Monday, March 20, 2023


I am

Watching...a lot of the home makeover show Home Town. I never really watched it before, but I love all the beautiful older homes they are saving!

Listening to...nothing at the moment, but today at work it was 70s and 80s TV show theme songs.

Feeling...good if a bit hungry. I'm proud of myself for finishing up my first week on the Optavia plan down 7 pounds. It helps to motivate me to stick with it.

Celebrating...that I don't have to work in the shredding department tomorrow. Someone in my department is off so I have to fill in. Yay! No painful feet for me this week.

Looking forward to...getting back to warmer temperatures this week, the crew resurfacing the roof at work finishing up (no more crashing noises on the roof and more parking available), and dinner (nothing like a diet to make you long for "real" food).

Loving...all the sunshine and having daylight until 7:00.

Thinking...about what craft to do at work tomorrow. We colored Easter pictures today and cut them out so I can put them on colored pennants and make a garland of sorts to decorate the multipurpose room. have gotten everything put back together after bringing in the new hutch last week. I sorted through things and let go of quite a bit. I still have too much stuff, but that's what happens when you're sentimental.

Enjoying...the quiet time I'm able to have after work all this week. It's nice to be able to do a few chores and then just read a book or watch TV in peace.

I'm laughing jokes.

And on that note....


  1. Oh, I love Home Town. I want to visit Laurel one of these days! Giggles for the dad jokes!! I enjoyed my visit here. Glad you don't have to shred this week! Hooray! xo

  2. I haven't seen Home Town. Sounds like a show I would like. So glad that your new health and diet plan is going well. Your new hutch sounds great! I am also going through stuff and letting it go as well so we don't have so much to move, but like you, I am very sentimental. I hope you have a good week. See you again soon!

  3. Home Town has been my favorite reno show since it first aired. We disconnected our satellite way back. Home Town is one of the reasons we subscribed to Discovery+. I missed watching it.
    I'm so glad the new way of eating is working out OK. I know it felt so good to lose weight when we started the Keto one. I hope I never go back to heavy sugar/carb meals again!
    Loved the giggles. That's a great way to start the day.
    Blessings. xx

  4. Hometown is one of my favorite shoes, next to Maine Cabin Masters. I just wish they were on all year with new ones. I've seen all the old ones already. LOL But I love Ben and Erin. They are so cute. I am happy for you that you are doing well with your diet. That is great news! Glad you don't have to shred this week and you will have happy feet! And I LOVE the funny jokes. Those are all cute. Thank you for making me laugh out loud!! Have a great week.



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