you stream it or catch it in reruns?  I don't remember watching Columbo when it was originally on, but Tim and I are big fans now and watch him nearly every weekend.

6) Hank was a prolific songwriter, composing songs on his guitar and then printing the lyrics by hand on notepaper. He never learned to read music. Can you read music?  No, but I have zero musical talent. My son who plays more than one instrument can't read music, either. He plays by ear.

7) When he was a teen, Hank sang and played his guitar on the sidewalk in front of a local radio station, making a little money and hoping to be discovered. His plan worked and he was occasionally invited in to play with the radio station's house band. Were you a hard-working teen?  I worked one summer for the Youth Conservation Corps and did some babysitting, but that's it. Unless you want to count the ton of chores I had to do at home.

8) Hank suffered from a congenital spinal condition and began self-medicating with alcohol during his teen years. He was warned against this early on by country superstar Ray Acuff, but Hank was unable to deal with the pain without liquor. Can you recall wise advise you wish you'd taken, but didn't?  I'm drawing a blank.

9) Random question: What's your favorite Mexican food?


  1. Yes, lots of housework. I was learning how to make dinner. 8th graders had to take one semester of cooking and one semester of sewing. We had homework assignments to cook a meal each week. So glad I learned to sew! The pool sounds like a good idea!

  2. It's finally raining here! Yay! Hope it does this all weekend. We have been in a perilous position with it being so dry. Praise the Lord for this special blessing of rain.
    That said, we're staying put today. I will do a load of laundry but otherwise will rest and study tomorrow's Sunday School lesson. We've been studying women in the Bible.
    I didn't watch Columbo either. Wasn't much of a TV watcher "back in the day" because I worked so much. I've found another old TV show y'all might enjoy that's free on YouTube: The Streets Of San Francisco with Karl Malden. It's not bad. Kinda enjoyable.
    There's lots of ethnic foods I enjoy. I think Oriental varieties are my fav's.
    Have a great remainder of the weekend! 💙

    1. We are hoping for some storms late tomorrow to bring an end to this heat. It was 95 here today...waaaay too hot for PA in June. Thank goodness for the pool. I spent a good bit of time out there with the grands this afternoon.
      I remember my parents watching Streets of San Francisco. I think I watched it some toward the end of its run.

  3. feet are the same way. I wish I could wear so many shoes like other people. I did all of the housework when I was young and mine and my dad's laundry. My mom never has been much of a housekeeper. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend. ♥

  4. I have to buy shoes online most of the time--I'm too far away from any stores (other than Walmart). With lymphedema, I have to hunt far and wide for comfortable shoes. Mostly I wear Keds sneakers.

  5. I didn’t even think about chores when I wrote my answer. I’m one of four kids, we all had to help around the house.

  6. I think chores count as work. I'm always amazed at how few chores children have these days. My nephew who is almost 30 doesn't even know how to change a light bulb.

  7. Feet. Ugh. I had chores at home too. My youngest sister often says I was like a mom at home, cooking and cleaning (Mom worked full-time, too). It was all good though. Hope you have some good pool time this weekend!

  8. I hope you enjoy the pool time with the grandkids. Being with kids always makes things better

  9. Hi Stacy! I used to watch Colombo and also McMillan and Wife. They were on Sunday nights, alternating weeks, when I was in junior high. I like enchiladas too. I'm hungry andone sounds good right now! I hope you had a great weekend and were able to spend some time in the pool with your grands. See you again soon! Have a good week!


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