Sunday, April 14, 2024


I'm feeling the need to check in and let you know what's up in my corner of the world. I am still not back in a regular way and remain undecided if I ever will.

The weather... is a warm 67 degrees at 9:00 p.m. We are under a storm watch and as I sit here I think I am seeing flashes of lightening off to the north of us. We are expecting rain off and on through the week with temperatures staying in the upper 60s and lower 70s before cooling back into the 50s for the weekend.

My health... is a real roller coaster ride these days. The knee that has been giving me trouble since November has gotten bad enough that I've had Tim put up a temporary railing for me to cling to getting down off the stoop going out the backdoor. Most of the time I am okay on flat surfaces as long as I wear my Brooks sneakers, but steps are a killer. I am thinking of asking at work if I may park in the "bosses" lot so I don't have to deal with them for now. 

As for what I'm doing about the knee, I saw an orthopedic doctor at the end of March. New x-rays taken at her office show BOTH of my knees have severe arthritis and are bone on bone. She can't understand why the left one isn't painful, too. She prescribed physical therapy. Unfortunately, this coming Thursday is the earliest I was able to get an appointment. I see her again on the 29th, I believe to decide what we will try first. She does not want to do surgery. So I have info to consider on sodium hyaluronate injections and also on platelet infused plasma injections. I don't know if she will begin injections that day or not. Both options are a bit of a process.

Just to make life more fun...this weekend I found myself having a cold or something. Yesterday I felt achy all over, my back hurt a lot, and my throat was sore. Today I feel a bit better. No all-over achiness and the throat is a good bit less sore, but the back still hurts and I've done a lot of napping. Hopefully, I will be nearly normal by tomorrow.

Reading... Get It Together: Troubling Tales from the Liberal Fringe by Jesse Watters of FOX News. It's a very interesting read. Amazon has this to say about it:  

In Get It Together, the number one New York Times bestselling author and Fox News primetime host takes on Wokeism in a way no one else has. Through a series of (sometimes very) personal interviews with some of the most radical activists in the country, Watters discovers that these activists may be overlooking the most important change they need to make—within themselves.

From activists working for climate change salvation, Black supremacy, and social justice to a professional cuddler and a transwoman who identifies as a wolf, Watters shows how many well-intentioned Americans have bought into causes invented and run by people who are illogical, emotional, and ill-informed.

Through their stories, Watters uncovers common threads—childhood traumas, broken relationships, and a lack of introspection. What if the people obsessed with the end of the world are just hurting from how this one has treated them? What if that, rather than ideological disagreements, is the deeper root of our country’s political divide?

Funny, fresh, and fascinating, Get It Together is sure to spark important conversations, and to inspire us to see one another not as political opponents, but as real and broken human beings.

Watching... Tim and I watched several episodes of Jack Ryan on Prime today.

Feeling... content and hopeful.

Thinking... that the cost of things has gotten ridiculous. My 79-year-old mother finally broke down and bought the new front door her house has needed for years. The original door was extra-wide and had side lights. Replacing it required a custom order and since she was doing that she ordered a custom color, too. Butter yellow. To get this door and have it installed cost $15,000! For a door. My husband assures me it is not a ridiculous price. It might be what doors cost these days, but jeez!

Grateful... I haven't had to work in the shredding department yet this year. My boss has made sure I can stay in ATF. In fact, she arranged for another client to be in ATF on Fridays just so I can stay there.

Celebrating... our son-in-law's birthday was this past Thursday. My stepdad's birthday is coming up on the 20th and the day after that is his and Mom's anniversary.

Enjoying... Tim being home a lot more than normal. Don't worry, he tells me work will be picking up again beginning in May.

Looking forward to... and end to pain (I hope).

Giggling at...


  1. Loved all your funny memes at the end! They were ALL good, so I can't single any one out. So good to hear from you! I do hope you will stay in touch with us and not go away too far! We need your voice out here. That book by Jesse Watters sounds good. I like him a lot. There are definitely a lot of broken, wounded, mixed up people out there, and too many of them are running our country right now and it is scary! Praying for REAL CHANGE soon!!! Praying for your knee situation to be figured out and give you positive results. That has to be very painful. Wow, on that door your mother bought! You need to share some pictures of that baby when it is installed! I've never heard of such an expensive door before, but I haven't been shopping for one either. Now I know I probably won't be anytime in the near or extended future! Wow! What? No pictures of the grandkids? LOL. Maybe next time! Don't stay away too long or they'll be teenagers and won't let you take their pictures! LOL. Love ya, girlfriend. Please take care and stay in touch.

  2. Interesting book. I think the Left should read God's Holy Word. They need *Jesus* because He is the only one that can deal with their hearts of stone! Amen!? Their brokenness is ruining everyone else's peace and calm. We don't need activists we need people with hearts on fire for the Lord. I pray for those that are lost every day.
    It's not a cure all but try giving up carbs/sugar like we did? [said kindly with love from Jesus] I lost weight, my skin quit looking awful and my body quit aching so bad from the constant bombardment of poison in my blood stream (sugar is a poison). Prayers about your knees that you may be healed soon. It's awful to hurt like that all the time.
    Hope you can keep posting! You are so very missed! Wonderful Meme's. I giggled at them all.
    Blessings. 🤗

  3. Hi Stacy! I'm really glad to 'see' you in Blogville; you were missed. That's awful news about your knee(s). I wonder why the doctor doesn't want to do surgery; everyone I know who's been through it feels like a new man/woman. These memes are hysterical ... I may relate to more than a couple!

  4. Hi again, Stacy. I may have commented on the wrong post. Just wanted you to know that I have put a hold on that Watter's book at the library. Looking forward to reading it. I am just finishing Dr. Phil's latest book. It's quite good. I hope you don't stay out of blogland for good. I always enjoy your posts.

  5. Yes, I agree with everyone above! It is good to see your here, Stacy!! Thanks for catching us up. I lived with injections and bone-on-bone knees for 10 years before I got the replacements. I was 'too young' for the surgery because knees can only be replaced twice. I hope the injections you settle on give you some relief soon!! Hugs and come back soon!

  6. It's nice to see you Stacy...been keeping you in prayer my friend.



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