Monday, March 21, 2022

The Weekend I Did Nothing But Go to a Wedding

The weekend began on Friday evening with dinner from a local fish fry again...probably it will be the norm throughout Lent. Tim was later getting home and really tired so not much of an evening. He went to bed early and I spent the evening watching TV and messing around on the laptop.

We woke up early on Saturday, but didn't do much of anything in the morning. By 2:30 we were on the road along with my mom, our daughter and her husband. We drove an hour and a half to attend the wedding of one of Tim's cousins. 

The wedding was very nice and since both the bride and groom have Irish and Scottish roots the wedding carried that theme. No kilts, however.

The very nice program that listed the order of the ceremony, all the attendants, and all manner of other things it was interesting to know.

The dinner menu. The food was absolutely scrumptious!

The groom's nephews acted as Ring Security (ring bearers).

Their sister made the prettiest little flower girl.

The best man (leading the way) and groom. These two are technically Tim's cousins as their mother was Tim's father's half sister, but they have always been more like nephews as they grew up with our kids. 


The new Mr. & Mrs.

The table settings were simple and elegant.

Each table was named for a location, distillery, or other point of interest in either Ireland or Scotland and displayed a card with information about it.

The wedding party was HUGE, consisting of 18 people plus the bride and groom! It also had 2 best men, a maid of honor, a matron of honor, and a female groomsperson.

There was a small table for two set for the bride's father and the groom's mother who have both passed away (the groom's mother only a month ago).

Our daughter and her husband.

My mom and her granddaughter.

Tim and I with our daughter.

Tim and I. We still clean up pretty well.

Spring officially arrived today and I didn't do a darn thing but sit on the couch watching TV, playing around on the laptop, reading, and snoozing. What yesterday accomplished was forcing me to admit I have more than allergies going on. I was so miserable and coughing nonstop by the time we got home.

I don't feel quite as bad today but I'm still coughing (it's from sinus drainage) which has made me tired, my head ache, my throat sore and my voice hoarse. I skipped church and small group so I wouldn't spread anything more than I may already have. I do still think allergies are in the mix making things worse, but the double whammy of a cold (or whatever) and allergies has really whipped me.

Hopefully, Monday will find me doing better and I can get on with enjoying my semi-retirement. The first week was kind of a bust with not feeling up to par. If I am not at least a little better in the morning I will break open one of the home covid tests and say a prayer. 


  1. Such lovely photos, I always love a wedding. Keeping you in prayer, it seems that the seasonal allergies have hit here too. sigh.

  2. Hope you feel better!!!

    I love a wedding. I think every Bride is just so beautiful.
    Those Ring Bearer Security guards - that is too funny!

  3. Looks like a fun wedding. That food menu looks so yummy! We had a big wedding like that. I hope you feel better soon. We have Covid test kits on hand. My friend had all the same symptoms, and it was Covid, her second time! We don't have mask mandates anymore as our rates have gone way down. Now hopefully this Deltacron variant does not go crazy. Take care!

  4. Lovely wedding. Looks like y'all had a good time.
    Blessings. xx

  5. Hoping you are just dealing with allergies. The wedding looks like it was great fun! I loved the idea of the ring security guards! How cute!! And very sweet to set the table for loved ones missed. You guys all look fantastic and you and your daughter look so much alike!! Beautiful. xo

  6. You look lovely for the wedding, and it looks like it was a beautiful wedding all the way! I am sorry you were not feeling too well, but I hope relief is on the way. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!! Haven't been to a wedding in a long time!


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