Monday, October 3, 2022

October Blog Challenge: Day 3

Today's prompt:  Write the beginning of a scary story and let blog readers decide what happens next.

She sat huddled under a blanket, hands curled around a steaming cup of tea, pets curled against her legs. It would seem to be a cozy scene as a cold wind whipped an icy rain against the windows, but it was not. Her fear was a palpable thing as she thought about the world she now lived in. One that was very different from the one she grew up in. Strange illnesses lurked, waiting to strike. Weather patterns had changed and the hot days were hotter and the cold days were colder. The storms were stronger and more frequent. People hated each other for no good reason and fought, sometimes violently, over the smallest of differences. Blanket accusations flew. Two factions ruled the land. Neither cared about the people they ruled. Their only interest was staying in power or regaining power. The news carried such wild stories with much opinion and emotion, but little fact, that it was impossible to know what was true. Crime was rampant since little was done to stop it. 

And now there was economic fear. A recession loomed, jobs that had been plentiful and paid well were drying up. People worried about being laid off. Inflation was rising rapidly and wages were not keeping up. The shelves in the store were already not as well stocked as they once were and rumors were flying that a lot of shortages were coming.

Worst of all, a crazy man, who just happened to be in charge of one of the largest countries in the world, was threatening to use nuclear weapons.

It was enough to make a person want to hide under the covers and not come out. These were scary, uncertain times. The truth was, she was huddled under the blanket with her pets and holding that cup of tea because the house was quite chilly. The result of having the furnace turned back quite far because she couldn't afford a big heating bill. How was this all going to turn out?

What do you think? How does the story go?

Thanks to Kwizgiver for the challenge prompts!


  1. Frighteningly true! I wish we all knew how this was going to turn out.

  2. I don't have an ending, but I would wish for you to complete this story. It sounds very much like how we are in this world today (of course, in real life it will end when Jesus returns and takes us home with Him for eternity.). But really, you have written this very well and I'd enjoy seeing how you would continue with it. You've captured my attention.

  3. Yes, we are living in a horror story worse than any scary book or movie before. The end will come when Jesus comes. All we can do is pray, pay attention, vote for change, and pray some more!!



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