Friday, September 2, 2022

Saturday 9: Blue Collar Man

I'm linking up with Crazy Sam at the Saturday 9 today. It's a weekly meme devoted to great music and some fun questions to get us talking. Please feel free to jump into the fun. We're a friendly bunch and there's always room for another friend. 

Blue Collar Man (1978)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this week's song, we hear a job equated with security. Tell us something that gives you a sense of security.  Having a job, being in my home, my husband's presence, knowing how to defend myself even though I pray I never have to. And in a less rational way...being snuggled up in bed with the covers pulled up to my chin.

2) Lead singer Tommy Shaw hopes someone will make him an offer he can't refuse. That's a reference to a famous movie quote. Without looking it up, can you name the film?
  I believe it's The Godfather.

3) Shaw recalls that this song was inspired by a friend of his, a blue collar worker who had been laid off and was frustrated by the process of job hunting. His friend wanted to work, not fill out forms and job applications and wait days for a response! Do you quickly become impatient?  It depends on the situation. I have a lot of patience dealing with difficult people. I have some patience when it comes to waiting in lines or on hold. I have zero patience for things like needle crafts, puzzles, etc.

4) The name "Styx" wasn't the top choice of anyone in the band. As founding member Denis DeYoung recalled, "It was the only name none of us hated." Tell us about a recent compromise you made (which TV show to watch, toppings on your pizza, etc.).  We are having our Labor Day picnic on Sunday because my husband has decided to work on the holiday in order to take advantage of holiday pay.

5) Labor Day was introduced to celebrate the achievements of the American worker. How many different employers have you had?  Eleven

6) The first Waffle House was opened on Labor Day, 1955. What's your preference: waffles or pancakes?  Of those, pancakes, but I'll usually choose French toast over both.
7) Labor Day mattress sales are a big business. Experts tells us we can expect to spend $1,000 for a good-quality queen-sized mattress. Will you be buying a new one -- or perhaps making another big ticket purchase for your home -- before year end?  We need a new mattress, but whether we get one any time soon is anyone's guess. My husband complains mightily about ours, but getting him to look at mattresses and try them out is next to impossible.

8) Will you be attending a Labor Day picnic or barbecue?  Oops, answered that one already. Yes, just a small family one with us, my mom and stepdad, and our daughter's family. We'll be having steak, corn on the cob, hobo beans, grilled potatoes and onions, cookies...and whatever else anyone decides to make.

9) Labor Day is the unofficial start of fall. Have you had any pumpkin spice yet?  Indeed, I have! Fall is my season, people, and pumpkin spice is its flavor. I've had pumpkin bread, pumpkin taffy, pumpkin spice English muffins, and pumpkin spice tea....and I'm just getting started.


  1. Your weekend sounds really nice, smiles. I haven't had anything pumpkin yet, it's just too blasted hot and humid here. LOL.

  2. I hope you have a good Labor Day weekend. See you again soon!

  3. Now I want some French Toast! Enjoy your weekend, Stacy!

  4. French toast is awesome. Have a great weekend

  5. I love how enthusiastic you are for the arrival of pumpkin season.

  6. Enjoy all your pumpkin stuff. Hope you have a fun Labor Day get-together, even if it's not on the day.

  7. It seems that none of us were stumped by #2.
    #6 I use raisin cinnamon bread when I make French toast.

  8. You do love the pumpkin stuff. :-) We ended up with a replacement mattress back in 2020; the one we had, an expensive Sterns & Foster, caved in but was still under a 10-year warranty. Because of Covid it took 3 months to get the replacement, but it was free, and we are hoping this one lasts us another 8-9 years. That will be good wear out of one mattress purchase.

  9. Fall is my favorite too. I do not drink coffee, so I will wait for either a pumpkin concrete or pumpkin pie. I need to find your post about the library position! I hope you get it. I would love to work at a library. Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.

  10. You can have all of my pumpkin flavored everything!! Fun questions! My job count is also 11. Have a wonderful cook-out tomorrow! Be sure to share some photos for us!! xo


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