Saturday, June 3, 2023

Sunday Stealing: Summer Plans

Welcome to Sunday Stealing, where the questions are stolen...but where credit is given. Thanks to Bev for keeping it going!

Stolen from League of Extraordinary penpals

1. What are your plans for June?  I really don't have any beyond hanging out in the pool with the grandkids and going to a couple of used book sales.

2. Your mid year resolutions or goals?  I don't make resolutions, but a goal would be to lose some of the weight I put back on over the winter.

3. Are you good at taking care of plants?  I am, thanks to my grandmother's love of plants and flowers. She taught me what I know.

4. What makes you feel nourished?  This a strange question. Food-wise, I guess I'd say a homecooked meal with plenty of fresh picked veggies. The kind of stuff I grew up on. Mentally/emotionally, I'd say it's time spent having great conversations with family or friends or relaxing on my own with a good book.

5. Which animals do you see most in your area?  I live in the suburbs so dogs and cats, but it's not unusual to see squirrels, rabbits, opossums, raccoons, groundhogs, hawks, or deer. We've even had turkeys, bears, and coyotes pass through.

6. Books on your summer reading list?  I don't have anything specific. I'll be picking up several books this month at a couple of used book sales and I already have stacks and stacks of books around here that need to be read. I just read whatever catches my fancy at the moment.

7. Projects you want to tackle this summer?  We have several. We want to finish the pool deck, put on a new front porch, take off the side deck and pour a concrete patio and put a roof over it.

8. Do you have weddings, graduations, summer celebrations?  My biologic father wants me to come to his family reunion in August. It will be the first one since covid and may be my only chance to meet some of his family. I have already missed my chance to meet two of his siblings who passed away last year. He only has one sibling left. I am unsure. I don't know what kind of reception I'll face as I was apparently the big family secret and was never to be mentioned in my grandmother's presence.

9. Which summer snacks are you excited to enjoy again?  Popsicles and watermelon.

10. How much time do you like to take for vacations?  At least a week, but longer would be nice. We really don't take many vacations. My husband is a bit of a workaholic and can't tear himself away from most projects.

11. How much has changed since last summer?  Other than I am working full-time, not much.

12. Something that would be out of character for you?  Hanging out in bars, being a real social creature, being neat and organized....take your pick.

13. What do you miss about winter?  Christmas. End of story.

14. Your favorite free / cost effective ways to have fun?  Picnics at one of the many parks around here, spending time with my grandkids, free community events...there are lots of things to do.

15. Who do you trust most to house & pet sit.  My daughter, my mom, and a neighbor who has been my friend since high school.


  1. Hi Stacy. I hope you have a great summer. Family reunions can be a little "interesting" in situations like yours and mine. I was also a big "family secret" I have found out. Long story. I have come to peace with the fact that My family situation and relationships with my extended birth family will never be completely "normal." Have a good Sunday. See you again soon!

  2. My wife's family has had reunions nearly annually for 75 years! Missed a year because of WWII, and one bc of COVID, then did the following year on ZOOM.

  3. Grinning...yep on the bar thing, so not my thing to do. LOLOL--Have a great day friend.

  4. I said drink a beer for #12, but hanging out in a bar is a good answer. Go to that reunion in August!! I'm sure you will be well received by the family as you have been by your dad. Don't miss out on meeting more of your family because of something that is no longer a secret. They need to know you!! Not my business but there you have it. Love & hugs!

  5. I think you should attend the reunion if only to spend time with your dad, and he did ask. It's not like you're dropping in without his knowledge.

  6. "Bears pass through" - you said that so calmly. The scariest creatures we have are foxes.




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