Saturday, March 18, 2023

Sunday Stealing: One to Ten

One song that describes my life.

Two things I wish I had more of in my life.  Time and pain-free days.

Three ways I relax.  Reading a good book, hanging out with friends and family, and cruising around online.

Four of my best accomplishments.  My marriage, my children, my job and the ways I can help those in my care, and learning to forgive those who don't deserve it.

Five things I am looking forward to.  Getting through the super strict portion of the diet/health plan I've started, summer and swimming with the grandkids, getting a few debts paid off, lunch with friends, seeing my clients all dressed up for the special needs prom in April.

Six things I am grateful for.  My home, my grandchildren, my faith, my church, and my job.

Seven facts about me.  I'm an introvert and tend to be a bit of a loner. My hair is super curly but I straighten it every single day. I don't like any of the reality shows everyone else is so enamored with. I'm no domestic goddess...I don't enjoy cleaning, laundry, etc. I'm a pretty good cook. I am a procrastinator. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

Eight things I can see from where I am sitting.  The dog, the TV, Tim's commemorative Henry rifle, a pile of magazines, a basket of dog toys, the kitchen table, family photos, and a basket of the kids' books.

Nine words I would use to describe myself.  Content, happy, compassionate, driven (about some things, anyway), easy-going, strong, brave, unorganized, and a lil' bit lazy.

Ten little things that make me happy.  My grandkids' hugs and kisses, snuggling up with my dog, the smell of good food cooking in the kitchen, Yankee candles, a new release from a favorite author, a sunny day, learning something new, studying the Bible, squirrels, and being the first person to put knife to the peanut butter.



  1. I love ALL these things about you!!!

  2. I forgot to mention squirrels!

  3. Great list.. nice getting to know you better too.

  4. Your seven facts pretty much describe me!

  5. I wish you painfree days. Thanks for giving a peek into who you are and where you are. Wish I had some of your curls... Have a nice weekend!

  6. Fun post. I hope the remainder of your Sunday is restful and peaceful. xx

  7. I hope you have pain-free days soon. And I loved your last on the list - first w/ the knife in the peanut butter jar!

  8. I really hope you have pain free days! And you're doing so well with the strict portion of this eating plan. Go Stacy!

  9. I have Kelly's first CD. Mandisa also has a song called Stronger. She was also on American Idol's top 10 and we got to hear them on tour back in 2006. I have a few of cd's and read her book called Idol Eyes. She shared about her career and her struggle with weight. She won a Grammy for her song Overcomer. I don't like cleaning either!

  10. I am totally an introvert and have no problems being alone. Though I have gotten better as I've gotten older - I actually, dare I say, like people now.

  11. We both gave Kelly Clarkson songs! Here's my courageous prediction: In 20 years she's going to be universally acknowledged as a national treasure, like Dolly Parton is today.



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