Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thankful Thursday

I'll begin with a praise...the laptop seems to be cooperating, so I'm able to participate in Thankful Thursday. It was mentioned in a comment on yesterday's post that Microsoft was having some problems and I should hang in there a bit longer and see if it gets better. It seems to be. It's not great, but it's better than it was both yesterday and Tuesday.

I'm also thankful I'm able to link up with Jen who continues to fill in for Rebecca Jo. Now on to the "real" list!

This week I am thankful...

** as mentioned above, to be able to post on the blog.

** to live surrounded by my family and have them as a daily part of my life.

** to be able to help my daughter out with childcare quite often. What a blessing it is to have the grandchildren be such a big part of our lives and to be part of theirs.

** for all the used books I picked up earlier this summer and for the unintended and unplanned theme of so many with librarians as the main character. All the book talk has helped me get back into my reading groove. Well, that and being stuck at home with Covid....but Covid is gone and the reading continues!

** Tim and I had a good visit with Mom and my stepdad Monday night when we drove up the ridge for Tim to get something from John. Mom is at her house nearly every day so we don't often drive up to John's (they spend summers at his house and winters at Mom's). 

** for a fun lunch with some of the ladies from church. It was a crowd I don't know well so it was nice to get to talk to them. It was nice, too, that a young girl of 24 actually came with her adorable 9 month old twins, Genesis and Magdelina. Lots of grandma's around that table willing to hold and entertain babies!

** Leah had a wonderful time at her birthday party and loved everything she received. I was really glad our son-in-law's parents were friendlier and chattier than they usually are. Maybe one day we will be able to have one big family Christmas so the kids don't feel so torn every year.

** for cooler temperatures this past week and lots of rain...even though it meant no time in the pool.

** though she gets frustrated with a lot of things and some co-workers, Megan continues to like her job. (Frustration just seems to be a natural part of working in a nursing home. I always found it to be, anyway.)

** I have received a couple of birthday cards already, even though my birthday isn't until the 15th. Someone asked me today if it was a big one. I said, "Yes, I'm not 60 yet!"

** Tim's latest round of blood work showed his cholesterol is through the roof and his kidney function numbers are high. Those are not things I'm thankful for, but in knowing it the doctor was able to prescribe a new cholesterol medication and he will have the kidney numbers checked again in a couple of months. Oh, and he heard from the sleep doctor. He goes on Sept. 13 to get the monitor to use at home for just one night. I am very thankful we are finally moving on that. Lately his snoring has been, not loud, but filled with the strangest sounds.

** Jasper, my naughty kitty, seems to be (maybe) calming down a bit finally and not getting into trouble quite so often. I was worried we'd never see the day! Our s-i-l's parents had gotten his brother and he was so bad for them they gave him up (to someone Megan and I know). It was good all the way around. Their scratches can heal and Charlie (that's the cat) loves his new home and isn't bad at all. He is even friends with a cockatiel.

Jasper's latest photo.

** as I am each and every week, for all of you!


  1. And we are thankful for YOU. Love the picture of Jasper! He's very regal. The "lion" in him stands out! LOL. So glad you are no longer battling Covid, Praying you continue to feel much better. I am happy you are meeting new ladies at your church and getting to know them better. We had our monthly ladies' fellowship yesterday at our church too. It was a very happy/chatty group, filled with the love of the Lord. I love it when new ladies come and join us. They add so much to the group and we don't become too "ingrown". You are blessed to have your family around you, esp. those sweet grandkids. And they are blessed to have YOU. I never really got to spend that much time with my grandparents as a child, and I feel like I was cheated! And then our only grandchild lived so far away from us we could only see him maybe once or twice a year, and now he is almost 23 years old! I feel cheated about that too. But I am thankful for what communication we do have and pray for him every day. Our relationship is good when we DO talk, it's just not often enough for me. I am happy you are having a little bit of cooler weather. I wish we would It's been VERY hot here and our pond is drying up. We need rain very badly. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful week/weekend. God is good and we are all very blessed.

  2. Hi Stacy. So glad to hear that everything is going well. I hope you have a very happy birthday on the 15th! It is a blessing that you are able to spend so much time with your daughter's family and grandchildren. The lunch with the ladies from church sounds nice. Good to hear that you are reading more again, and that you have a good supply of books on your "to read" shelf. I hope you have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  3. l hope your computer will stay running for you. Happy Birthday to you a little early. Love that picture of Jasper...he's so pretty. Isn't it good to get back into the reading again. I've been doing the same. Have a great day, friend.

  4. I'm so glad Tim's finally getting some answers. The 'unknown' is a frightening place. Crossing my fingers that you'll soon enjoy a close relationship with Cody's parents. The discussion topic at Monday's Bible Study (Ruth) was overcoming the feeling of being an outsider ... or, recognizing that in someone else.

  5. We share a birthday month! Happy Birthday. It is a blessing to be able to be there for our grands. Good that Tim is getting himself checked out. I went yesterday. I have been of cholesterol meds for a bit and am afraid to see that the numbers will be. We will be in the 100's for a few days. So glad I will be at the beach tomorrow!

  6. Your Jasper is so beautiful! I'm glad his brother found a good home! Thankful that Tim is getting some help and I wish you an early happy birthday!! Don't sweat the 60s!! It's all good! xo


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