Thursday, October 6, 2022

Thankful Thursday

I haven't seen blogging friend, Rebecca Jo @ Knit By God's Hand, online since last Thursday so I hope she is okay and will be around to host Thankful Thursday today. I'm getting my post done early because I have to be at the dentist's office by 9:30.

I noticed a tooth was wiggly last Thursday and this is the first opening my dentist had. I'm not looking forward to going because I can't tell if it's a crown or the actual tooth. I don't have any pain so at least the tooth is either dead or has had a root canal. I'm hoping it's already had the root canal. I don't want to deal with another one of those. Ugh.

On to better things.

This week I am thankful...

...I haven't been in pain from my tooth for the past week.

...the neurologist thinks the spots on our daughter's frontal lobe are consistent with chronic headaches/migraines and has put her on medication for that. Also, that he's being super thorough and is going to run a lot more tests to make sure there is nothing else going on.

...for a nice day out with my husband last Saturday. We drove to a little Amish town about an hour north of us to look at a furniture store, but it turned out to be the town's fall festival so there was a lot to see. Coming home we came a different way and got lost, but enjoyed a lovely ride through the mountains where the leaves were changing a lot more than they are here, which is hardly at all.

...we got to spend some time with our nephew from Alabama and his family. I have always had a closer bond with him and his brother than all our other nieces and nephews. We are kindred spirits, I guess. husband has been feeling pretty good lately.

...friends that I can depend on to pray for me and the things going on in my life and that I can pray for in return.

...our grocery stores continue to be fairly well stocked.

...the decision all around that as a family we are not going to overload the kids with toys this Christmas, but give them experiences or lessons. We are looking at karate lessons for Colton and gymnastic lessons for Leah. I might also do an adventure chest that would contain one sealed adventure (already paid for) for each month of the year (saw it on Pinterest).

...doing crafts with Colton and Leah yesterday. husband did not get hurt on Sunday when we were all (our daughter and s-i-l, too) trying to lift the steps out of the pool with heavy duty moving straps and one let go and sent him flying across the deck. He was a little sore, but amazingly, given the force with which he flew back, that was it.

...the construction crew working on the flooding issues are working from 7am-7pm every day now. They have drug this out so long and made so many mistakes, but I have heard they usually work on steel buildings and this is something completely new for them. The township, however, has heard many complaints and has given them until Oct. 22 to get the job done or else. I don't want to see them rush and really mess anything up, but it would be nice to have them done and the huge pit in my front yard filled in and the dirt piles gone.

...tonight is my small group's meeting night. Yay!

...I can rest securely in God's love.

...of course, for all of you!


  1. What a lovely post chock full of gratitude! I love your attitude!
    I notice I have to go to my reading list to find your posts...don't know why I can't change the ones on my blog's side bar! There's so many things I am not savvy with - so I will remind myself to look at my reading list instead.
    Wishing you a blessed Thursday!

    1. Thanks for stopping. I don't think it's you. It's some quirk of Blogger. I have a few blogs in my feed that won't update and I've tried everything.

  2. I love my small group from church and am hosting them here next week. I always enjoy your thankful posts, Stacy. Glad hubby wasn't hurt when he fell on the pool deck and I hope your daughter gets good news and a treatment plan for her migraines. Your Christmas gift ideas are great! Keep us posted! xo


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