Monday, August 29, 2022


It's back-to-school day for the kids around here and at 8:00 the temperature is already a very humid 75 on its way to a predicted high of 91. Our kiddos don't start today, but Colton goes to meet his teacher. His first day is Thursday and Leah goes to meet with the teachers for an assessment that day. We don't know yet when her first day is. They had a great end of summer this past week with the excitement of the garage sale and a trip to the county fair.

This kid has his mom's very expressive face!

Happy riding the flying tigers.

Little country girl strutting her stuff!

I'm moving slowly this morning. I was at the ER with Megan last night until 11:00 and then we had to pick the kids up at her in-laws' place. She is having weird, vague symptoms again...still with the numbness and tingling and pain in the arms and legs...and Saturday she had an episode of pressure in her left ear that spread up over her head and resulted in her blacking out for a few seconds WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING!!! She hasn't felt right since.

She went to Med Express and given her symptoms and high blood pressure they wanted her to go to the ER and have blood work and a CT-scan done. Okay. Except that we sat there for 3 hours and still never got called back to a room and there were quite a few people in front of us. She finally decided to go home and call her doctor first thing this morning.

I need to get the garage sale stuff that's left out of my mom's garage, but I will be driving Megan around today for appointments and for Colt's meeting with his teacher....and she just called me to ask me to take him to his teeth cleaning appointment this afternoon, too. No way is she driving those kids around until we get an okay from a doctor!

As for the garage sale, it went really well. The last few we've had were a lot of work for little payoff. I guess we just had the right junk this time around. Tim and I got rid of over $500 worth of stuff! 

I finished up a book in the Library Lover's Mystery series on Saturday and got a good start on another in the series while I was sitting around at the ER. I was determinded to get back to reading more this year and spending less time online. I set the bar kind of low on Goodreads...just 30 books for the year, but at the moment I am 5 books ahead of schedule. Go me!

I'm interviewing for a part-time job with our local library system on Wednesday so that's on my mind. It would be fun. I don't know how much it pays, but at least if I got it and it wasn't much I could work and keep looking. I need to find something. Gas prices may be coming down, but everything else is going up, up, up!

This week's schedule:

Monday: Errands, banking, driving Megan and the kids around and hopefully getting stuff out of Mom's garage. I also have go to the bank to deal with a fraudulent charge from a resume service I discovered this morning.

Tuesday: Laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming and mopping, and getting stuff out of the garage if it's not done. Take Megan to a doctor's appointment.

Wednesday: Interview for part-time library job. Maybe post garage sale things to Marketplace.

Thursday: Colt's first day of school, Leah's orientation.

Friday: Nothing yet. Household chores.

Saturday: A me day to relax and read or whatever.


  1. Busy week coming up for you. But it sounds like there is some good stuff in the mix. Take care and I hope your week is good.

  2. My retirement goal is to finish teaching and get a part time job at my local library! Good luck on your interview!

    I hope they figure out what's happening with Megan soon.

  3. What a terrifying experience for Megan! I've no doubt God was at the wheel of her car when she needed Him most. But then to have to sit for hours waiting to be seen. Ugh.
    Lifting prayers -- both for Megan and your upcoming interview!

  4. 'Me days' are the best!! Especially after a busy week like you have! School has been back a week here. What happened to school starting after Labor Day? Nice garage sale result!! I hope the kiddos have a great year ahead!

  5. What happened to Megan is so scary. I hope you get some answers. Good luck on the interview for the library job. That sounds like a great match for you! So glad that you did well with your garage sale. What a nice way to recycle unneeded items and make some extra cash. Blessings for all you have going on this week. Keep us posted! See you again soon!

  6. Praying for Megan and for some answers when she finally gets to see the Dr., etc. That sounds very scary. It's a good thing you are available to help her with errands, kiddos, etc. Glad your garage sale went so well. I know it seems like a lot of work for little gain, but yours sounds like it was worth the effort! Good job! I'll be thinking of you when you interview for the library job. That might be a good fit for you. Praying for God's will to be done. He always knows best! Please take care and let us know what Megan finds out. praying.


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