Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Stealing

Linking up with Sunday Stealing today. Thanks to Bev for finding the questions.

Stolen from Swap Bot

1. Do you like sushi?  Not really. I've tried several types and I can't say it was awful, but it did do anything for me, either.

2. What color is your car?  A dark red with a layer of "glitter" so she sparkles like the ruby slippers on a sunny day. It's why I named her Ruby.

3. What is your favorite thing about the place where you live?
  We have the best of most worlds here. It's a small town, but we are not far from a major city and all that it offers, nor are we far from beautiful natural areas. The town reflects that and offers a wide variety of things itself. Plus, it is home. I've lived here most of my life.

4. Are there brands of certain items that you will ONLY buy that brand? Ie paper towels, ketchup etc.  Diet Coke is the only thing I'm not willing to try a less expensive version of.

5. Are you allergic to any food? Animals? Plants? Medicines?
  Given my seasonal allergy woes I'm apparently allergic to something in the plant world, though I was tested by an allergist for the 50 most common allergies and he said I don't have allergies. My doctor's response was "There are more than 50 things in the world.") I'm also allergic to amoxicillin and sulfa antibiotics.

6. Have you ever been stung or bitten by an animal? 
I've been stung by bees and wasps/hornets/or whatever several times. I've been bitten (not severely) by lots of dogs and cats, parakeets, rabbits, and a chipmunk that I remember.

7. Do you have a favorite bird? Do you feed the bird at your house or the park?  I have a love of birds that came from my grandmother who was a huge bird watcher. She kept feeders outside her dining room window and the whole family spent many hours sipping tea and watching the wide variety of birds that came...she lived in the country surrounded by forest, farms, and a national wildlife sanctuary that included a swamp. My favorite wild birds are blue jays and chickadees. My favorite domesticated bird is the parakeet. I don't have bird feeders here at the house. I've tried and the birds just never seemed to come.

8. What would you recommend binging on Netflix or similar?
  On Netflix I've enjoyed Longmire, Blacklist, Sweet Magnolias, Grace and Frankie, The Ranch, Virgin River and NCIS. On Paramount+ (though I believe it airs on CBS) I love Ghosts, a wickedly funny and irreverent show about a woman who inherits a mansion full of ghosts that only she can see and here. On Peakcock I liked Rutherford Falls, which is also irreverent and off the wall.

9. What is your proudest achievement?  I don't know. I don't really think that way, but I suppose it is raising my children to be good people and productive members of society. 

10. Do you have or are you from a big family?
  No to both. 

11. What do you do for exercise?
  I used an exercise bike, workout videos, walking, swimming when it's warm.

12. What would be your favorite breakfast? (You didn’t have to cook it yourself.)  French toast and sausage.

13. Is there an item that you really want but can not afford?  Other than an addition to the house, I can't think of anything.

14.  What was the farthest distance you made for your holidays?
  I guess it was about 1000 miles the year we drove to Alabama to have Thanksgiving with Tim's sister and her family.

15. Are you afraid of speaking in public?
  I used to be panic-attack-inducing scared of it, but now I can do it if I have to, but I will be nervous and uncomfortable the whole time.


  1. It's always fun to learn a little more about you. Have a great Sunday!

  2. I enjoy watching Blacklist also.
    I agree with you on no generic soda. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  3. I've loved Virgin River and hope it returns for a new season!

  4. I have lots of new shows to watch!

  5. I wanted to watch Ghosts but hubby wasn't interested - there was some car show he wanted to watch when that was on, and I didn't tape it.

  6. Since "cutting the cord" (canceling DirecTV) we listen to music or watch a lot of freebies on YouTube or play one of the 100's of films in our DVD collection. We're both big fans of British films of all genre's.
    I enjoyed your answers.
    Y'all have a great Sunday! xx

  7. Living in a small town, close to a big city and lots of nature sounds just like us! I like the amenities of Albuquerque, but we are surrounded on the other 3 sides by tribal land, BLM land and national forests. It's nice to live in a small town :)

  8. My last car was red and her name was Ruby, too! I love reading that you came to Alabama - that is where I am! I enjoyed your answers!

  9. I need to check out some of your marathons! I'm running out of seasons for most of my favorites. Fun questions and answers. Have a good week, Stacy!! xo

  10. Ghosts is quite amusing I have to say - typically British.





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