Thursday, December 7, 2023

Thankful Thursday

Is it just me or does it seem like these weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are shorter than ever and flying by at warp speed? This week, especially, has been a bit crazy...but it's just the beginning and the next couple of weeks won't be any better. 

A person can only do so much and today I hit the wall. I'm tired. My bible study group is having its Christmas dinner/party tonight and I begged off. I actually found myself nodding off while doing worksheets with a client this afternoon. Not good.

Anyway, since I'm home and all....I've got time to share a few of the things I'm thankful for this week.

** I got a letter from my biological dad this week. We hadn't communicated since he left PA to head back to Texas. It was good to hear from him that all is well with him and his wife, though at 87 he is struggling a bit mentally with the physical limitations of aging.

** Our daughter's tests last Friday revealed that she has a large ulcer. It's not great news, but it explains a lot and it is treatable. She's been told no more ibuprofen as they think that is what caused the ulcer.

** Tim revealed in casual conversation that he has an appointment with the doctor next Friday. Wow. He never said anything and had actually said he didn't know what he was going to do when we found out our PCP was retiring. I shocked and pleased that I didn't have to nag at him to go.

** The rainy weather has moved on. It seems I am now among those lucky souls who feel cold, rainy weather in their joints. Nice weather is very welcome.

** I got my nails done for Christmas last night. I very much appreciate being able to treat myself to little luxuries.

 ** My Christmas shopping is nearly all done. I just need to pick up a few gift certificates...and I did it with very few trips to any stores. (Our mailman, UPS and FedEx drivers are probably thankful nearly all my purchases are here. They've been here nearly every day...sometimes more than once a day.)

** Our daughter, who has always tended to choose the worst people to have in her life, has finally found a wonderful friend.

** The Humane Society has approved my adoption application and I will be going this Saturday to meet the kitties and, hopefully, come home with a new family member. They require you to apply before you can go meet the cats and chose one you are interested in. Unfortunately, the little boy I applied to adopt turned out to be semi-feral and probably not a good fit for us. I feel bad about that part. He was such a cutie with a little face that seemed to say "won't someoIne please love me?" He's been there a few months. I hope someone comes along for him.

** I'm thankful for every part of my family, my friends, my church, my work. I may be a bit tired, but I love the fullness of my heart. I am truly blessed and my cup runneth over these days.

** As always, I am thankful for each one of you that visits and has become a part of my life. I pray you are equally blessed and enjoying this special season!


  1. Hi Stacy. I am glad that your daughter found out what the problem is and that it can be treated. I love your nails. I hope you find the perfect kitty for you. My husband and I love cats and want to get another one, but not until we retire and move to our retirement home. Glad you heard from your bio dad. I love your nails. Have a good Friday! See you again soon.

  2. Sometimes we have to "just say no" to too many extra commitments, especially during the holidays. I don't know how I did so much back when I was still working, raising a family and being a busy Pastor's wife. I was much younger then, but still... Now I have to limit what I do and thank the Lord for what I can do. I love your nails! I've never done that before. I'm afraid I would ruin them within the first day! LOL. I'm so glad your bio-Dad wrote and seems to be doing well. I know you missed being able to spend much time together this past summer. I am glad he likes to write. Praying for your daughter and the ulcer. Trusting they will get it under control soon. Glad also she has found a good friend. Praying for her and for Tim too. Take care of yourself and try to rest when you can! Blessings to you and yours.

  3. A post full of lovely thankfulness! I hope you can get some much needed rest, Stacy. I have been tired lately as well. Thanksgiving week was wonderful but I have been discombobulated since I got home. Trying to get things back on an even keel and get my sleep! You too!! Time is definitely flying by. Hugs!

  4. So glad your daughter has someone good to rely for a friendship.
    Look at your husband going to the doctor - you need to share the secret! LOL
    Your nails look so festive & cute!!!


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