Saturday, September 10, 2022

Saturday 9: No Roots

It's good to be back after a week's absence due to WiFi issues. I could have connected via my phone, but I hate doing a post that way. My big old fingers need a full-sized keyboard. So, now that I'm back, what better way to get back into the swing of things than with the Saturday 9. Thanks, Sam, for the music and questions.

No Roots (2017)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about a woman who has moved a lot and is always packing boxes. Do you have packing materials (boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.) in your home right now? Do you have them on hand to ship things, or are you preparing for a move?  I don't have any plans to move in the foreseeable future, but I do have bubble wrap, packing tape, and padded shipping envelopes in the house. No boxes, though. (If my cat doesn't stop racing around here like he's got a rocket up his behind this morning, I may have some additional ideas for the tape and bubble wrap.  KIDDING!!!!)
2) She sings that she moves from place to place, collecting memories. Would you rather travel light and travel often, or put down roots?  I'm all about putting down roots, but I would like to travel a little and see more of the country. By the way, I don't travel light. I always overpack. 

3) She can recall all the gates and house numbers of all the places she's lived. Does your current residence have a fence and gate? Did your previous one?  No and no.

4) This week's artist, Alice Merton, moved often as a child as her father's job took the family from Germany to the US to Canada to England back to Germany ... She wrote this song to help her deal with feelings of loneliness and longing. When you're feeling overwhelmed, how do you work through the feelings?  I turn to God's Word, prayer, and journaling.

5) Alice is still on the move. Soon she'll be performing throughout Europe. Have you ever had a job that required you to travel? If yes, did you enjoy it?  I've never had a job that required travel.

6) "No Roots" is a favorite of Kelly Clarkson's, who has performed it on tour and on TV. When you think of Kelly, is at as a singer, a judge on The Voice, or as a talk show host?  I don't really think about her at all, but if I did...I guess it would be as a singer since I watched her win that very first season of American Idol. I've never watched her talk show and I don't watch The Voice.
7) In 2017, when this song was popular, Faye Dunaway made Oscar history by announcing the wrong winner for the biggest award of the night, Best Picture. It wasn't her fault as she was given the wrong envelope, but she's one who made the on-screen flub seen around the world. Have you recently had an embarrassing moment?  Not that I can think of, so I guess if I have had one it wasn't that bad.
8) Wonder Woman was 2017's most popular movie. She was originally introduced in a 1941 DC comic book. Comic books remain a big business. Have you ever been to a comic book store?  Nope. I don't even know where to find one. We have a news stand that sells comic books, but no actual comic book store.

9) Random question: Is your skin itchy this morning?  No


  1. #6 I still don't know who Kelly Clarkson is since I don't watch that much TV.
    #7 I think that we tend to forget embarrassing moments, unless they are really bad.

  2. I agree with you on #2. I like to put down roots, but I would love to travel more. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  3. I'd kind of like to see the cat bubble wrapped and taped. :-) That would be some picture. I wonder how long it would be before the cat ripped it all to shreds?

  4. You had a job that required travel--you were a bus driver!!!

  5. I had never heard of Kelley Clarkson until now, either, though she does have a very nice voice. The featured singer I wouldn't cross the street to hear. lol
    I love your background. I haven't found the right tool to use for a blog that moves the way yours does. Oooo ... Good kitty no more? lol

  6. I remember Kelly Clarkson from way back in the first American Idol shows. But since then I don't watch any of those shows anymore. I keep reading these posts from this meme and the last question about itchy skin is making me itch. Must be a subliminal suggestion and I'm getting it....LOL. Bye for now!! Gotta go scratch an itch. LOL.

  7. My guess is that you stream a lot. I say this because Kelly Clarkson for Wayfair is almost as ubiquitous as Jake from State Farm.

  8. I'm late getting here, Stacy, but enjoyed your post!! xo

  9. Interesting questions this week. I enjoyed reading your answers. Have a great week


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