Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mid-week Daybook

 Just for today...

Outside my has given way to night. It was an overcast day and the skies remain cloudy so no moon or stars to see. A brisk wind has kicked up and at times there is rain...great, huge drops driven by the wind that strike the windows and roof like hail. The temperature has fallen from a high of 50 degrees to about 40 degrees. The overnight low temperature is predicted to be in the 20's. My sister-in-law living in Erie reports snow on the ground this evening.

I'm feeling...a bit sleepy at this point in the evening, but good, otherwise. 

I've given up the pricey diet plan. I lost weight the first few days, but then didn't lose any more...very discouraging when my coach was reporting that her brother, who began the same day I did, lost nearly 30 pounds in two weeks. I never lost the feeling of being hungry or the cravings for carbs. I never felt great and full of energy as I was told I would after 3-4 days of following the program. I did feel gassy and bloated. There was that whole scary episode where I passed out when I got up in the night.

After discussing it with my doctor, I decided to follow his advice and drop the plan. He felt that the 800-1100 calories/day allowed on the plan were not enough and he felt the only way anyone was losing 30 pounds in two weeks was that it was all fluid and basically a colon cleanse (makes sense since ALL the fuelings from the plan were chock full of fiber and probiotics).

Instead, I am eating 3 meals a day and concentrating on portion size and cutting way back on (not totally eliminating) carbs. After three days I'm feeling much better, the bloated feeling is gone, the cravings are under control, and I don't feel like I am starving. I've lost about 1.5 pounds.

I will continue to read the textbook that came with the program and glean what I can from it about changing my eating habits and lifestyle. I'll also continue to use the Lifebook, another large book that works through the mental and emotional aspects of weightloss and lifestyle.

I'm watching...Pawn Stars at the moment. I spent the weekend binging the first season of Three Pines on Amazon Prime. It's a unique detective/mystery show set in Canada. I really enjoyed it. I hope there is a season 2 in the works.

I'm thankful...for my job. Not only do I enjoy what I do, but it's so nice to work for people who appreciate me. I shared last week about my immediate supervisor. Today I can share that the person above him has noticed that I don't call off, I come in early, I do what they ask of me and often go beyond. She came to me today and said the CEO is taking a group of consumers out for lunch on Friday. When he does that a staff member has to drive the van and go along to help take care of those he takes. She asked if driving the van was something I'd be comfortable with. I said I would be so I am going on my first outing with the company. I'm excited because all the consumers going this time are high functioning and need little help or care so I get to have lunch and enjoy the time, too.

I'm latest read, The Little Wartime Library by Kate Thompson. It's based on the shelter communities that existed in the underground train tunnels after the blitz on London.

In the kitchen...not much is happening. I was under the weather all weekend with a combo of a cold and spring allergies. I did cook a small pork loin on Monday with cheesy mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, but last night we went out for dinner and tonight Megan brought pizza since I kept Leah so she and Colton could have some time alone together. Tomorrow night will probably be a grab whatever night as I have to be at the church to fill plastic eggs for Saturday's Easter egg hunt before Tim will even be home.

I'm looking forward to...going to lunch on Friday with the consumers, taking Colton and Leah to the egg hunt on Saturday (Megan has to work and Cody won't go without her), having Good Friday off, and our family Easter celebration next Saturday. 

Megan is working midnight shift the night before Easter, so I decided Saturday would be better for dinner. That way she can come home Easter morning, watch the kiddos find their baskets, then go to bed and Cody can take the kids to his parents' home for the afternoon. I'll be free to go to church Easter morning and then relax the rest of the day with Tim and enjoy leftovers.

A life lesson...perspective and attitude are everything.


  1. Hi Stacy. I am glad to hear that you quit the pricey weight loss plan and are following your doctor's advice. That is the best way to go. Losing 30 lbs. in two weeks is not reasonable or healthy. We are having snow and rain here....again...too. I am ready for spring and I'm sure you are too. That's great that you were invited to the special lunch with the consumers and the CEO. Sounds like you are well liked at your job. Enjoy the rest of the week. See you again soon!

  2. Hi Stacy, good that you sought your doctors advise to a program that works for you. We had more rain this week and are way over our normal rainfall. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hello! So happy to hear your job is going well, you enjoy it and are being appreciated for it!! And good call on talking to your doctor about the diet. I am trying to lose weight too, and am finding it sloooow! Have a wonderful day! We did have some snow last evening! The sun is out today!

  4. I'm sorry that the diet didn't work out as you had anticipated, but I'm glad you had the good common sense to not give up but instead turn to your doctor. I mean it. I know so many people who would just throw up their hands (except maybe to reach for the Pringles). So brava!

  5. I like the sensible diet plan with your doctor. Praying God will help you be able to stick with it and that you will see positive and reasonable results. Staying healthy in the process is more important than quick results. I am happy you are enjoying your job and that today is a special day. Hope it all went well and that a good time was had by all! Your Easter plans all sound good. I wonder if hiding Easter baskets is a Pennsylvania tradition. That's what our family has always done, and it started when we were living in PA, where my dad had been born and grew up. We continue that tradition to this day with our adult kids. It's getting more difficult to find good hiding places, however. LOL. They are too smart. I hope you have a great week and that you will feel better and better each day.

  6. Sadly, Three Pines was dropped by Amazon. I really liked it even though it was fairly different than the books. It had the same vibe.



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