Tuesday, November 29, 2022


It's 8:21 pm on Tuesday evening. It's dark, but then it's been dark since just before 5:00. The weather was mild today, cloudy for most of it, but with temperatures in the mid-50s. The wind is picking up now, bringing the promised rain closer. There is something like a 90% chance of it tomorrow. 

Reading...The Cowboy Cookie Challenge by Lori Wilde. It's basically a Hallmark Christmas movie in book form.

Listening to...a whole lot of Christmas music at work. Today we listened to a playlist on YouTube that had songs from the 40's that I'd never heard of.

Watching...Christmas on Mistletoe Lake. It's a Lifetime movie.

Loving...that we ate the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers tonight and the refrigerator is finally cleaned out.

Thankful...for so much! Our daughter and grandchildren are finally over the flu and back to work and school. Our son-in-law has something now, but probably not the flu since he doesn't seem to be as sick as they were. I'm thankful for my work and the people I help each day. They are so sweet and loving. I don't think I've ever been hugged so much! I am also thankful that they have been keeping me mostly in the adult training program rather than in the shredding department so I haven't had to be on my feet all day. Oh, and I'm thankful that Jasper is really settling in at our daughter's and is waaaay happier than he was here. Maine Coons do not like to be alone. Lesson learned (the hard way).

Enjoying...the Christmas tree.

 Looking forward to...the women's tea at church this Saturday, starting the Christmas baking and candy making, and finishing the decorating of a column in the dining hall at work. There are 6 columns and 6 staff members. We each have a team of consumers (what we call those we work with). We have to decorate a column and the administrative staff will judge them. The winning team gets to go out for lunch with the big boss...which means escaping work for a couple of hours. Big incentive all around! Anyway, my team's column is going to be the tree lot from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie and whoever I'm able to draw will be in the foreground with the little tree and it will be captioned, "It's not what's under the tree that matters, it's who is around it." I promise I'll take pictures when it's done!

A quote to leave you with...


  1. Your tree is beautiful. Glad to hear your daughter and grandkids are better.

  2. Hi Stacy. It's good to hear that your daughter and grands are over whatever they had. Glad to hear you are enjoying your job and the people you work with. Your tree is awesome. Enjoy the rest of the week. See you again soon!

  3. Hi Stacy, your tree is so pretty! Have fun at your tea. My friends and I are going to a teahouse next week for our Christmas gathering. Glad to hear your family is getting better!

  4. So glad your daughter and the kiddos are well again! Your comment about being hugged brought back some pretty great memories. Back in the 70's, I worked at the Abilene State School ... not as an aide, but in the office. Still, the residents were pretty much free to wander about. Frankly, I was super nervous; I'd never spent time around anyone mentally handicapped. They called me (and other ladies) "Momma" and loved to hug. It sure wasn't long before I fell in love with them. Sweet souls!

    1. They really are wonderful souls. It breaks my heart that for most of human history they were basically locked up, thrown away, and forgotten. Even the most severely disabled respond to a gentle touch, a hug, a smile, or whatever.

  5. Sounds like God has placed you right where you ought to be with this new job! So thankful for that for you!! Your tree is so pretty! And I love that your kids are finally feeling better. Hope no one else gets it! Happy that Jasper is happier now too. Who would think that a Maine Coon Cat doesn't like to be alone? To me just the name sounds like a loner kind of wild kitty...but maybe his ancestors hung out in packs. LOL. Anyway, glad he is much happier now, and thus so are you!. I am happy you get to go to the Christmas tea at your church. I know it will be nice. And yes, be sure to share pictures of your "column" when finished. Hope you win!! Take care and God bless you!

  6. Good luck with your column!! Hope you and your team win big!! Glad your daughter and the kiddos are well again and hope your sil doesn't stay sick too long. Nice to hear your feet are doing okay with your job. Your tree is beautiful. I'm sorry Jasper moved next door but am happy he is happier. Have a good rest of the week! xo

  7. Your tree is absolutely beautiful!


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