Sunday, December 3, 2023


Outside my's 43 degrees, there's rain in the area (though it's not raining right now), and the wind is blowing like crazy. Some of the gusts sound like a freight train running over the roof! We've cooled down from today's high of 53 degrees and yesterday's 60 degrees.

Also outside my window I can see all the beautiful Christmas lights up and down the street.

I'm reading...nothing. I'm in between books and haven't chosen the next one.

I'm watching...tonight's new movie debut on Hallmark. It's pretty good, but I forget the name.

I'm enjoying...the lights of the Christmas tree. It's finally up. I'm about a week late this year.

The started Friday evening with take-out Chinese for dinner and a quiet night at home watching TV. Tim was working Saturday and I expected to do all the Christmas decorating, but my sister-in-law called first thing and invited me to ride along to the mall and then have lunch at Olive Garden. 

Our trip to the mall wasn't very successful. She wasn't able to get what she wanted for her granddaughter and while I did buy a Christmas dress for my granddaughter, as requested by my daughter, there were only 3 Christmas dresses in the entire mall in her size and the one I got ended up being too tight. She's apparently having a bit of a growth spurt and making the jump to the next size. My daughter is going to try Burlington this week.

I had to take my daughter to Walmart to do some grocery shopping Saturday evening so I did some of my own and also ended up (with her direction) getting a few more things for the kids, including our grandson's big electric Razor mini bike. We had to call Tim to come pick that up in his truck.

Today I stayed home from church because my leg is really hurting again (it was hurting to begin with yesterday and then I did too much) and I had all the decorations to deal with. Tim worked so I just did a little at a time and took breaks to put my leg up. The kids came over for a little while, too. We had lunch and watched a movie so that was a big break. I also didn't put out all the decorations this year. I don't think anyone but me will care.

This week's agenda (so far):

Monday - work (so much to do to get ready for the big Christmas party on the 15th)
Tuesday - work, haircut after work
Wednesday - work, get nails done after work
Thursday - my Bible study group's Christmas party
Friday - Staff (from work) Christmas party
Saturday - baking with a client

Giggling at...

Have a great week, my friends!


  1. Hello! Your tree is beautiful! Thank you for the laughs! The deviled egg one is my favorite! Have a cozy day. Rainy up here too!

    1. That's my favorite, too. There was a Thanksgiving one, too, about people being all excited about the turkey and I'm over here eating all the deviled eggs.

  2. Loving all the laughs!!!!

    I always feel a little panic when I'm in between books - like, its a serious decision what to read next LOL

    You'll get a kick out of this - Ricky LOVES all the Hallmark movies. Dont tell him I told you - his manhood has to stay protected HAHA

  3. That last one for sure!! Loved all the giggles, Stacy! Sorry you are having leg pain again. Gosh darn it. Take care!! xo

  4. Hi Stacy, I am sorry you have so much pain in your leg. I find that icing really helps. I alternate heat and ice. The squirrel picture is so cute! Your tree is pretty!



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