Wednesday, June 7, 2023


I am...

Reading... Happy Place by Emily Henry 

Watching... Expedition Unknown. You know a new season makes my nerdy little heart happy.

Loving... the new exercise chair I bought. It's light-weight, compact, and very versatile.

Thinking... about Tim's CT-scan on Friday.

Feeling... a bit disconnected.

Celebrating... nothing at the moment.

Grateful... while they have been issuing Code Red air advisories for our area, we haven't seen anything but a bit of haziness...NOTHING like the images of New York City.

Enjoying... cooler nights and better sleeping.

Weather... 63 degrees and clear tonight. Tomorrow's high, 68.

Giggles... for summer.


  1. Hi Stacy. I totally relate to that last meme. I am like a little kid and have to have my "favorite blankie" even if it is too warm for it. I am going to look up that exercise chair. Sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have a good weekend.

  2. Hello, my friend! Love the memes! I can relate to them all! The air up here was horrible yesterday!! Seems a bit better today, but so strange! Have a cozy day!

  3. All fun stuff here today! Thanks for the giggles. The weekend is nearly here. Blessings!! xo


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