Sunday, January 15, 2023


It's 8:30 on Sunday evening. The weather is clear and calm. The temperature is 27 degrees. Tim is already asleep and I'm enjoying the last few quiet hours of the weekend.

On the television...reruns of The Big Bang Theory. I've been watching a lot of different things, no one show has captured my attention other than the new seasons of Swamp People and Swamp People: Serpent Invasion.

Reading...I haven't decided what's next. I just finished The Bookshop of Secrets by Mollie Rushmeyer. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a Christian book. It wasn't advertised that way at all on Amazon. It was a great story, had characters I instantly liked and got invested in and I loved that the Christian parts just flowed naturally. It didn't feel forced or preachy or beat you over the head with it as some books do. The presentation of the gospel enhanced the story rather than detracted from it. Just like it does in real life. 

Feeling thankful...I finally got to go back to church today! I hadn't been there since the night of our Christmas program and dinner. I came down with strep throat the day after that and that kept me away the following Sunday just to be safe. The next Sunday was Christmas and the nasty winter storm so I didn't go. I got another virus for New Years so missed that Sunday. And last Sunday I was healthy, but Colton and Leah stayed over and we just weren't moving fast enough for me to make it to church. It felt so good to be there today and see everyone!

I am also thankful that when Tim and I were at Walmart today I was able to get children's liquid Motrin. Poor Leah has been dealing with ear infections off and (mostly) on since September. The last round of antibiotics didn't seem to help at all and she frequently says her ear hurts. Tylenol doesn't seem to help and up until today we hadn't been able to find any children's liquid ibuprofen. The pharmacist at The Medicine Shoppe told Megan there is a nationwide shortage and that it will likely get worse before it gets better. So, while Walmart had it, I bought 2 bottles.

Thinking about...what's going to happen at work this week. On Friday my supervisor in the Adult Training Facility announced that due to something that had happened the day before (no idea if it was something at work or in his personal life) he'd turned in his resignation and it was his last day. He will be back on the shredding floor on Monday. Then a bit later the woman who sets everyone's schedules called two of the younger women out to speak to them. I have no idea what was said, but they came back angry and the one was ranting about quitting. And then at the end of the day there was a paper by the timeclock saying we had to sign up on one of two days for a mandatory staff meeting. We won't know what that's about until the 25th. I hate to see the younger girls quit, but if the one does, I will probably be in the training facility all the time. 

Hopeful...the new pillow I ordered from Amazon (for a lot of $$$) will finally be the one that keeps my neck and back pain free all night. I'll let you know.

Loving...all the time I've had with Colton and Leah recently. I got both of them right after I got home from work Thursday and Friday and yesterday I got them when Megan went to work. They sure keep me on my toes and wear me out, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Feeling...content and happy.

Funnies to make you smile...


  1. Hi Stacy. Good to hear from you. Sounds like there is some drama going on at your work. You will have to keep us posted. I am glad you were able to go back to church. Glad you could find some children's motrin for Leah. My granddaughter (age four) also had an ear infection last time I spoke with her. My kids always seemed to get a lot of ear infections. I will have to take a look at that pillow you ordered. I have back, neck and shoulder issues as well. I hope you have a good week. See you again soon!

  2. Sorry you are having drama at work!!
    That's a pretty expensive pillow - it may be just what you need!
    Wishing you a good week and that work sorts itself out!

  3. Please let me know how the new pillow works. Gee, I thought the "My Pillow" pillows were expensive! I have one, which I bought hoping it would help my neck/shoulder/arm issues, but I'm afraid it hasn't. Plus I have to keep plushing it up through the night. It doesn't hold its shape like I thought it would, but it is still better than my old flat cheap pillow, which now rests between my knees. LOL. Oh, that drama at work doesn't sound good. Praying it all works out for the best for you in some way. Praying for your little ones, esp. Leah, to feel better. Earaches are no fun. Keep us posted on all of the above. I am glad you were able to get back to church. What is that quote: "A week without church makes one weak", or something like that. I know I feel like I've been away for a month when I miss a Sunday, and it's always good to get back "home" to our church family. Hey, it was 27 here this morning, in sunny Florida. Yesterday too! So we almost felt like you do in PA, but probably your temp. went down lower overnight. Do you have snow? Take care and may God bless you all and keep you healthy and strong.

  4. If your pillow doesn't do the trick--I've been using a Sutera pillow for a couple of years and love it.

  5. Thanks for the words on that book. I went straight to Libby and checked it out. Hope you have a good day.

    1. I read it and loved that book. I hope you are well. Miss you here.

  6. Now I'm curious what's up at your workplace! (Maybe overly so; I really need to get a life.) Please let us know how you like that pillow. Pricy, yes, but if it does the job who cares? That chicken toon is hysterical.

  7. Those funnies really are funny! Glad you go to go to church. I missed two Sundays during my covid spell and life just goes better when the week starts with a good worship time. Hope you are able to share what's up at your work. And do let us know about your new pillow. Blessings!! xo

  8. That's an expensive pillow! I hope it works out for you. If it doesn't, my chiropractor recommended this: which I used for some time. Now I sleep on a Med-Slant Wedge and use a round log-like pillow. I hope things work out at work. That sounds precarious.

  9. Hey, I can post comments again! Yay! Hope whatever's going on a work is nothing serious and everyone stays happy. Blessings. xx



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