Tuesday, July 5, 2022

The Simple Woman's Daybook

Just for today...

Outside my window... Cloudy and humid with a high temp of 86 and thunderstorms predicted for this afternoon.

I'm thinking about... my new job and this next phase of life. My training begins today with classes on the computer at work. Megan is loving working there so I am hoping I feel the same way.

I'm listening to... the constant hum of the AC these days.

I'm reading... The Newcomer by Mary Kay Andrews

I'm watching... America's Got Talent, my favorite summer television.

I'm feeling... m'eh. I think maybe all this sitting around has done a number on the circulation in my leg. I'm having a hard time getting comfortable when sitting or lying down. 

I'm thinking... about my birth father's wife. I talked to him yesterday and he said she has been ill for 3 days with a low fever and doing nothing but sleeping. He said she doesn't have covid symptoms, but...um...aren't those covid symptoms? Anyway, she will be 90 next month so I am hoping he doesn't underestimate what's wrong and takes her to a doctor.

Also about the fact that I'll be missing the fun today when my sister-in-law comes to swim with our daughter and grandkids.

I'm grateful... I got to relax in the pool all by myself yesterday afternoon. I love playing in there with the kiddos, but gosh, it was so nice and relaxing just floating out there by myself, watching the clouds float by and listing to the leaves rustle in the breeze and the birds singing their songs. This was my view for much of the afternoon:

I'm cooking... easy things. On Saturday we had a meat lover's pizza from Aldi. We'd never had one before and we were pleasantly surprised by how good it was for a kit pizza. Sunday we grilled a seasoned and butterflied leg of lamb. Since the grands were here we had macaroni and cheese with it. We didn't really celebrate in any way on Monday as our daughter worked and my mom and stepdad chose to remain up on the ridge so we just picked at this and that until dinner. For that we grilled a couple of smaller Delmonicos and I did baked potatoes in the oven.

I'm annoyed with... Jasper. He has been on a tear lately. He gets into everything. Destroys quite a few things. Yesterday he tore into the case of bottled water I had just bought and bit holes in four of the bottles. Today he sunk his claws into Tim's foot when he walked by, which made Tim jerk his hand up and he hit it off the door jam. It might not have been so bad, but he banged it pretty hard at work the other day and it's been sore, then he hit it again working on his truck today, then the episode with Jasper. He rarely gives in to pain, but he said his hand hurt so bad it was making him sick to his stomach and he could barely move his fingers. Of course, it will have to get a lot worse or last longer or interfere with work before he will go get it checked. *sigh*

Dropping this right here... because way too many people spend way too much time telling everyone else what's wrong with them. Remove the plank from your own eye.

I'm not saying we can't evaluate the behavior of others or try to show them a better way, I'm just saying think about how you do it. Jesus never made anyone feel like garbage when he corrected them.


  1. Hi Stacy. Amen to your final thought. Sounds like you had a low key July 4th and that sounds nice, especially the part about floating in the pool by yourself. I hope your birth father's wife gets better. I agree that he needs to take her to a doctor. I hope your new job goes well. I am glad to hear that your daughter likes working there and hope you will too. See you again soon. :-)

  2. Uh-oh, that business with your father's wife sounds concerning. As does Tim's hand. It's always something, isn't it? Your self-care time (in the pool) sounds perfect. I sure hope your new job feels welcoming ..... that you're right where you need to be right now.

  3. Hope your husband's hand is okay and I hope you love your new job. Amen to your last comment.

  4. Praying your new job goes well for you. I am sorry about Jasper and also about the pain in your husband's hand, etc. I am glad you had a day of peace and quiet yesterday in your pool. Sounds divine to me. The last quote was good. I need to always keep that in mind. Sometimes my mouth goes into gear before my brain...LOL.

  5. Sorry about Tim's hand! Maybe Jasper needs a feline friend? Having the pool all to yourself... I remember those days and loved them too. Congrats on the new job! They are lucky to have you on board! Love & hugs!


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