Saturday, May 21, 2022

Sunday Stealing: Fewer than 5000 Questions

Thanks goes to our host, Bev Sykes of the blog "Funny the World" for today's meme. Welcome to Sunday Stealing.  Here we will steal all types of questions from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent questions. Cheers to all of us thieves!



Fewer than 5000 questions





1. Who do you take for granted?  I hope no one, but in all honesty, probably the people who are in the background of my life keeping things running smoothly...the mailperson, the garbage men, utility workers, cashiers, etc. I am polite and even friendly with them, but most of the time I do just assume they're going to be there doing their job.

2. Short, knee, or ankle skirts?  Knee or ankle. I don't really like wearing dresses, but if I must it will be at least knee length.

3. Do you wear a hat?  Only in the winter. If I'm shoveling snow. In a blizzard.

4. Who's your favorite cartoon character?  Oh boy...I loved Looney Toons and Scooby-Do when I was a kid. Nickelodeon was just getting going when my kids were growing up and I loved Rocko's Modern Life and now that I'm watching a new generation of toons with my grandchildren I find that I really like the Puppy Dog Pals and Disney's new crop of strong princesses...Moana, Elsa and Anna, Rapunzel, and most recently, Mirabelle of Encanto.

5. Does break dancing impress you?  That they can do what they do physically, yes, that impresses me. It's not a style of dance I particularly enjoy watching, but dancers are such amazing athletes.

6. Are you a miracle?  I am and so are you. We are all miracles!

7. Have you ever eaten tofu?  Yes, and I am not particularly a fan.

8. Does the moon have an effect on your mood?  I don't think it affects my mood, particularly, but I know from driving a school bus and working in the memory care unit of a nursing home, it definitely affects some people. I'm sure most healthcare workers, teachers, and such would agree. It makes sense to me. The moon's pull affects the ocean tides so I don't see why it wouldn't do anything to us when we're supposed to be something like 75% water.

9. Many people will say that the Harry Potter books are pure fluff with no literary value. Do you agree?  Absolutely not! I'm all for any book (unless it's absolute filth) that encourages children to read.

10. What are you doing next Wednesday?
  Possibly having dinner with some girlfriends to "celebrate" one's divorce going through.

11. Why do so many people think Elvis is still alive?  Bigfoot and the aliens are spreading rumors?

12. Are your hands cold?  Not at the moment. It was 90 degrees today (Saturday). Ask me in January and they will be like blocks of ice.
13. Have you ever given blood?
  Yes, a couple of times, but the last time it went so slowly that they told me I probably shouldn't bother doing so again.

14. What SCI-fi books do you read?  None. It's not a genre I particularly like.

15. Have you ever belonged to a sorority or a fraternity?  Yes. I joined Kappa Delta Sorority in college.


  1. Hi Stacy, to be honest, I did not want my grandson to read the Harry Potter series. But then I decided that it was more important for him to read. Now my granddaughter is reading them, and she does like Marvel. Both are doing very well in school. I did not join anything in college. I was too busy commuting, working and being married. Happy Sunday!

  2. I laughed at #11. Better answer than mine.

  3. #4 I loved Looney Toons and Tom and Jerry too - as well as good old Scoob!

    #6 Great minds think alike.




  4. Great answer to #1. I never even thought about those people so I must take them for granted!

  5. Hi Stacy. I like my skirts longer too. At least down to my knees. I don't wear dresses much - just to church. I love your answer to #1. I am trying to say thank you and take notice of store clerks and other people "in the background" more. We all need to be seen and acknowledged. I don't read Sci-Fi either. I did when I was younger. I only read the first Harry Potter - read it aloud to my youngest son when he was in grade school. I hope you have a good Sunday. See you again soon.

  6. I don't particularly like wearing dresses or skirts and I am glad we are allow to wear capris to work. Wishing you a beautiful day friend.

  7. I love your answer for #1 and I bet we all take them for granted.
    I like a longer skirt too. I am not a fan though anymore. I loved dresses when I was younger. Have a nice day!

  8. I had to share this with you:

  9. I forgot all about Scooby Do! I loved that cartoon, too. Mirabel on Encanto is loved by both my granddaughters and I must say that I have enjoyed watched it (and puppy dog pals) several times with them.


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