Monday, May 30, 2022

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is just about over and what we all think of as the summer season has begun. It's been a quiet weekend for us, but a good one. Because he's been fighting pneumonia Tim took the entire three days off and while we got some things done, he was also able to get a good bit of rest.

The weekend got off to a wet start with nearly 3 inches of rain over Friday evening and Saturday morning. It tapered off by lunch time on Saturday and we saw a little bit of sun late in the day. I picked up Chinese take-out for supper on Friday so Tim could eat early, take his cough medicine with codeine and go to bed. 

Saturday morning we went to a small local market that has very good meats at very reasonable prices. We wanted to find something to do on the grill for Memorial Day. We finally settled on some good pork chops and chicken breasts, legs, and thighs. Just that little bit of activity wiped Tim out and he crashed on the sofa when we got home. Since it was so wet outside I puttered inside, doing some laundry, watching TV, and not much else while he slept. By late afternoon it was dry enough to do a little work outside. I worked on the planting and Tim worked on the pool. He also glued together the glass pieces I bought at the thrift store to make a birdbath. We went to a nearby ice cream stand for supper...Philly cheesesteak sandwich for Tim and a hotdog for me. We both had fries. We weren't hungry after that, but brought some ice cream sandwiches home for the freezer.

I stayed home from church on Sunday. Tim was feeling a little better and wanted to work outside and knowing his tendency to overdo, I felt like I needed to be around. He continued working on the pool and both Colton and Leah came over to hangout for a while so they helped us. Colt did a great job helping Tim put up the little fence in the garden area while Leah and I continued to work on it. I have been letting her lead the way to encourage her interest in gardening. It's what I'd have to call kitschy (or possibly tacky) but she's tickled with it so I don't care. It's finished now except for getting some mulch...and there is room to add more flowers or "things" if we want to.

It got so hot Sunday afternoon that we took a break and came into the AC for a while. Tim continued watching Narcos on Netflix. I am not a fan so I read some in this book I got from a stack my stepdad is getting ready to donate to the library's used book sale. It actually has a little bio for each person as well as the information on their death and where they are buried and I've found it interesting. I knew Fred Rogers was buried in the same cemetery my dad is, but never knew where and now I do...they are actually "neighbors." 

In the evening, Tim unloaded some wood he brought home at our daughter's home and Colton and Leah had a good time hauling and stacking it. As you can see, Leah had her own method of getting the job done. Actually, she just got frustrated with her flimsy plastic wheelbarrow flopping over when she tried to push it. The reward for their hard work was a bonfire with s'mores! Even my mom and stepdad came out for the fire. It was a good night, but ended with a bit of a scare when Leah lost her balance and fell by the fire. She put her arms out to break her fall and grabbed onto a piece of wood that was burning. Thankfully, it scared her more than anything and we treated it with the good burn cream Megan got from the doctor when she had a severe sunburn last year.

Today was HOT, but we cooked out and picnicked under my mom's big Catalpa tree and little pavilion so it wasn't too bad. We had pork chops, chicken, potatoes and onions done on the grill, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, watermelon, brownies, and cupcakes. It was all yummy! We sat and talked while the kiddos played and when it got really hot this afternoon we packed it up and retreated into the AC. 

When did this boy get so tall and handsome?

Mom and my stepdad went into their house as he doesn't go out or socialize too much these days. Our daughter and s-i-l decided to go for a ride on the Harley so Colton and Leah stayed with us. I put a movie on and Leah was asleep on my lap within minutes. Pappy and I dozed a little, too, but just because we were hot and tired. Tim was actually a lot better today and didn't cough too much. Colton was the only one who stayed awake. Once everyone woke up we took the kids for ice cream and when we got back, their mommy and daddy were home and ready for them.

Leah and Daisy snoozing on my lap. You can see the light burn
marks on her arm from her close encounter with the fire.

Our daughter and s-i-l stopped at Buttermilk Falls
when they were out on the bike. The falls used to belong
to Fred Roger's grandparents. The family donated it to
the state for a park.

Son-in-law Cody behind the falls.

At some point in the weekend, Daisy and Jasper started doing this. It's more Jasper's idea than Daisy's. She just puts up with it. Mostly.

And now it's midnight, so this girl needs to get to bed! I hope you had a good weekend and wish you a blessed week!


  1. Great pictures!!!! So who will win the battle of the chair?

  2. Hi Stacy. Sounds like you had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. I am so glad to hear that Tim is on the mend. Pneumonia can be really rough. It's great you got to spend some quality time with your grandkids and I am so glad that Leah wasn't hurt or burned when she fell. I would like to see Buttermilk Falls. Looks like a cool place. Thanks for sharing about your weekend. Have a good week!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend, even with the illnesses and near accidents...all ended up well and sounds like a lovely time with your family. And all that good food sure sounded good too! Wow! makes me miss having more family around. Our kids were gone out of town on vacation this weekend, so we didn't do anything special with them. We did have a picnic with our church yesterday, which was very nice. Just very hot.
    God bless you all and God bless America!

  4. Love your weekend...sounds so nice. Your grands are getting so big and I'm so happy she wasn't burned really bad. Hope you have a great day today.

  5. What great images! That meal sounds more like a feast, but what a fright to see Leah tumble so close to the fire! I'm glad Tim's taking it easy. Because my Tom sleeps so much so often, I need to take a page from you and make myself explore things to do on my own. Anxious to hear more about the bird bath y'all are putting together!

  6. Your cat is GORGEOUS! Poor Leah with her close call. Sure glad it wasn't too bad. Colton does look SO grown up! Good golly! Your cookout sure sounds good. Yum. Thanks for the catch-up, Stacy! I enjoyed my visit!!



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