Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tuesday 4: One for the Books

A day late and a dollar short, that's me today. I wanted to play along with the Tuesday 4 yesterday (because BOOKS!), but I'm having computer issues. It is taking Microsoft Edge forever to load anything. I've done updates, diagnostics (everything is FINE). I have a feeling it's going to grind to a halt and I will have to take the laptop to be repaired. Just mentioning it so you know what happened if I disappear for a while (I can't stand writing a whole post on my phone).

So, let's talk about books!

1.  What book brought out your emotions and why?  I don't get terribly emotional over books, but I'd have to say the Bible accomplishes that more than any other book because it shines a light on things in my life that need some work. The other books that consistently get to me are any of Jodi Picoult's works. She writes about the most difficult situations you can imagine.

2.  How has reading changed your life both for good or for bad? What you get out of it?  Reading has certainly given me a lifetime of entertainment, sparked my imagination, introduced me to new ideas, and taken me to worlds I'd never see otherwise. The most profound change is my faith in the Lord. Because I read I was able to read a book that led me to accept Jesus then continue reading the Bible and doing loads of Bible studies that have all helped me grow in my walk with God.

3.  What character(s) do you love and which do you hate and why?  I tend to like strong female characters, especially ones who are normal, everyday women who have doubts and fears and messy lives and then find out they are stronger than they think. I like characters who make me laugh or think. Lately I've been on a kick with cozy mysteries featuring librarians and other literary types. The women are book smart but also have to face things they didn't think they could to solve murders. All that said, my most favorite character ever is probably Jo from Little Women. I identified with her a lot when I was growing up. I can't think of any characters I hate.

4.  What book or books do you think everyone should read once in their lifetime?  Well, I'd recommend the Bible, of course, but other than that I could recommend what I like, but that might not be what you like. I've read a lot of the "classics." I'm not a huge fan of most of them. I think there are lots of modern books that are just as good as the classics. One book I always recommend that was never a big success is Lottery by Patricia Wood. It is the story of a young man who is mentally challenged and what happens to him after he wins the lottery. It has ALLLLL the feels and really makes you think. Mostly, I think people should just read what they like.

Hopefully, I'll be back again tomorrow for Thankful Thursday, but it's all up to my laptop. Have a blessed day, friends!


  1. Uh-oh, I think your Blogger ate my comment again. Promise, I was here!

  2. I just finished reading "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Piccoult...she is a good writer.

  3. I have some Jodi Piccoult books on my "to read" shelf, so you have inspired me to read this! I have heard many good things about her as an author. I always enjoy reading about what other people are reading. I am always looking for book ideas. I am currently reading a good mystery - Missing by Erin Kinsley and listening to a good Christian audiobook you might like - No In It To Win It by Andy Stanley. Hope your week is going well. See you again soon!

  4. Oh, I agree with the last statement. Not everyone likes the same kind of story. But whatever you like, there is most likely a book that you will enjoy. Just read what you like. I also find that I like different kinds of books at different times.

  5. Take heart... I heard that Microsoft was having some issues world-wide. Don't shut off the computer for another day or so. I enjoyed your Tuesday 4. We do have a love of books in common!! Hugs!! xo



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