Friday, January 6, 2023

A Thankful Saturday 9: What's New Pussycat?

Welcome to my (for now) once a week post where I try to cram a week's worth of info and updates into one post. In case you missed it, my laptop is limping along, gasping it's next-to-last breath...which basically means sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and when it does, it's incredibly, frustratingly slow. For the most part I'm just avoiding it. I will get a new one eventually. I've been sort of looking, but haven't seen "the one" just yet.

There's plenty I'm feeling thankful about this week. 

For starters, I'm mostly over the nasty cold I got right before New Year's. I slept most of last Saturday and laid low the whole 3-day weekend. I did take the tree and other Christmas decorations down on Monday, but I took all day to do it. I've been chipping away a little bit each evening at getting gifts put away and going through the kitchen cabinets and doing another purge of things I don't use. It's been a bit easier to get things done as we haven't seen much of our daughter or grandchildren this week. First because I was sick, then Leah got sick, and now our daughter has strep throat. All are on the mend at this point...another thing to be thankful for.

I'm thankful that my mom was able to drive me to work and pick me up on Thursday so Tim could drop his truck off at the garage to be inspected and drive my car for the day.

I'm thankful that I continue to be mostly in the Adult Training Facility at work...even when I am scheduled to work in the shredding department, something nearly always comes up that puts me back in ATF. My feet are very grateful!

I'm thankful my sister-in-law came through the surgery to remove a tumor, part of her liver and her appendix went well. She has a lot of pain, but that isn't unexpected and she is doing well all things considered. She hopes to come home tomorrow (Saturday).

I'm thankful for another financial gift from my biological father and for his offer to fund starting 529 education accounts for all of our grandchildren...even the ones we don't get to see.

And now I am thankful I could get the laptop running well enough to join in the Saturday 9. Thank you, Sam, for the music and questions!

Saturday 9: What's New, Pussycat? (1965)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Tom Jones wants to know what's new in his girl's life. Here at Saturday 9, we're concentrating on the new year. What do you hope will be new and different in your life during 2023?  I'm feeling hopeful that this will be the year I really do something about living healthier and that we will get on more solid financial footing. I am taking the first step toward the latter by enrolling in the health insurance plan through my work. Tim's work provides his for a nominal fee, but it is over $600/month for me to have coverage. I am able to get comparable insurance through my work for $50/month, a huge savings!
2) He sings that he has flowers for his special girl. Are there fresh flowers in your home right now?  No. I rarely have fresh flowers in the house. I'd rather see them growing outside than dying inside. Plus, strongly scented flowers kill my sinuses.
3) He also wants to spend hours with her. What is something you'd like to spend more time doing in 2023?  So many things. I'm actually enjoying the time that's been added to my day by staying off the laptop. I'd like to continue that. I want to continue to keep my online presence at a reduced level. It's awful how much time I waste on Facebook and games.
4) Before his music career took off, Tom Jones supported himself by selling vacuum cleaners. Could your home benefit from a once-over with a vacuum right now?  It could benefit from that pretty much all the time. I do vacuum, but between a husband that works in construction, the dog, the grandchildren, and everyone else that tracks through, it gets dirty/dusty.
5) Memorabilia from Tom's 1990 world tour was available on eBay and the bids went up to $599 for a jacket worn by the stage crew. Have you ever bought anything at an auction (online or otherwise)? I have been going to auctions since I was a little girl. I started bidding and buying on my own when I was in high school and I've never stopped. I've mentioned it before, but at the last auction I attended I bought a sectional sofa and an oak dining table and chairs for a song. I have bid in a few online auctions, as well, but I don't really enjoy those very much.

6) Tom's adult grandson, Alex, represented Wales in rifle shooting in the Commonwealth Games. Is there a sport you'd like to try, or get better at, in 2023?  I can't think of any particular sport. I just want to exercise more.

7) In 1965, when this song was popular, Tom Jones made a new friend, Elvis Presley. Tom had a meeting at Paramount Studios to discuss recording a song for a movie soundtrack and Elvis was finishing a film. It was the beginning of a friendship that would continue for the rest of Elvis' life. Did you make any new friends in 2022?  Yes, a few of the women at church.

8) Also in 1965, The Sound of Music premiered and became one of the most successful movies of all time. Have you seen it?  I watched it when I was a kid with my mom. I love musicals, but it just isn't a favorite of mine. I tried watching it again a couple of years ago, but quickly lost interest.

9) Random question: Were you like those shoppers we saw on TV, in line at a retailer after the holidays to exchange a gift that wasn't quite right?  Nope. I don't believe I've ever returned a gift unless it was clothing purchased in the wrong size.

That's all for now.  See you next week (if not before)!


  1. Hi Stacy. Slow computers are so frustrating. Wow - that is so generous of your bio-dad to help your grandkids with their college educations. Great news about your sister-in-law and the tumor removal. Wow - health insurance for $50 a month is quite a good benefit. I hope your and your family have a good weekend. See you again soon!

  2. Hi Stacy, I have missed your post. You will love getting a new computer. Mine was so fast when I got it, but is slowed by all the pictures and graphics I have on it now. I can understand on cutting back on computer time. That was the best thing about Farmville ending. That new insurance sounds great! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm so happy that you're still Saturday 9-ing with us. I'd miss you.
    Good health insurance is indeed something to be thankful for!
    Here's hoping you and I both achieve our goals of moving more.

  4. #6 Me too! But with my shortness of breath I am seeing a cardiologist in two weeks for a stress test to find out why.
    #8 Yup, I agree… Boring! But it is a fascinating story of how they escaped.

  5. I am so glad you are starting to feel better! So nice what your dad did. Sounds like a good week. Mine wasn't too bad. I feel like I am getting some kind of cold though. I will rest on these days off.
    Ditto to #4. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend! ♥

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better. Hope you get that new laptop soon. Glad your relative came through the surgery ok and everyone else is healing up. It's a difficult time for illness.

  7. I am so happy you are feeling better and that everyone seems to be getting over whatever it was (and strep). The "shredding department" sounds horrible!! Glad you are avoiding it. Thanks for the catch-up, Stacy!! Happy weekend! Hugs!

  8. I hope your sister-in-law recovers soon. That was a harsh surgery.
    Computerproblems are frustrating now it is a means of keping in contact with people. Maybe someone can look at it?

    Have a nice week!

  9. Enjoyed reading your answers and I'm glad you are feeling better. Take care and have a great week!


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