Monday, March 14, 2022


It's Monday and...

The weather... sunny with a predicted high of 52 degrees. Yay! Spring is coming back.

I'm reading... Death in the Sunshing (The Retired Detectives Club, Book 1) by Steph Broadribb

I'm listening to... Jasper's very loud purrs. I wasn't home most of yesterday and he apparently missed me and is glued to my side today. And the news out of the Ukraine.

I'm loving... being home and not having a set schedule to follow. It's nice being able to spend some time in Bible study or reading or reading blogs and Facebook before I have to be productive.

I'm thinking... that I need to start remembering to take pictures of things throughout my day so I have them to share here on the blog.

I'm feeling... sleepy. It's warm and cozy here in the recliner with Daisy and Jasper and yesterday was a very long day.

I'm celebrating... St. Patrick's Day, of course! Anybody who can rid an entire country of snakes just might be my hero!

I'm grateful... for a fun day with Mom yesterday. We went to a basket bash and (woot!) I won three baskets! One filled with Star Wars items for the kiddos, one filled with Easter decorations, and a brand new Fit bit! Mom won a basket filled with Lenox Christmas items. 

A quote I want to share...

“That is the best scent in the world, better than any perfume, any flower. It’s the smell of lives lived, the weight of words …’ ‘Well, I guess I never quite thought of books that way before.’ Sure, they could transport you to another place, be there for you when no one else was, but I hadn’t quite pictured secondhand books as having lived their own important lives, being ferried from one person to the next, imparting a little magic along the way.”
― Rebecca Raisin, Rosie's Travelling Tea Shop


  1. Hi Stacy. Glad you had a nice Sunday. The basket bash sounds like fun, and lucky you, winning all those different baskets! It's warming up here too. Yea for springtime! Have a great week. See you again soon.

  2. I just love that quote, my friend. smiles. Have a beautiful day.

  3. LOL about the snakes - I'm with you on that.
    I'm so excited Spring is coming back - that last winter snow was my final straw - I"M DONE WITH IT!
    I need to start taking pics to give me some motivation to blog more again

  4. I've got all three of my doggies around me right now. They sure are a comfort.
    I enjoyed your post.
    Have a beautiful, sunny day!
    Blessings. xx

  5. Congrats on winning those baskets! That quote sure resonates.

  6. Not sure if my comment will post. Something just wigged out. Anyway... congrats on the great basket wins!! I am so happy for you to be enjoying your mornings!! xo

  7. Enjoy every second of your hard-earned time off! I'm goig to check out your books.

  8. Hi Stacy, that basket bash sounds like fun! I have added your new site a few times, but it is now saving for some reason.



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