Saturday, May 6, 2023

Sunday Stealing: Songs

1. A song with a food name.  Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffet

2. A song with an animal in it.  A Horse with No Name by America

3. A song about a bird.  Fly Like an Eagle by Steve Miller Band

4. A song about a dog.  Feed Jake by Pirates of the Mississippi (one of the saddest songs ever)

5. A song mentioning a cat.  Year of the Cat by Al Stewart

6. A song listing a character from Wizard of Oz.  Tin Man by America

7. A late night driving song.  Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest

8. A song from a movie.  Lost in the Woods from Frozen II (it has all the feels of an 80's power ballad)

9. A guilty pleasure song.  Y.M.C.A. by The Village People

10. A song about friends.  You've Got a Friend by James Taylor

11. A song that is about summertime.  All Summer Long by Kid Rock

12. A song that needs to be played more on the radio.  Pretty much anything by Hootie and the Blowfish or Smash Mouth

13. A song about drugs or alcohol.  Hotel California by The Eagles

14. A song you would sing at karaoke.  There is no song I'd sing at karaoke. Ever.

15. A song from year you were born in.  Twist and Shout by The Beatles 

Thanks to Bev for the questions!

Play along here.


  1. I loved your answer to number 14.. got a big laugh out of it.

  2. Tin Man! America came to my college in my freshman year, but I failed to attend. I have a Beatles song on my list. (and you must be a decade younger than I!)

  3. Thanks now I am humming Cheeseburger in Paradise, grin. Have a beautiful day friend.

  4. We have some of the same answers to a few. You picked good songs. I knew I would love your choices. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend. ♥

  5. Neither of us will ever sing Karaoke!

  6. Good choices. YMCA is a fun song.

  7. We must be about the same age 'cause I recognize all the songs! *lol* And also agree on #14. I won't either. No way.
    Blessings. xx

  8. I am so impressed by your answers!! I skipped this one. You did great!! Have a blessed week ahead, Stacy! xo



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