Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thankful Thursay

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We woke up to some light rain today, but it has passed and the day has turned sunny and mild with temperatures in the 60's. 

Daisy, Jasper and I have already had a visit from my daughter and granddaughter this morning. Little Leah loves playing with Jasper and they had a pretty wild time today so Jasper should be calmer for the rest of the day. He nearly always needs a good nap after her visits.

Today's big thing was the new kitty tunnel I bought Jasper yesterday. Leah would hold one end up in the air and Jasper would leap into it and slide down through. When not doing that, he would hide inside, waiting for Leah to come near so he could pounce on her which would set Leah off into fits of giggles. Not a bad way to start the day.

I'm linking up with Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand on this lovely St. Patrick's Day to share some of the blessings God has seen fit to give me this past week.

** Last Saturday's big snow storm was nothing more than a final excuse to spend a lovely day cocooned at home doing nothing more ambitious than watching movies, reading, and playing on the computer. By Monday afternoon all traces of it were melted.

** While I have been fighting a spring cold (or maybe it's allergies...I don't know), it hasn't been too bad. I have mostly been taking it easy. Yesterday was the first day I went out. I had to go to the mall with Megan and Leah because we are going to a big, fancy wedding on Saturday. They want everyone to dress up so I needed to do some shopping for my wear-nothing-but-jeans-and-work boots husband. Megan needed a dress and I needed some comfortable shoes that didn't require a pedicure before Saturday (because that's not happening). We had success on all fronts and we amazingly did it in 2.5 hours!

** Mom and I had a good time at a basket bash on Sunday. It was to support the public library in a town about 40 minutes from here. We've started going there for their used book sales since our local library hasn't had any since Covid. It's an unusual library...completely funded by fundraisers and donations and staffed only by volunteers. Anyway, Mom won a basket of Lenox Christmas items and I came home with a basket of Easter decorations, a Star Wars basket, and a brand new Fit Bit. Not bad considering there were probably close to 300 people there and some people were going crazy buying tickets. I would love to know how much money they raised.

** I had a rough night with congestion and a runny nose and am not really up to par today. I have been taking it slow this morning and Jasper is taking care of me. He's curled up on my chest as I type with his head tucked under my chin. It makes it harder to type, but it's still so comforting and cute. He is his momma's boy.

** There is leftover chicken noodle soup in the refrigerator for today's lunch.

** Even with being under the weather, I managed to start sorting my books. It is killing me, but I am being brutal and parting with a LOT of them. Tuesday I got 4 good sized boxes and a (paper) grocery sack packed full and taken up to Mom's. She is keeping them for donation to a used book sale. We are just waiting to see if it will be our library or that other one I wrote about. She is part of the organization that fundraises for our library and they are meeting today so she should know if they are going to revive the used book sale. The problem, I guess, is that most of the members are all for it, but no one wants to be in in charge (because the president, who can't do it due to health issues, remains very controlling) and when it comes down to working the sale, precious few bother to show up.

As for my book sorting, I am still at it. Mom said to just donate any more books to Goodwill or wherever. I have one grocery sack filled and expect there will be at least 2 or 3 more when I am finished. I am definitely clearing shelf space!

** I love my church, but I am thankful that technology allows me to visit so many others and hear great teaching from a wide variety of people and perspectives.

** Tim finally made an appointment to see the doctor. He goes next week. His muscles (all of them but especially his shoulder) have just been aching something awful for weeks now.

** Of course, I am always thankful for you and all the people who touch my life and add something to it.


  1. I have had that congestion mess for a few weeks. I still have a small cough. I am not sure it will ever go away. Hahahaha. I hope you feel better soon. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  2. I love that Leah plays with Jasper and they both have so much fun together! I always enjoy your thankful lists and I am thankful for you!! xo

  3. Hi Stacy. I hope Tim's doctor can help him with his muscle pain. You inspire me with all that book sorting. I need to do the same thing. I love all of this gratitude. Have a good Friday and I will see you again next week!



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