Saturday, May 28, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Love Me Some Surveys

Thanks to Bev for finding the Sunday Stealing questions each week!

Stolen from Love Me Some Surveys

1. Who was the last attractive person you saw?  My husband, right before he headed off to bed.

2. Do you have a tattoo? If not, are you going to get one?  I have one. I'm not opposed to getting another, but have no plans.

3. Have you smoked a cigarette in the last 24 hours?  No

4. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?  Yikes, loaded question! The short and simple answer is yes...but I don't believe that means the consequences of everyone's actions should be removed.

5. What is your favorite number?  9

6. What time did you go to sleep last night?  Around 12:30, I think.

7. Are you one of those people that always answer their phones?

8. If you died today would your life be complete?
  In the literal sense, of course, it doesn't get much more complete than dead. As for how I'd feel about the whole business, I'm okay with death. I am a person of faith and I know where I will be after death. However, from an emotional point of view, I'd have to say no because there are a few unsettled things I'd have regrets about.

9. If you are being extremely quiet, what does that mean?  Run.

10. Do you know what high school your dad went to?  The same one I did.

11. Last time you had butterflies in your stomach?  I don't remember.

12. Where is your cell phone?  Plugged into the charger right beside me.

13.  What is the nearest purple thing to you?  The pajamas I'm wearing (it's Saturday night).

14. When did you last step outside?  What were you doing?  It was a couple of hours ago. I was walking through the yard to my mom's house.

15. What is the last thing you watched on TV?  Expedition Unknown


  1. I went to bed after he new Wordle and Quordle

  2. #9 yep, me too, LOLOL. Have a beautiful day friend.

  3. Butterflies because I'm going on a 10-day business trip to Tampa on Tuesday. :) Good butterflies.

    Everyone's reaction to #9 = ha!

  4. I like Expedition Unknown but haven't watched it in a while. Need to fix that!! I enjoyed your answers!! Happy Sunday! xo

  5. I agree, #9 takes the win! I'm not in the market for a tattoo, unless someone could make art from my varicose veins.

  6. How nice that you can walk through your yard to your mom's!!

  7. Loved your answers, and I will remember to stay clear if you are being too quiet! LOL. I enjoyed your answers...and yes, you are blessed that you can walk through your yard to your mom's. That is a blessing that perhaps you don't even realize how special that is. For those of us who have lost our moms, I know I would be so thrilled to be able to walk to her house and see her again. Maybe not everyone feels that way about their mom, but I just feel like we still had things we wanted to do together that we never got to do. But I guess there's heaven and all of eternity for that. Still... anyway...cherish your loved ones while you are able. (((hugs)))

  8. Pandora here. You asked about how much cigarettes cost in Australia - it's about $60 Australian (think $45 US) for a packet of 30 cigarettes. A pouch of tobacco costs about the same. It's taxed smokers into oblivion.

  9. I have one tattoo also on my ankle. I got it while in Hawaii back in 2012. It is a plumeria family. I always wanted a butterfly with a cross in the middle of it.



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