Wednesday, June 5, 2024


The weather... At 9:45 pm, it's a comfortable 70 degrees. It's a bit humid, but nothing like this morning's soupiness of 94% humidity. After setting a new record high yesterday temperature yesterday, we are looking at at least a week of cooler temps (of course we are...we've opened the pool).

Reading... Funny Story by Emily Henry. I have become a real fan of Ms. Henry's. She writes in a fresh and FUNNY style about contemporary romances. I'm also reading Broken Bayou by Jennifer Moorhead on the Kindle app on my phone. It's one of the free monthly Kindle downloads for Prime members. It's a thriller/mystery type book, I'm thinking so far, and there might be a bit of a comedy element.

Watching... Gutfeld on FOX News channel.

Listening... Today it was songs with types of weather featured in the lyrics because I taught about weather. The consumers loved it.

Feeling... At this point in my day? Tired. 

Thinking... About tomorrow. After work I have to come home, shower, and change into something nicer than what I wear to work. I'm picking up the gentleman I do companion work with at 6:00 and taking him to the Lion's Club meeting at the country club. I get to stay and we'll be having dinner there.

Celebrating... A successful one-on-one outing yesterday during regular work hours. The consumer I took is a sweetheart most of the time. He is around 30 and autistic, but mentally and in his own mind he's about 6 years old. What do little kids do when they are frustrated? They act out and throw tantrums. Anyway, we've just started to take him out. I'm so happy he did great!

Looking forward to... Used book sales with my mom this weekend and babysitting the grands on Saturday.

Giggling at...

My cousin's an insurance agent and he posted this:


  1. I love that you are going to used book sales with your mother. My mother and I used to go to some old book stores back in the day and had such fun together. I miss that. I still have some of the very old books I bought when we were together. Oh, that meme about the refrigerators is SO true!! I sometimes wish I still had our old harvest gold refrigerator!! LOL. Have a lovely rest of your week. It's good to see you here!!

  2. Used books are my favorites. Someone else carried the book around, enjoyed the story, shared it with others, than somehow the book ended up in my hands. I'll be happy to carry on.
    The bags joke. That's me today. Didn't sleep well last night which is unusual. I'm still feeling traumatized from the ketamine incident. I wish I could expunge it from my memories. Ugh. It was awful. My finger is much better though. At least there's that.
    Hope your day and week are sweet. 💙

  3. Hi Stacy! Use book sales are way fun. Enjoy! Your meme about old refrigerators - so true! We have a old Maytag from the late 1980s in our garage and it is great. I hope you enjoy the dinner with your client. Have a good weekend!

  4. Our first refrigerator looked just like the picture you shared. I love to find used books. I just finished reading all of the Left Behind books. 16 books! I plan to go to the used bookstore in the library. Enjoy your pool this summer.


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